Thursday, September 30, 2004

The Michigan Daily -- 113 Years of Editorial Freedom - Moore turns up heat in Hill

The Michigan Daily“Calm down, Republicans,” said Michael Moore, setting the tenor for sold-out Hill Auditorium. “They’re a little ornery. They only have a few weeks left.”

The activist and filmmaker announced that while he respects Republicans, “Bush has got to go” and the only way for the American people to accomplish this is to go out and vote.

The goal of the night was to reach out to college-aged students, one of the largest underrepresented groups at the polls. Moore gave out prizes to people who registered to vote while at the speech, but the majority of the night was an anti-Bush rally.

Moore talked about the catchphrases of the Bush campaign: “Top liberal, flip-flop, you’re going to die,” chanted Moore. Moore compared the “mantra” to a bad song that gets stuck in your head. He continued on to say that those mantras do get stuck in your head, saying all challenger John Kerry has is “I’m not Bush.” Moore then laughed, “This is good enough for me.”

The Michigan Student Assembly, who paid for the event using student funds, made a $200 profit and sold out all 3,500 seats in Hill Auditorium, according to Jesse Levine, MSA student general counsel.

By Sarah Peterson
Daily Fine Arts Editor
The Michigan Daily


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