Sunday, July 04, 2004

TIME Magazine: The World According to Michael (Cover of Time)

TIME Magazine: The World According to Michael: "Now, after a week in which his film became the highest grossing documentary of all time - and more than that, a nationwide rally point for Bush opponents, a red flag for Bush supporters, a cinematic teach-in for the undecided and a potential factor in the '04 presidential race - Moore may well be asking, 'Is this all a dream?' For starters, is this the same film that not long ago was an orphan? In May a controversy-averse Walt Disney Co. ordered its subsidiary Miramax Films to dump the movie. But just weeks later Fahrenheit 9/11 copped the Palme d'Or (first place) at the Cannes Film Festival and eventually found other distributors, an indie coalition of the willing. By that time, the picture's incendiary charges and Moore's reputation as a folksy firebrand of the left had already begun to ignite accusations that he had twisted facts to suit his politics. Faster than you can say, 'That's the kind of publicity no amount of money can buy,' Fahrenheit 9/11 had become a secular Passion of the Christ and the most hotly debated political film since Oliver Stone's JFK 13 years ago. " (The entire article has been posted on the IMDb forum. Click article title to access.)

Time Magazine

CNN: Full Article July 5


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