Friday, October 01, 2004

BYU NewsNet - Moore problems for UVSC

BYU NewsNet - Moore problems for UVSC: "A Utah Valley State College donor threatened to pull over $1 million in artwork donations as a result of the university's recent decision to invite Michael Moore to the campus.
The donor, whose name has not been released, will only donate a portion of his collection to UVSC's Woodbury Gallery.
'What upset him most was the price that the students offered Mr. Moore for coming, because Mr. Moore has never made that kind of money for a one hour speech,' said Barbra Wardle, director of the gallery.
Wardle said the donor would instead donate the other fraction of his collection to Brigham Young University.
'This gentleman can do as he chooses with his own property,' Wardle said. 'We would have loved to have had it, but I respect his rights.'
Ian Wilson, vice president for institutional advancement and marketing at UVSC, said the donor has the same concerns as many of the alumni."


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