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With One Month Left, 5 Easy Things to Do - Independent Media TV

With One Month Left, 5 Easy Things to Do - Independent Media TV: "With One Month Left, 5 Easy Things to Do
October 01, 2004
By: Michael Moore
Michael Moore

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Michael Moore

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Election 2004

Dear Friends,
This is it: One month to D-Day! That's 'Dump Bush Day,' November 2nd.
It's now time to roll up our sleeves -- each and every one of us -- and get to work. There will be nearly 10 million of you who will read this letter either on my list or on my site. An army of ten million cannot be defeated! The time for hitting the snooze button has passed, voter registration deadlines start Monday and we only get one shot at this!"

The Malta Independent Daily Website: So, finally it’s here

The Malta Independent Daily Website: "Fahrenheit 9/11 is astounding. Not as much as a film – although it is cunning and moving – but as an event. What makes it an event is the fact that it is an effective and independent intervention into immediate world politics. It is also a historical landmark. It is a work inspired by hope.

The film is an attack on US President George W. Bush and, sadly, it is really and truly accurate. It is a patriotic work. All the statements formulated in the film have been factually backed up.

Granted this film has a political agenda but, as Moors himself said, “I don’t like that this film be reduced to Bush vs. Kerry. The issues in it are larger than that… When Clinton was President, I went after him and, if Kerry is President, on day two, I’ll be on him.”

It is Leftist propaganda! Well, you would think so if you are a pawn in the Right’s hand.

However, to denigrate it as propaganda is either naïve or perverse, forgetting (deliberately?) what the last century should have taught us.

But Moore’s barbs aren’t aimed just at President Bush. “The unstated villain in the film is the national American media,” he states."
The Malta Independent Daily

News - Michael Moore will visit Salem

News - "The Associated Students of Willamette University, which extended the invitation to Moore through its Issues and Controversies Board, has been negotiating since April to get Moore to Salem to coincide with the date of the video release, said Kristen Grainger, vice president and executive assistant to college president M. Lee Pelton.

The contract was signed a week ago. The contract stipulates the fee not be revealed, although Moore has been known to command as much as $30,000 for such an appearance.

Moore is controversial, but the university sees the talk as fitting into the Issues and Controversies Board’s goal of exploring points of view.

“We support our students,” Grainger said.

Pelton is planning to attend but not as a speaker, she said.

Moore is visiting college campuses in an effort to get students, historically the largest block of nonvoters in presidential elections, to the polls.

Salem is the only Oregon stop currently scheduled.

The talk is being held off-campus at a setting that can accommodate an audience of 6,600, which Grainger said was stipulated in the contract.

Tickets at $5, festival seating, go on sale to the public Monday at Jackson’s Books, the Book Bin and Border’s. Tickets already have been made available to Willamette faculty, staff and students.

As of Friday, 2,500 tickets had been sold on campus, and no Willamette facility seats more than 1,200. Grainger said she anticipates filling the Pavilion.

Judy Sugnet, chairwoman of the Marion County Democratic Central Committee, said she has not seen the Moore film nor did she plan to attend the appearance or otherwise be involved.

“I think he’s a very interesting and provocative moviemaker,” she said. “He tends to shine a light on things that are hypocritical. He tends to be polarizing, because sometimes facts polarize.”

Statesman Journal

First Coast News | Political News and Election 2004

First Coast News: "JACKSONVILLE, FL -- Film maker and activist Michael Moore took to the stage at Metro Park like a Rock Star. Music, light’s, and a couple thousand screaming fans cheered him on as he brought his ‘Slacker Uprising Tour’ to the River City.

“This is the first rally we've had that's actually been a party,” said Moore.

By Tiani Jones
First Coast News
Discussion Board

Friday, October 01, 2004

The Flat Hat: 'Fahrenheit 9/11' ignites war on Bush

The Flat Hat"Fahrenheit 9/11": the temperature at which political tempers boil over. It is almost inevitable that the moment one walks out of that theatre, one is going to feel pretty passionate about it. Whether one judges it to be a shameless propaganda-filled diatribe against our President, a brilliant polemic describing the problems of the past four years, or somewhere in between, all depends on where one stands on the political spectrum. Yet regardless of one's political affiliations (or lack thereof), there is no doubt that this is one of the most divisive films in the history of movie-making, and for that reason, it can be labeled an indisputable success.

Michael Moore, who also directed such polarizing films as "Roger & Me" and "Bowling for Columbine," has said that he created "Fahrenheit 9/11" as a justification for his 2003 Oscar acceptance speech, in which he proclaimed (over the rabble of both boos and cheers), "Shame on You! Shame on You! Shame on You!" following President Bush's declaration of war on Iraq.

