Saturday, October 09, 2004!: Slacker Tour: Milwaukee Theater Milwaukee, Wisconsin!Finally, Moore's web guys are organizing the slacker reports to a degree that makes sense and his digital photo folks are snapping more interesting pixs. There is still lots of room for improving the coverage and web presentation.

Clare Crowley, 82, of Milwaukee points a finger at Bush supporter and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student Raffi Karan before Michael Moore's speech at the Milwaukee Theatre Friday.

Mike announces his intention to put $100 in his hat for the Kerry campaign every time he thought President Bush lied during the presidential debate that coincided with his Minneapolis visit.

Williams Arena
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Candidates win some local votes -

Candidates win some local votes - "Two presidential debates down, one to go.
Tulare County voters got another chance during Friday's presidential debate in St. Louis to hear what President Bush and Sen. John Kerry had to say on the topics of Iraq, tax cuts, stem-cell research and abortion.
Kerry and Bush were dead even going into Friday's debate, according to a Time magazine poll. Some county residents said the debate solidified their choice for president. Some said they're still undecided.
Others said they now favor one candidate over the other, but their decisions aren't yet final.

For Janine du Plessis, an organizational psychologist originally from South Africa, Friday's debate may decide whom she will vote for.

"I'm not impressed with Bush, neither am I with Kerry," said du Plessis, who said she votes as an independent. "I think it's a situation where you're selecting between two evils to some extent."

Du Plessis said she and her husband were leaning to-ward Bush earlier this week, but watched Michael Moore's controversial documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" Wednesday night. Going into Friday's debate, du Plessis said she was more open minded to what Kerry had to say."


Last night, my wife basically forced me to watch the in-the-round presidential presentation. To me, Bush wined and whimpered through most of it. Kerry was very effective at the start when he looked directly into Bushes beady eyes and stated, “You are a cheat and a liar!” He didn’t use these exact words but that is what he said.

The camera focused on Bushes’ reaction, which to me seemed to indicate, that he was getting hot under the collar. Bush sat on his four-foot stool thinking, “I’m the president. I’m a war president! Don’t you scold me, sir – the commander and chief of the dam county!!”

When Kerry focused his attention from Bush to the audience, he became milk toast boring. I’m still not impressed at all with Kerry. It is just time we toss the White House squatter out on the street.

The Bush camp should never have allowed their man to participate in these "debates". He just can't think fast enough on his feet. He gets way to defensive quickly. -JOlmsted

AP Wire | 10/09/2004 | Students watch "Fahrenheit 9/11" at school; parent upset

AP Wire | 10/09/2004 | Students watch "Fahrenheit 9/11" at school; parent upset: "BEAUMONT, Texas - A Southeast Texas businessman is upset that his son's English class watched Michael Moore's scathing documentary on President Bush and his handling of events after the terrorist attacks.
Michael Kurth, a veteran, said he was opposed to the film 'Fahrenheit 9/11' based on its R rating and political partisanship. His son Matthew, 17, said that he put his head on his desk and tried to sleep through it.
'It bothered me,' he said."

Friday, October 08, 2004

E! Online News - "Fahrenheit" Rising On TV

E! Online News - "Fahrenheit" Rising On TV: "chael Moore's looking to turn up the heat on the President before Election Day.
The gadfly filmmaker has sealed a deal with cable operator In Demand to air Fahrenheit 9/11 as a three-hour pay-per-view event Nov. 1, the night before Americans go to the polls to choose their next President, Daily Variety reports.

However, because the blockbuster polemic is already out on DVD, the broadcast is having to be packaged a little differently.

Fahrenheit--which has become the top-grossing documentary of all time with $119 million in domestic ticket sales and is also a hot-seller on video with 2 million DVDs and VHS units sold since Tuesday, its first day in stores—will air as part of a program dubbed The Michael Moore Pre-Election Special.

Along with showing the flick, the pay-per-view special will also feature interviews by politically active celebs who will discuss points raised in Fahrenheit as well as urge people to get out the vote."

AtomFilms - Good to be in DC!

