Thursday, September 30, 2004 Michael Moore stops at MSU Thursday (Video Report) Michael Moore stops at MSU Thursday: "Thursday he made a stop in East Lansing while the Flint mother featured in his latest film appeared in a separate anti-war event not far away.
Bisi Onile-Ere had more.
We're told it was pure coincidence that both Moore and Lila Lipscomb were in the Lansing area at the same time. But the similarities in the messages they sent were no accident.
Without saying a word, controversial filmmaker Michael Moore received a standing ovation from hundreds of Michigan State University students.
On the first leg of his 'Slacker Uprising Tour,' Lansing is one of 60 cities he will visit leading up to the November election.
Before taking aim at President George W. Bush and the war in Iraq, Moore stressed the importance of the young vote."

By Bisi Onile-Ere


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