That, in essence, is exactly what this film is _-- a shaming of the administration, only this time with evidence. Even with the evidence, however, Moore's technique has managed to create further controversy than the Oscar acceptance speech (if that were even possible). He continuously pushes the buttons no one else wants to push and continues an in-your-face film style (as with the Charlton Heston interview in "Bowling").

By Scott Hoffman
The Flat Hat

The JibJab Times: This Land Animation Coming Soon on The Tonight Show

The JibJab Times: Me oh my! Do we have news for you! After much debate, my brother and I decided to make another short animation for the 2004 Election.

You’re probably asking yourself, “Why the @#$% would you do that? A sequel will never be as good as THIS LAND!” Believe me, we’ve asked ourselves the same question many times.

I wish I could tell you that our “can do” attitude gave us the courage to try and do it again. In truth, we’re a couple of whores. Jay Leno asked if we’d be interested in making another one to debut on The Tonight Show, we said, “YES! YES! TAKE US, JAY! TAKE US!” Then we went back to our warehouse and panicked.

Let us dispel the myth right here and now. Our next animation will not be another THIS LAND. We could spend the rest of our lives trying to make another THIS LAND and it’d never happen. That’s okay. We’ve accepted that on some deep metaphysical level. But as two guys trying to build a career, we had to make a choice…

livejournal michaelmoore: Michael Moore on Campus

michaelmoore: Michael Moore on Campus: "Michael Moore came on campus today. It was a great event. If Kerry said half the things Mike did with the amount of passion Bush would be behind in the polls and having to get Pakistan to move up the bin Laden capture.
He talked about several things. He encouraged democrats and progressives not to give up. He did a good job impersonating some of the whiners who have e-mailed him.
He has moved up the DVD release of Fahrenheit 9/11 to Tuesday and is also releasing a book of letter written to him by soldiers. Real letters, not that one that twelve or so soldiers supposedly wrote while in the hospital. The DVD has extras including extending the 20 second pre-Iraq scene to six minutes and interviews with Iraqis against the war before it started. He also adds Bush's comments after talking to the 9/11 commission with Dick Cheney. That part is completely unedited and showed in its entirety. It's funny to here him bumble through explaining things, until you realize this idiot is the leader of the free world! You think he would have prepared a statement ahead of time, at least in the general sense.
Here is a sample of comment he made:

'They took our Jesus' (in reference to right wing)
'What would Jesus bomb?' (Quoting a bumper sticker)
If Matt Lauer did his fucking job people wouldn't be listening to a man with a high school education wearing a Spartan cap! (Paraphrased, not verbatim)"

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Did you see this outside while you waited?

Hollywood Reporter: Three wild cards could impact awards races

Three wild cards could impact awards racesWild card worries: It's October and Hollywood's awards marketers are back in action.

From the looks of things, those who hope to take home the gold have got their work cut out for themselves this year competing for Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations in what looks like an unusually challenging race. The problem is that there are three wild cards to worry about that could impact in a big way on this year's awards competition.

The list includes Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" from Lions Gate Films, IFC Films and Bob and Harvey Weinstein's Fellowship Adventure Group; Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" from Icon Productions and Newmarket Films; and Miramax co-chairman Harvey Weinstein, who might be serving his final season as his company's driving force on the awards front. Between them, these are three 800-pound awards gorillas that could make it harder than ever for everyone else to land nominations.

What makes the situation unusual and potentially worrisome for smaller films is the fact that these are three very high profile forces to contend with. Moore is clearly a human dynamo when it comes to getting what he wants. This has nothing to do with how you feel about him personally or whether you agree with his politics. He's simply an astounding manipulator of the media who knows how to further his cause this way.

By Martin A. Grove
Hollywood Reporter

BYU NewsNet - Moore problems for UVSC

BYU NewsNet - Moore problems for UVSC: "A Utah Valley State College donor threatened to pull over $1 million in artwork donations as a result of the university's recent decision to invite Michael Moore to the campus.
The donor, whose name has not been released, will only donate a portion of his collection to UVSC's Woodbury Gallery.
'What upset him most was the price that the students offered Mr. Moore for coming, because Mr. Moore has never made that kind of money for a one hour speech,' said Barbra Wardle, director of the gallery.
Wardle said the donor would instead donate the other fraction of his collection to Brigham Young University.
'This gentleman can do as he chooses with his own property,' Wardle said. 'We would have loved to have had it, but I respect his rights.'
Ian Wilson, vice president for institutional advancement and marketing at UVSC, said the donor has the same concerns as many of the alumni."