AtomFilms - Good to be in DC!: "From JibJab, the creators of the Internet phenomenon 'This Land,' comes another epic political parody. As the election approaches and the people are divided, George W. and John Kerry break out all the stops (and break into song). Featuring appearances by John Edwards, Dick Cheney, Saddam Hussein and John McCain. "

Exclusive: Kerry Supporter Springs 2 It

Last month at the 17 day fair
on my day off
I bounced over to the Kerry booth
to do interviews with the Democratic Minded
regarding F911
and I met Kip
and it just so happens that Kip
suffers from hip and foot pain
listen to interview

so we walked back to the Your2Feet
and Kip ended up spending almost $300
for a pair of Z-CoiL shoes with new gel form insoles.

So much for my day off.
I worked until 10pm that night.

Kip has had his springy shoes for two weeks.
Next week, I'll publish the interview here
about his new footbeds
and his views on working
for Kerry campaign '04.

Stay tuned...

BTW: MM - u could have had free springs on your souls 4 the slacker tour. Oh, well. Southwest Florida's Information Leader Southwest Florida's Information Leader: "ORLANDO -- One would think it would be hard to shake a road-hardened veteran like Bruce Springsteen. But R.E.M. managed to do it Tuesday night in St. Paul, Minn., during the Vote for Change Tour stop.

'We were walking on stage, and I was going through the chords of a song, and Bruce goes, 'I hope you're not going to play that one next,'' guitarist Peter Buck said in a telephone interview.

'Mike (Mills, bassist) says, 'What are the chords? It's, E, G, D?' And Bruce says, 'You're going to go out and play that now, without rehearsing it? And we go, 'Yeah.''

To be fair, there was a bit of peer pressure: Neil Young.

'The guys said, 'OK, we can fake it if Neil wants to play it with us,' Buck said, chuckling."

New York Daily News - Entertainment - Radio: Vote for Change show a big winner in air time

New York Daily News - Entertainment - Radio: Vote for Change show a big winner in air time: "Monday night's semi-final show of the 'Vote for Change' tour will be carried live on WAXQ (104.3 FM), as well as on both satellite radio networks.
Vote for Change is a group of artists, including Bruce Springsteen, the Dixie Chicks, John Mellencamp, James Taylor, Pearl Jam, Bonnie Raitt and REM, whose shows have been raising money for 'progressive candidates,' specifically Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry.
Monday's show brings many of the artists together on one stage in Washington, D.C. The show, also to be telecast live on the Sundance Channel, had been planned as the finale, though one subsequent show featuring Springsteen has been added next Wednesday in New Jersey.
XM and Sirius Satellite radio both will carry the concert, and each also will carry related programs during the weekend. On Sirius, REM guitarist Peter Buck and others will act as deejays. " - Entertainment - DVD Review: 'Fahrenheit 9/11' - Entertainment - DVD Review: 'Fahrenheit 9/11'"Fahrenheit 9/11" (R): Let's just take care of that burning sense of curiosity right away: If you're a conservative, you'll hate Michael Moore's searing documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" (if you choose to see it, that is). And if you're a liberal (you've probably seen it already), you'll love it.

If you don't fall on either side of the great political divide and somehow missed what the hubbub is all about, Moore's film is an indictment of President George W. Bush and his handling of the Sept. 11 terror attacks and the Iraq war. And, according to Moore, it isn't pretty. In a nutshell, he claims the war in Iraq is not really a response to Sept. 11 and another mission in the war on terror, but instead a greedy ploy that's all about the almighty value of oil and money -- and our servicemen and servicewomen, among others, are paying the price.

The film, which essentially was made by Moore to justify his controversial Oscar speech in 2003, pushes several political hot buttons: from the disputed 2000 presidential election, Bush's military records and the business ties between the Bush and bin Laden families; to the climate of fear (unspecified threats of terror in the homeland and Saddam's WMDs) that got Americans to back the war in Iraq, the press' failure to ask tough questions, the allegations of war profiteering and the conclusion there are no links there were ties between Sept. 11 and Saddam Hussein.

