Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Daily Kos :: Kerry-oke for Music Row Dems + Michael Moore!

Daily Kos :: Kerry-oke for Music Row Dems + Michael Moore!: "We're fired up in Nashville! We may not win TN, but I promise it will be alot closer to the tie Zogby was predicting earlier than the 16-point poll M-D put out.

It's a banner couple of weeks to live in Nashville. Tonight (Wed.) at The Trap (by the Stadium) at 6:30 is the final night of Kerry-oke to benefit the Music Row Democrats, Nashville's newest hippest Democratic organization. This one is going to be a huge, star-studded rally. The 10 buck admission price goes toward putting their TV ad on the air in middle Tennessee. Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, Nanci Griffith, and many other great musicians are scheduled to be there, including some surprise guests!
Next weekend, on Saturday the 9th (just after recuperating from The Pixies on Wednesday), Michael Moore will be here as part of his 'Slacker uprising tour!' Cost is only 7.50. If you live anywhere close, get your butts over here!! "

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