UPAC funds bulk of Michael Moore speech

UPAC funds bulk of Michael Moore speech: "The contract is in the mail and the bills are almost paid for Academy Award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore's visit to Penn State's Bryce Jordan Center on Oct. 22.
'Everything looks good,' said Megan Green, president of the College Democrats. 'He [Moore] is pleased at how everything has turned out and is looking forward to being here on the 22nd. Between UPAC and fund raising, we've been able to cover the cost of it all.'
University Park Allocation Committee (UPAC) chairman Tom Truong said the College Democrats were allocated about $23,000 for Moore's visit to Penn State, $15,000 of which will go toward Moore's speaking fee.
Green said the total cost of Moore's visit was about $30,000, and added that about $4,000 has been raised through private donations and about $1,000 has come from Kerry-Edwards item donations.
'Half of the donations from the booths go to covering costs and the other half goes to covering Moore,' Green said."

By Kayur Patel
Collegian Staff Writer

GMU cancels Moore as campus speaker - The Washington Times

GMU cancels Moore as campus speaker : "George Mason University yesterday rescinded its invitation to filmmaker Michael Moore after state lawmakers balked at the pending deal, which could have cost the Virginia school as much as $35,000.
The 'Evening with Michael Moore' event had been in the works for Oct. 28. As of 3 p.m. yesterday, university officials and Mr. Moore still were negotiating the details of a deal, including his speaking fee and whether taxpayer dollars would pay for the event.
But after dozens of conservatives sent critical letters and e-mails to university President Alan Merten, university officials said late yesterday the school had rescinded its offer. "

By Christina Bellantoni

Thursday, September 30, 2004 Michael Moore stops at MSU Thursday (Video Report) Michael Moore stops at MSU Thursday: "Thursday he made a stop in East Lansing while the Flint mother featured in his latest film appeared in a separate anti-war event not far away.
Bisi Onile-Ere had more.
We're told it was pure coincidence that both Moore and Lila Lipscomb were in the Lansing area at the same time. But the similarities in the messages they sent were no accident.
Without saying a word, controversial filmmaker Michael Moore received a standing ovation from hundreds of Michigan State University students.
On the first leg of his 'Slacker Uprising Tour,' Lansing is one of 60 cities he will visit leading up to the November election.
Before taking aim at President George W. Bush and the war in Iraq, Moore stressed the importance of the young vote."

By Bisi Onile-Ere

The Michigan Daily -- 113 Years of Editorial Freedom - Moore turns up heat in Hill

The Michigan Daily“Calm down, Republicans,” said Michael Moore, setting the tenor for sold-out Hill Auditorium. “They’re a little ornery. They only have a few weeks left.”

The activist and filmmaker announced that while he respects Republicans, “Bush has got to go” and the only way for the American people to accomplish this is to go out and vote.

The goal of the night was to reach out to college-aged students, one of the largest underrepresented groups at the polls. Moore gave out prizes to people who registered to vote while at the speech, but the majority of the night was an anti-Bush rally.

Moore talked about the catchphrases of the Bush campaign: “Top liberal, flip-flop, you’re going to die,” chanted Moore. Moore compared the “mantra” to a bad song that gets stuck in your head. He continued on to say that those mantras do get stuck in your head, saying all challenger John Kerry has is “I’m not Bush.” Moore then laughed, “This is good enough for me.”

The Michigan Student Assembly, who paid for the event using student funds, made a $200 profit and sold out all 3,500 seats in Hill Auditorium, according to Jesse Levine, MSA student general counsel.

By Sarah Peterson
Daily Fine Arts Editor
The Michigan Daily

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

KUTV: UVSC President Says Moore Issue is Hurting Fund-Raising

KUTV: UVSC President Says Moore Issue is Hurting Fund-Raising: "The controversy over the student leaders' decision to invite filmmaker Michael Moore to speak on campus has hurt fund-raising, Utah Valley State College President William Sederburg said during a panel discussion.

The issue has created a heated debate on campus, with students passing around a petition to get the student leaders who invited Moore kicked out of office. They said Tuesday they have enough signatures to send the issue to a vote by the student body.

UVSC officials also have reported donors are pulling funding and some also have said legislators, who are largely responsible for the funding the state college receives, may be unhappy with the decision to pay Moore $40,000 in student fees to speak.

``There is no doubt that it has not helped our fund raising,'' Sederburg said,

But he said that many donors are not as angry as they were when the announcement was made, and the amount of funding the college loses may not be as significant as first thought.

Much of the anger has been over Moore's $40,000 fee. "

Associated Press

Daily Kos :: Kerry-oke for Music Row Dems + Michael Moore!