In the end, Moore basically says that we've all been had. But for the sake of argument, even if only half of what Moore claims in the film turns out to be true (he backs up his findings on his Web site), his findings are still pretty compelling (ironically, Charles Duelfer's report to Congress this week that no WMDs have been produced in Iraq since 1991 came a day after the movie debuted on DVD).

Moore knows that he has a powerful medium on his hands in film -- where viewers' emotions can be manipulated through music and expertly edited footage -- and he takes full advantage of it with "Fahrenheit 9/11." On top of that, he punctuates many scenes with biting sarcasm. Music: Songs And Artists That Inspired Fahrenheit 9/11 [SOUNDTRACK] Music: Songs And Artists That Inspired Fahrenheit 9/11 [SOUNDTRACK]: "When I make a film, I take my portable CD case and place in it a series of albums which contain music that reflects the mood I am in and the reasons that are motivating me to make this film. I play these CDs for myself and for my crew. Sometimes we have them playing in the van while we are driving around and filming. Sometimes I listen to them at night, thinking about what I want to accomplish the next day on the shoot. It is not easy to crash Capitol Hill to ask Congressmen if they would like to send THEIR sons to Iraq. Music helps get us there.
The songs contained on this CD are either the actual songs that made up our 'on-the-scene' soundtrack, or they are by artists whom I have listened to over the years and have given me much inspiration...

Little Steven -- 'I Am a Patriot'... That is how I feel. That is what we are. People who love our country and are trying to save it. This is a great anthem (and I love Jackson Browne's version of it also).

Bruce Springsteen -- 'Chimes of Freedom' ...What can I say? Bruce is THE man. I have had his music playing in all my work, starting with 'My Hometown' in 'Roger & Me.' He is who we all aspire to be! He never broke faith. I have carried his 'Chimes of Freedom' EP with me for years, an EP that not many have, and I am proud to include it here.

Bob Dylan -- "With God On Our Side"... I once drove a thousand miles, from Flint, Mich. to Quebec City, to see Bob Dylan and Joan Baez in concert. Dylan (along with John Lennon) saved our entire generation from Pat Boone. That we would have a president now using God in this manner to defeat those whom he sees as godless makes this song all the more relevant more than 40 years after Dylan first recorded it.

Zack de la Rocha -- "We Want It All" ... Zack, the lead singer of the greatest rock band of the '90s, Rage Against the Machine, is, in person, the most gentle of souls you will ever meet. But when he gets in the studio or on the stage, a fire erupts that consumes all who listen. This is his first song in five years and it's a barn burner! Welcome back, Zack, we need ya now more than ever...

System of a Down -- "Boom "... I directed the video for this song. It was actually a celebration of the worldwide anti-war demonstrations of February 15, the largest single-day protests ever in history. System of a Down was there, just like they always have been. Play this song in the car and play it loud!

The Nightwatchman --"No One Left" ...Tom Morello, guitar slayer extrordinaire of Rage Against the Machine and now of Audioslave, has an alter ego and it's The Nightwatchman. This brand new track is both beautiful and haunting -- and painfully true. Death in New York, death in Baghdad, it is all to be mourned. Tom sings, the guitar is acoustic, and I am compelled to play this song over and over.

Pearl Jam -- "Masters of War (Video)"... Damn right, Eddie Vedder! I hear every bit of your anger that we all feel right now. There is a judgment day, and I wouldn't want to be standing next to anyone in the Bush administration when the avenging angel comes a-looking. This version of the Dylan classic is so brutal, so piercing, you find yourself glancing around to see if anyone is going to arrest you just for listening to it.

