Wednesday, September 29, 2004

KUTV: UVSC President Says Moore Issue is Hurting Fund-Raising

KUTV: UVSC President Says Moore Issue is Hurting Fund-Raising: "The controversy over the student leaders' decision to invite filmmaker Michael Moore to speak on campus has hurt fund-raising, Utah Valley State College President William Sederburg said during a panel discussion.

The issue has created a heated debate on campus, with students passing around a petition to get the student leaders who invited Moore kicked out of office. They said Tuesday they have enough signatures to send the issue to a vote by the student body.

UVSC officials also have reported donors are pulling funding and some also have said legislators, who are largely responsible for the funding the state college receives, may be unhappy with the decision to pay Moore $40,000 in student fees to speak.

``There is no doubt that it has not helped our fund raising,'' Sederburg said,

But he said that many donors are not as angry as they were when the announcement was made, and the amount of funding the college loses may not be as significant as first thought.

Much of the anger has been over Moore's $40,000 fee. "

Associated Press


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