Daily Kos :: Kerry-oke for Music Row Dems + Michael Moore!: "We're fired up in Nashville! We may not win TN, but I promise it will be alot closer to the tie Zogby was predicting earlier than the 16-point poll M-D put out.

It's a banner couple of weeks to live in Nashville. Tonight (Wed.) at The Trap (by the Stadium) at 6:30 is the final night of Kerry-oke to benefit the Music Row Democrats, Nashville's newest hippest Democratic organization. This one is going to be a huge, star-studded rally. The 10 buck admission price goes toward putting their TV ad on the air in middle Tennessee. Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, Nanci Griffith, and many other great musicians are scheduled to be there, including some surprise guests!
Next weekend, on Saturday the 9th (just after recuperating from The Pixies on Wednesday), Michael Moore will be here as part of his 'Slacker uprising tour!' Cost is only 7.50. If you live anywhere close, get your butts over here!! "

Message Board

NPR : Connie Rice: Top 10 Secrets They Don't Want You to Know About the Debates (Audio Report)

NPR : Connie RiceThe Tavis Smiley Show, September 29, 2004 · After weeks of political wrangling, Sen. John Kerry and President Bush will square off for the first of three key presidential debates. Both camps have agreed to an elaborate, 32-page contract that spells out everything from the size of the dressing rooms to permitted camera angles.

But the controversy over the debates threatens to overshadow the events themselves. Some citizen groups complain that the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) isn't as non-partisan as it should be, and that Kerry and Bush won't be pressed on urban issues. Commentator Connie Rice says that's just the tip of the iceberg, and she's got another Top 10 list -- this time: Top 10 Secrets They Don't Want You to Know About the Debates.

Campaign 2004: Cheney changed his view on Iraq

Campaign 2004: Cheney changed his view on Iraq: "

Wednesday, September 29, 2004
Campaign 2004: Cheney changed his view on Iraq
He said in '92 Saddam not worth U.S. casualties
WASHINGTON -- In an assessment that differs sharply with his view today, Dick Cheney more than a decade ago defended the decision to leave Saddam Hussein in power after the first Gulf War, telling a Seattle audience that capturing Saddam wouldn't be worth additional U.S. casualties or the risk of getting 'bogged down in the problems of trying to take over and govern Iraq.'"

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

MSNBC - Musicians use their talent to further the cause

MSNBC - Musicians use their talent to further the causeMost of us have grappled with the task of figuring out song lyrics. Recently I attempted to decipher out what Johnny Rotten was saying in an old Sex Pistols song called “Revolution in the Classroom.” The only lyrics I could make out with any certainly were the words, “revolution in the classroom.” The rest of it sounds like a man with a lisp experiencing convulsions after a two-week drinking binge.

Artists in the music business have a long history of social commentary, even if they don’t always vocalize their views with pinpoint clarity. Sometimes you can be listening to a song about saving the whales and mistakenly believe it’s about global warming. As important as the message may be, it’s even more essential that it be heard.

These days, stars of the music world are not only getting the word out, they’re jeopardizing their careers to do so. Fans may still struggle to sort out the words, but the message is perfectly clear.

By Michael Ventre
MSNBC contributor

The Japan Times Online: Death or glory? Not another jingoistic story

The Japan Times Online: "So as preppie-turned-Texan George W. Bush leads America into a hard-right policy of 'pre-emptive' attacks against people for spurious reasons, it's only natural that the Disney corporation -- the same people who refused to distribute Michael Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11' -- brings us 'The Alamo' one more time. What better to cultivate the national mood of patriotic self-sacrifice, to re-acclimate the country to the idea of deaths in a noble cause, to reinforce the paranoid belief that America is outnumbered and beset upon by enemies? (Yes, 'The Alamo' was green-lighted for production after '9/11.')
Unfortunately for Disney, what they got was not the chest-thumping jingoism of John Wayne's 1960 'Alamo,' which was explicitly made to rally Cold War audiences. Instead, director John Lee Hancock has attempted to give us a historically accurate telling of the battle. But judging by the film's underwhelming performance at the box office (a major factor leading to the recent resignation of CEO Michael Eisner), it just goes to show that you can't please all the people all the time.

For all the apocalyptic fury of the final battle, "The Alamo" (which had a PG rating in the States) seems far tamer than such recent battle films as "Musa" or "We Were Soldiers," or even "Cold Mountain." In the end, this may have lost it more of its target demographic than any of the revisionism. In the age of "Doom 3," splatter-free battles are a hard sell."