Dixie Chicks -- "Travelin' Soldier"... I was not the first to call out the President when I did so on that Oscar stage. Ten days before, the Dixie Chicks did it first. How wonderfully ironic that the first blow against this madness did not come from any of the usual "lefty" places, but rather from three moms from Bush's Texas. But that is how the revolution usually starts, isn't it? Some average, everyday Joe or Jane just gets fed up and says, OK, I've had enough. I love these three women. Their courage -- and the abuse and censorship that they had to sustain and overcome -- did much to get me through this past year. In the end, they were back on top, more popular than ever (so much for that old adage of you better not rock the boat or you will lose everything). And this song, about a kid who dies in Vietnam and nobody really cares except one pigtailed girl, is a heartbreaker for all who have lost a loved one in this current worthless war.

Click Title to hear track samples. Video Pearl Jam On Letterman (Video)!: "PEARL JAM PLAYS 'F911' SOUNDTRACK SONG 'MASTERS OF WAR' ON LETTERMAN (video) " Michael Moore Video - Caught Red-Handed

Welcome to!: "EXHIBIT A; Caught Red-Handed (video)"

FIP :: - Health-care firms on lookout for Michael Moore

FIP :: - Health-care firms on lookout for Michael Moore: "The latest buzz in the health-care industry has nothing to do with new drugs or medical treatments.

It's all about moviemaker Michael Moore and where he's lurking these days.

Some of the nation's biggest drug manufacturers and health insurance plans confirm they have issued warnings to their sales representatives and other employees in recent weeks, telling them to be on the lookout for the shaggy filmmaker in his trademark baseball cap. And, under no circumstances, are they to talk to Moore.

The industry's red alert was prompted by word that Moore plans to aim his camera lens at the health-care industry, much as he did with other targets, most recently President Bush in 'Fahrenheit 9/11.'"

Thursday, October 07, 2004 NewsFlash - County prosecutors in Michigan reject request to charge Michael Moore NewsFlash - County prosecutors in Michigan reject request to charge Michael Moore: "DETROIT (AP) A request by Michigan Republicans that filmmaker Michael Moore be charged with violating election law has found little sympathy among county prosecutors.

The state Republican Party asked prosecutors in four counties to file charges against Moore for offering underwear and food to college students in exchange for a promise to vote. State law prohibits a person from contracting with another for something of value in exchange for agreeing to vote.

The harshest reaction came from the two Republican prosecutors, Antrim County's Charles Koop and Isabella County's Larry Burdick. Worthy and Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III are Democrats.

"Alleging that a person is attempting to buy votes is a serious allegation, and one that is taken seriously by this office. However, your request to prosecute Mr. Moore trivializes the intent of this section of the election code," Koop said Thursday in a letter to Greg McNeilly, executive director of the state Republican Party.

Burdick said he chooses "to devote our resources to prosecuting those who are delivering cocaine to our young people rather than underwear."

Associated Press

NPR : Michael Eric Dyson on Michael Moore (Audio)

NPR : Michael Eric Dyson on Michael Moore: "Commentator Michael Eric Dyson talks with Tavis about controversial filmmaker Michael Moore, being uninvited as a speaker at two universities." (Click Title to listen to interview)

The Sentinel Online : Showing of movie sparked student interest

The Sentinel Online : Local News: "Michael Moore may not be at Dickinson College today, but his intended appearance has caused a stir on the Carlisle campus.
In recent weeks Moore the filmmaker, author, and general noise-maker, has visited a host of colleges around the country, always to large, curious crowds and sometimes amidst protests. Controversy over the cost of his visit and his leftist-leaning beliefs rocked nearly all the campuses part of Moore's 'Slacker Uprising Tour.'

His anticipated visit to Dickinson College was no exception.

Since Moore's invitation was announced in late August, the college community has buzzed with heated commentary on the choice of guest speaker.

Film shown

The college offered the movie to students for $1 with several showings throughout the day in preparation for Moore's expected visit today.

Jason Feiner, college's assistant director of student activities, said all of the screenings were well attended and drew varied reactions from the student audience.

Prospect exciting

Politics aside, students said the prospect of someone as controversial and current as Moore visiting their school has been exciting.

"I really think the overall general consensus of the student body is: It's going to be interesting and everyone's going to go," said Dickinsonian co-editor-in-chief Ashley Wetzel.

"I'd say 9 out of 10 students are going," McFarland said before getting word about Moore's illness.

