Monday, July 19, 2004 -- Neon: Linda Ronstadt Her Own Woman -- Neon: Her Own Woman: "Linda Ronstadt will sing at the Aladdin again Saturday, and that really amazes her.
The outspoken singer isn't a big fan of Las Vegas -- 'It's such a strange, weird place' -- and previous tour stops didn't soften her attitude. She remembers 'a horrible fight' backstage with 'the pushiest, nastiest people' when her Mexican-themed 'Canciones de Mi Padre' tour visited way back in 1988.
'My backstage is closed. I don't want people around if they're not in the show. They wanted me to take a photograph with the owner (at that time, Japanese businessman Ginji Yasuda), who was busy gambling away his family fortune,' she recalls.

'I'm not a picture pony. The man got really mad because he was supposed to deliver this for the boss. I wound up having him thrown out. He got very belligerent and very rude, and we got very rude back.'
Then there was her first visit, in the late 1970s. 'It was owned by some mobster type, so they came in with guns under their jackets: `Woo, the little lady.' It was just so offensive. Each time, I couldn't wait to get out.'

The singer's political profile -- including her late '70s relationship with former California governor Jerry Brown -- are a past edition that does linger. "I've been dedicating `Desperado' every night to Michael Moore, trying to get people to go see `Fahrenheit 9/11,' " she says.

"They say the country is evenly divided, and boy is that true. One half of the audience cheers and the other half boos."

"I don't understand this country sometimes and I really fear for it," she adds. "The government is making everybody in the world hate us, including the people that used to be our friends."

Anyone who disagrees with that is welcome to get in line, behind whoever she manages to rile at the Aladdin this time.

"I keep hoping that if I'm annoying enough to them, they won't hire me back," she says with a laugh."


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At 7:00 PM, Blogger JOlmsted said...

Las Vegas Review Journal Story On MondayDidn't reporter Norm Clarke read the interview published in his paper on Friday? Everyone in Sin City was warned how Linda would introduce `Desperado'. She has been doing it exactly the same way for weeks!

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