The Japan Times

NPR : Moore Seeks to Boost Young Voter Turnout (Audio Report)

NPR : Moore Seeks to Boost Young Voter Turnout: "Filmmaker Michael Moore is touring battleground states to convince non-voters to support Kerry on Election Day. He's targeting the young vote, especially, by visiting college campuses with his multi-media road show. Interlochen Public Radio's Peter Payette reports."

Michael Moore's Blog: The 'Slacker Uprising Tour' begins

Michael Moore's Blog: "We kicked things off last night in Elk Rapids, Michigan, a small village in the North Country. The high school auditorium was packed and we probably could have filled it three times over. The event was put together by a group called the 'AllDems' who are from an even smaller village than Elk Rapids. Nobody up here knew there were so many liberal-leaning people! The AllDems were founded by one woman, a while back, who thought she was the only Democrat in the area. It then grew by leaps and bounds once word got out that it was safe to come out of the closet. Word also got out that there was free beer and wine at the meetings. Following the belief that it is better to go to where people are than expect them to come to you, the AllDems are a perfect model of how ANYONE can just go ahead and start their own political organization where they live and make things happen. If you are waiting for someone else to do it (or for the official party representatives to do so) it's going to be a long wait."

Monday, September 27, 2004 : Moore Fires Up Crowd in Elk Rapids

By Brian McGillivary / Traverse City Record-Eagle

ELK RAPIDS - Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore kicked off his 60-city "Slacker Uprising Tour" by trying to convince area Democrats they are actually in the majority.

"Today this is an appeal to what we believe is a Democratic majority in Northern Michigan," Moore said. "Because it's just been said so many times that this is a Republican area people believe it is true. I don't believe it is true."

Moore will be taking his show to college towns in 20 swing states in an attempt to energize non-voters, register young adults, and defeat President George W. Bush in November.

Sunday night's crowd of 500 supporters didn't want him to leave after more than two hours in the hot and sticky Peterson Auditorium.

Moore said public opinion is already against Bush and all that's left is to get the vote out.

"Fifty percent of the country doesn't vote, and a lot of them are slackers like me, so I said I'm going to go out and just talk to them for the next five weeks," he said.

"I'm hoping if we can convince just 10 percent of the nonvoters to vote this time around we can get that (turnout) up to 55 or 56 percent, we'll set a modern day record," Moore said.

A resident of Antrim County, he spent a significant amount of time on local issues and chastising Democrats for their invisibility.

When he went to vote in the primary there were no Democratic candidates for township offices and just one Republican candidate for each slot.

"I thought this is good, because I never got to visit the Soviet Union where there is only one party," he said.

"I don't want to see that again up here or I'm moving back to Flint," he shouted at the crowd. "If someone here doesn't put their name down I'll put down my own ... ."

(click on the title for the whole article) : Still Seeking a Fair Florida Vote

by Jimmy Carter / The Washington Post

After the debacle in Florida four years ago, former president Gerald Ford and I were asked to lead a blue-ribbon commission to recommend changes in the American electoral process. After months of concerted effort by a dedicated and bipartisan group of experts, we presented unanimous recommendations to the president and Congress. The government responded with the Help America Vote Act of October 2002. Unfortunately, however, many of the act's key provisions have not been implemented because of inadequate funding or political disputes.

The disturbing fact is that a repetition of the problems of 2000 now seems likely, even as many other nations are conducting elections that are internationally certified to be transparent, honest and fair.

The Carter Center has monitored more than 50 elections, all of them held under contentious, troubled or dangerous conditions. When I describe these activities, either in the United States or in foreign forums, the almost inevitable questions are: "Why don't you observe the election in Florida?" and "How do you explain the serious problems with elections there?"

The answer to the first question is that we can monitor only about five elections each year, and meeting crucial needs in other nations is our top priority. (Our most recent ones were in Venezuela and Indonesia, and the next will be in Mozambique.) A partial answer to the other question is that some basic international requirements for a fair election are missing in Florida.

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The Brown and White : Michael Moore invited to speak

Controversial filmmaker and author Michael Moore may speak at Stabler Arena on Oct. 29, four days before the presidential election.

With the promise of additional funding from the visiting lectures committee, University Productions has extended a contract to Moore and is expecting a response to come soon.

“UP made a bid to Michael Moore,” said Neal Hoffman, member of the visiting lectures committee. “He can still say no. Right now he has said nothing about whether or not he’s coming.”

The pending contract offers the political activist less money than he originally wanted, according to James Crosson, member of the visiting lectures committee. Hoffman estimated the cost at $60,000.

“They just don’t have $60,000,” Hoffman said. “No group has the money to give.”