By Kristin Wilson
The Sentinel Online News: Anti-Flag Rocks Michael Moore Rally News: Anti-Flag Rocks Michael Moore Rally: "Anti-Flag's been stealing Michael Moore's ideas for years, so it's only fair that the band played a rally organized by the filmmaker and author.

The band, as well as Mike Park, joined Moore in an appearance in Tampa, Fla., of Moore's 'Slacker Uprising' tour, which promotes youth to take to the polls Nov. 2.
Anti-Flag's last album, The Terror State (2003, Fat Wreck Chords) (read Aversion's reivew), drew heavily upon Moore's leftist ideals.
For more information on Anti-Flag, including featured interviews and reviews, click here."

Mike hangs out with Anti-Flag after the show in Tampa, Florida...
University of South Florida, The Sun Dome
Sunday, October 3rd, 2004

Centre Daily Times | 10/07/2004 | Mike Gallagher to take on Michael Moore

Centre Daily Times | 10/07/2004 | Mike Gallagher to take on Michael Moore: "When conservative radio talk show host Mike Gallagher caught wind that Michael Moore was coming to Penn State with the help of student fees, he made on-air plans for a 'counter event' in Happy Valley.
Gallagher expressed outrage during his nationally syndicated radio show Wednesday that student funds were being used to pay for Moore's appearance. He vowed to come to Penn State to fund-raise the exact the amount needed to bring Moore to town and 'top it by a penny,' said Jason Hiatt, producer of Gallagher's show. All the money raised will be used to buy 'care packages' and other necessities for the soldiers in Iraq, he said.
'At this point it looks good now,' Hiatt said. 'It was not just an off-the-cuff remark.'
Moore has asked for about $15,000 in speaking fees. More than $30,000 will be needed to support his trip to Penn State.

By Wednesday afternoon, Gallagher's Web site,, sported a link where people could donate to his State College fundraiser."

9,000 tickets sold so far for Michael Moore's speech at UA

9,000 tickets sold so far for Michael Moore's speech at UA: "TUCSON - Nine thousand tickets have been sold for filmmaker Michael Moore's appearance Monday at the University of Arizona, organizers said.

Student government leaders and university administrators are still getting flak over Moore's appearance from campus Republicans, alumni, donors and the general public.

Moore's 'Slacker Uprising Tour' is a multimedia presentation that reiterates the anti-President Bush messages in his movie 'Fahrenheit 9/11.'"

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

'Fahrenheit 9/11' buzz has little effect, local voters say - York Daily Record

'Fahrenheit 9/11' buzz has little effect, local voters say - York Daily RecordTammy Wintershas already made up her mind. She's voting for George Bush on Nov. 2.
Yet on Tuesday afternoon, the Mount Wolf resident walked out of Circuit City with a DVD of Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" in her hands.

She and her husband — a likely John Kerry voter — have yet to see it. Though she is an ardent Bush supporter and holds little love for Moore, she views the movie as an entertainment and political vehicle.

"The media can print what they want, but I like to see both sides of the issues," Winters said. "You can't talk about the issues if you don't know both sides."

LiveJournal Community: Dump Bush in 2004 - Jesus Don't Want Me For A Sunbeam

Dump Bush in 2004 - Jesus Don't Want Me For A Sunbeam

Check out the online library of anti-bush cartoons. (click title)

$1 Million TV Ad Buy Will Begin to Run on Friday in Battleground States Featuring Mother of US Soldier Killed in Iraq

MoveOn PAC sent an appeal to's 2.8 million members today for contributions to help put a 60-second ad on television in battleground states. The ad features Cindy Sheehan, the mother of Spc. Casey Sheehan who died in battle on April 4th of this year.

Ms. Sheehan addresses her statement to President Bush, describing her grief for her son and faulting the President for deceptively linking the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center with Saddam Hussein in order to persuade Americans of the need to rush to war in Iraq.

The ad was one of several originally produced by, a political action committee created by parents and close relatives of soldiers killed in Iraq.

