Friday, October 01, 2004

UPAC funds bulk of Michael Moore speech

UPAC funds bulk of Michael Moore speech: "The contract is in the mail and the bills are almost paid for Academy Award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore's visit to Penn State's Bryce Jordan Center on Oct. 22.
'Everything looks good,' said Megan Green, president of the College Democrats. 'He [Moore] is pleased at how everything has turned out and is looking forward to being here on the 22nd. Between UPAC and fund raising, we've been able to cover the cost of it all.'
University Park Allocation Committee (UPAC) chairman Tom Truong said the College Democrats were allocated about $23,000 for Moore's visit to Penn State, $15,000 of which will go toward Moore's speaking fee.
Green said the total cost of Moore's visit was about $30,000, and added that about $4,000 has been raised through private donations and about $1,000 has come from Kerry-Edwards item donations.
'Half of the donations from the booths go to covering costs and the other half goes to covering Moore,' Green said."

By Kayur Patel
Collegian Staff Writer


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