Although UP is providing most of the funding for the event, Crosson said, the visiting lectures committee is also offering a significant amount of money.

“The visiting lectures committee seems to be willing to pledge the rest of its funds for the whole year to the event,” he said.

The organization has $10,000 remaining this year.

Although Moore’s appearance at Lehigh has not been confirmed, his Web site listed Bethlehem as one of the cities the liberal activist plans to visit during his Slacker Uprising Tour, which was announced Sept. 23.

(click on the title for the whole article)

The Carnegie Pulse : Unisex bathrooms, Michael Moore, and Jeopardy! to hit campus

With the announcement of the semester's first political speaker, this week's Student Senate meeting sparked some controversy among attendants; still, with advances made in departments like dining and student affairs, the week was a progressive one for the governing student body.

After reporting on the cancellation of last Friday's McConomy movie due to sound problems, Activities Board chair Andrew Moore officially released his biggest news: "The whole Michael Moore contract should be signed today, hopefully."

Within the day, a deal with the controversial left-wing filmmaker was indeed finalized, but by the terms of Moore's contract, AB is not permitted to disclose the cost of his imminent visit. Some Senators were troubled by the fact that the cost of the lecture, an event funded by the student activities fee, will be kept confidential.

Senator Andres Bermudez called Moore's upcoming visit a "great event," but found it "very disturbing that the exact cost is being kept a secret."

Moore is slated to appear at Carnegie Mellon at 4:30 pm on October 6. Barring inclement weather, he will speak on a podium in front of Hammerschlag Hall; otherwise, the event will be moved down Forbes Avenue to the nearby Carnegie Music Hall. Tickets will be available this Tuesday from 8 am – 12 pm at a table in Wean Commons, with any remaining tickets available afterward at the UC Information desk. One ticket is allowed for each student with an official student ID card.

(click on the link for the whole article)

The Arbiter : Barrymore is not Michael Moore

By Aubrey Salazar
September 27, 2004

Political documentary mania has finally taken hold. Last week MTV aired “The Best Place To Start” a 44-minute film by Drew Barrymore that seeks to answer the question of why young people do not vote, a question that could have best been answered in about five minutes by a random young crowd at Suds on a Friday night.

The movie was more of a political awakening for Barrymore than for myself or probably anyone of voting age who has completed a course in American Government and is remotely familiar with politics.

During the film, Barrymore interviews a mush mash of political insiders including Gen. Wesley Clark, James Carville, Jon Stewart, Sen. Hillary Clinton, and even her own Representative, Henry Waxman. The stark and moving question asked by Barrymore was, “Why do you think young people don’t vote?” Barrymore, a self-described high school dropout and political dunce, reduced their answers into a collage of apathy towards American youth and our issues. Frustrated with what she took as stonewalling young voters, she decided to stomp out of Washington in her “UGG” boots, and her deliberately un-Hollywood look in search of the answers.

(click on the link for the whole article)

Michael Moore brings pre-election speaking tour to Michigan

ELK RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) -- Filmmaker Michael Moore on Sunday implored "slackers" who usually don't vote to head to the polls this year, saying they could make the difference in the presidential race.

"If there ever were a time it was important to get involved in your country, this is the time," said Moore, an outspoken critic of President Bush.

The director of "Fahrenheit 9/11," a documentary that attacks Bush's handling of the fight against terrorism and the war in Iraq, spoke in this northern Michigan town on the first leg of a 60-city pre-election tour.

He praised U.S. Sen. John Kerry for taking a more combative approach in recent days and argued that most Americans agree with the Democratic nominee on the issues despite polls showing Bush in the lead.

"In the last couple of weeks, (Kerry) has stopped listening to the wrong people and he's listening to himself and he's being himself," Moore said at a news conference before a rally. "I don't think he's going to tolerate these attacks any longer."

Moore offered Kerry some advice for the presidential debates, the first of which is Thursday. If Bush accuses him of flip-flopping on the war in Iraq, Moore said, Kerry should reply, "I had only one position: I believed you and you let us down."

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Op-Ed News : Right-Wing Tactic: The Fallacy of Creating Doubts

by Michael Arvey

In recent weeks there's been a noticeable deluge of op-ed and letters to editors across the country from so-called conservatives --and even apparent liberals --dissing and smearing presidential candidate John Kerry. They accomplish their aim through a routine fallacy that's commonly known in argumentation and reasoning theory, which is the fallacy of creating doubts, as well as through a couple of other common ones.

