Friday, October 01, 2004

livejournal michaelmoore: Michael Moore on Campus

michaelmoore: Michael Moore on Campus: "Michael Moore came on campus today. It was a great event. If Kerry said half the things Mike did with the amount of passion Bush would be behind in the polls and having to get Pakistan to move up the bin Laden capture.
He talked about several things. He encouraged democrats and progressives not to give up. He did a good job impersonating some of the whiners who have e-mailed him.
He has moved up the DVD release of Fahrenheit 9/11 to Tuesday and is also releasing a book of letter written to him by soldiers. Real letters, not that one that twelve or so soldiers supposedly wrote while in the hospital. The DVD has extras including extending the 20 second pre-Iraq scene to six minutes and interviews with Iraqis against the war before it started. He also adds Bush's comments after talking to the 9/11 commission with Dick Cheney. That part is completely unedited and showed in its entirety. It's funny to here him bumble through explaining things, until you realize this idiot is the leader of the free world! You think he would have prepared a statement ahead of time, at least in the general sense.
Here is a sample of comment he made:

'They took our Jesus' (in reference to right wing)
'What would Jesus bomb?' (Quoting a bumper sticker)
If Matt Lauer did his fucking job people wouldn't be listening to a man with a high school education wearing a Spartan cap! (Paraphrased, not verbatim)"

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