Nearly everyone is familiar with the fallacy of simple diversion, or the red herring: Someone attempting to secure his own position by directing attention away from its undesirable aspects. The red herring practitioner changes the subject to avoid answering your question or assertion. Another argument uses the fallacy of abusing the man, otherwise known as an ad hominen attack. The defender and proponent of an issue is attacked instead of the issue itself as we have witnessed recently, e.g., by attacks on Michael Moore instead of his documentary Fahrenheit 911.

We should all recognize this one, which has gained much currency in the Bush administration: The fallacy of appealing to fear. This fallacy is committed when fear is used to persuade someone to accept some view or position. The entire Bush administration's campaign is based on this and on one other fallacy that relates directly to the propaganda war being waged on the American public throughout the mass media: The fallacy of creating doubts, which is committed when false rumors are spread about an issue or a person to infect people with apprehension.

For example, how many times this week have we read a column or a letter to the editor claiming that John Kerry is a flip-flopper, appeared in a treasonous photo with Jane Fonda, can't be trusted or has accomplished nothing in his 20-year tenure as a senator? Classic fallacy of creating doubts! Once the doubt burrows through bone and brain tissue, it takes on a life of its own. In Kerry's case, the smokey claims are fictitious. One prays in vain for what used to be editorial oversight.

Moreover, one suspects that many of these columns and letters are intentionally disinformational, and are mainly pure redux. There's something else at work in those letters from self-professed Democrats and liberals who claim that, in good conscience, they can't vote for Kerry, so they'll opt for the greater evil. Here's how this ploy works: If a fellow Democrat, assumingly astute and intelligent, harbors doubts and says he'll vote for Bush, then that might get you to question your own support for Kerry. The perpetrator of this fallacy hopes you'll switch your vote, or even decline to vote at all. Such letters are ludicrously suspect, and these "Democrats" are either terribly under-informed or misinformed, or they are propagandistic shills in league with the fascist Right that's running every dirty trick in the book and then some.

The best defenses against the fallacy of creating doubts are simple: One, clear discernment. Discern, discern, discern. Pretend you're listening to a used car salesmen. Two, research. Fact check the specific assertions these letters make. The fallacy of creating doubts is a political, black-ops stealth bomber--shoot them down with knowledge.

Michael Arvey ( writes from Colorado.

Staunton : College Dems try to heat up election with 'Fahrenheit' showings

When student Democrats at Mary Baldwin College were thinking of ways to get out the vote, they decided the controversial documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" could best light a fire under potential voters.

The film will be shown on campus tonight and every night through Oct. 3 as part of a week of free films, moderated discussions and voter registration, dubbed "An Alternative Viewpoint," organized by students, faculty and alumnae.

"It's not designed as entertainment or for fun," said Danica Jamison, a Mary Baldwin alumna who helped pay for the film. "It's to engage people politically and getting them to look at alternative media sources."

Organizers chose "Fahrenheit 9/11" because its creator, Michael Moore, tries to convince people that the Bush Administration used the 2001 terrorist attacks to push forward its own agenda.

Organizers realize they probably won't sway any stalwart Bush supporters, but they hope to get people, particularly young people, talking about and voting in the presidential election.

"It's been talked about so much and received international attention," Jamison said. "It's a fascinating film to see and talk about."

Organizers said they welcome all viewpoints. Moderators will guide discussions but not participate in the debates.

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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Michael Moore to speak in KC

Rainy Day Books schedules Oct. 7 appearance for notorious filmmaker/author

The Kansas City Star

Rainy Day Books is keeping the fall author-tour slate all chalked up this week. And this just in at press time: Michael Moore will make an Oct. 7 appearance in Kansas City.

Moore, maker of the controversial “Fahrenheit 9/11” film and author of Dude, Where's My Country? and the forthcoming Will They Ever Trust Us Again? and The Official Fahrenheit 9/11 Reader, will speak on that date at the Uptown Theater, 3700 Broadway, Rainy Day owner Vivien Jennings said last week.

The bookstore still was working out details on an exact time, but it will be a daytime event, Jennings said. You will need tickets, so check in with the store by calling (913) 384-3126 or hitting the Web site,

Do we even have to point out that seats for Moore's event will go fast?

The Enquirer : Moore inspires documentaries, pro and con

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• Buried in the Sand: The Deception of America (on video) - A pro-Bush documentary about the atrocities committed by the Saddam Hussein regime.

• Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy (on video Tuesday) - Journalist Greg Palast covers many of the same criticisms of George W. Bush that Moore used in Fahrenheit 9/11.

• Bush's Brain (on video Oct. 12) - Directors Joseph Mealey and Michael Shoob based this critical documentary on the book by James C. Moore and James Slater about Bush adviser Karl Rove.
• Confronting Iraq (Release TBA) - Director James Woolsey makes the case in favor of the Iraq invasion.

• DC 9/11 Time of Crisis (On video) - A pro-administration enactment of the events surrounding Sept. 11, 2001, written by veteran filmmaker Lionel Chetwynd.

• George W. Bush: Faith in the White House (On video) - A documentary celebrating the effect of religious faith on the president's performance in office.

• Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry (Theatrical release TBA) - George Butler's sympathetic biography of the Democratic presidential nominee.

• Mega Fix: The Dazzling Political Deceit that Led to 9/11 (Release TBA) - Documentary blaming the Sept. 11 attack on the Clinton administration.

• Michael Moore Hates America (Release TBA) - First-time filmmaker Michael Wilson interviews people who disagree with Moore.

• Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism (On video) - Filmmaker Robert Greenwald and a team of volunteers monitored Fox News 24 hours a day to compile this indictment of the conservative cable outlet.

• Silver City (Local release Oct. 8) - Filmmaker John Sayles' fictional tale of a tongue-tied gubernatorial candidate is an explicit parody of Bush's first campaign for Texas governor.

• Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War (On video) - Greenwald also produced this documentary that argues the Bush administration repeatedly changed its justifications for invading Iraq.

The Winnipeg Sun : Antichrist superstar Marilyn Manson celebrates a decade of decadence with greatest-hits disc



But he found a freedom-of-speech ally in cinematic agitator Moore, who interviewed him at length after the high school shooting tragedy at Columbine, where the two young killers were targeted as Manson fans.

"I think people really changed their opinion, especially after seeing the bit in Bowling For Columbine," says Manson, 35. "The idea that people come up to me and say, 'I didn't know that you were so smart,' it's not that much of an insult. If they say it in that way that's sort of too dumb to know that their compliment is an insult, I always say, 'I didn't know you were that f--ing stupid."

Still, Manson says his preference is for Moore's followup, Fahrenheit 9/11.
"I just found it to be much more relevant. I liked Bowling For Columbine but I wish he would have followed through with some things 'cause it started to become Bowling For Canada to me in a way. He talked about Canada so much. And I really wanted him to talk about parents. You know, he talked to one of the victims' parents, but I really would have liked to have seen him talk to the killers' parents. I don't think anyone's tried. I don't think I've ever seen them in the press once. And I find that peculiar."

Manson isn't sure whether Fahrenheit 9/11 will change the course of the coming U.S. election. Frankly, he's apathetic about its outcome to begin with.

"In some ways, I don't care and I know that's very irresponsible, but look who you're talking to," he says. "I just don't believe in politics. Maybe that's because my dad went to Vietnam, he came back, and was treated like s--t. He never had a bad attitude. He had severe post-traumatic stress syndrome. We just recently, for the first time in 20 years, talked about it. And it's one of those things where I think if you are being patriotic, be an artist, that's what you've got to be, make sure your opinion's heard."

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Australia : PM's Fahrenheit 9/11 moment has arrived

They are calling it this country's answer to Fahrenheit 9/11.

A rapidly compiled feature film about the Howard years opens in cinemas, universities, community centres, hotels and even private homes this week.

Time To Go John is a compilation of shorts on such issues as the war in Iraq, detention centres, the GST, anti-terrorism laws and reconciliation.

They are linked by commentary in the style of a Big Brother eviction by the comedian Rod Quantock.

One of the film's producers, Keren Flavell, said Time To Go John grew out of discussions about the lack of a Fahrenheit 9/11-style film on the Howard Government and has been produced without a budget in just seven weeks.

Seeing it as part of a wave of films that also includes The Corporation and Control Room, Flavell said it would be aimed especially at marginal seats.

"It's a call to action," she said. "We thought we'd make a film that captures the essence of disgruntlement and the way we're fed up living in a country that has compromised so many values."

The documentary maker Anna Broinowski, best known for Helen's War, has contributed a short drama about a woman in a burqa travelling to the Sydney Opera House. It was made "in a fit of rage" after the Reverend Fred Nile's call for Muslim women to be banned from wearing traditional robes in public places in late 2002.

Broinowski is helping to organise the Sydney premiere, at the Chauvel cinema on Wednesday, but is not planning to invite Mark Latham.

"There is no alliance with the Greens, the Democrats or the Labor Party - no direct alliance," she said. "However, everyone is unified in the desire to expose the fallacies and lies of the Howard Government."

Screenings are also scheduled for the University of Sydney, University of NSW, community centres in Glebe and Manly, Bankstown and Parramatta and other venues around the state.
Adopting a strategy that helped spread interest in the Fox News documentary Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism in the United States, there will also be grassroots screenings in private homes.