60-Second TV Ad Transcript:

MoveOn PAC
TV :60


CINDY SHEEHAN: 'My son was brave, he didn't want to go to war. But he joined the Army, and he volunteered to go on the mission that killed him because his buddies needed to be rescued. He died in his best friend's arms in Iraq.


CINDY SHEEHAN: I imagined it would hurt if one of my kids was killed but I never thought it would hurt this bad. Especially someone so honest and brave as Casey, my son, when you haven't been honest with us, Mr. Bush. "

Michael : Republicans, Out of Ideas, Ask Prosecutors to Arrest Michael Moore

Michael : Mike's Message : Messages: "Dear Friends,
You may have heard by now that the Michigan Republican Party has called for my arrest. That's right. They literally want me brought up on charges -- and hope that I'm locked up.

No, I'm not kidding. The Republican Party, yesterday, filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutors in each of the counties where I spoke last week in Michigan.

My crime? Clean underwear for anyone who will vote in the upcoming election.

Each night on our 60-city 'Slacker Uprising Tour' through the 20 battleground states, I've been registering hundreds (and on some nights, thousands) of voters at my arena and stadium events. I then ask for everyone over 23 who has never voted (or didn't vote in the last election) to stand up. I tell these slackers that I understand and respect why they think politicians are not worth the bother. I tell them that I may have been the original slacker, and that I do not want them to change their slacker ways. Keep sleeping 'til noon! Keep drinking beer! Stay on the sofa and watch as much TV as possible! But, please, just for me, on 11/2, I want you to leave the house and give voting a try -- just this once. The stakes this time are just too high.

If they promise me that they'll do this, I give the guys a 3-pack of new Fruit of the Loom underwear, and the women get a day's supply of Ramen noodles, the sustenance of slackers everywhere.

I then close by having them repeat the 2004 Slacker Oath: 'Pick nose! Pick butt! Pick Kerry.'"

Temperature keeps on rising on Michael Moore's career

Temperature keeps on rising on Michael Moore's career: "Maybe it only seems as if Michael Moore is at the center of the mass-media universe this week.
But consider that his controversial film 'Fahrenheit 9/11' came to stores on DVD Tuesday, along with two tie-in CDs and two related books.
And ponder that two anti-Moore movies - intended to counteract the anti-President Bush message in 'Fahrenheit 9/11' - have emerged in recent weeks ... with a third now in production.

The film that caused all this fuss - the one that surprisingly premiered at No. 1 at the box office and has grossed $118 million in theaters - arrives with the expected passel of extras from Sony Columbia. "

Cheney points to anti-Bush site

Cheney points to anti-Bush site: "More politicians have been giving pointers to Web sites during speeches and appearances, particularly during this presidential election cycle. But last night, citizens were pointed to a site that directly contradicted the message Vice President Dick Cheney wanted to make.
During the Tuesday night vice presidential debate, Cheney cited a Web site developed by the Political Fact Check project at the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania as a place for citizens to find details about the charges Democrats have made against Halliburton. That includes a charge that the company did not have to compete for multimillion dollar contracts in Iraq after the ouster of Saddam Hussein. Cheney was Halliburton's chief executive officer before he ran for vice president.
However, while the project's Web site is at, the address that Cheney provided was redirects visitors to another site,, a personal site of billionaire George Soros titled 'Why We Must Not Re-elect President Bush: A Personal Message from George Soros.'"

Democratic Underground Forums - Cheney mentioned factcheck.COM....not .ORG

Democratic Underground Forums - Cheney mentioned factcheck.COM....not .ORG: "Cheney mentioned factcheck.COM....not .ORG

Check it out: "

Hollywood Film Awards...and the Nominees are...

Hollywood Film Awards...and the Nominees are...: "HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Oct. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- The Hollywood Film Festival's
Board of Advisors has announced the nominees for the 2004 'Hollywood Film
Awards(R)' competition. The announcement was made today in Hollywood by
Carlos de Abreu, Founder and Executive Director of the Hollywood Film

'This year's Hollywood Film Festival continues its tradition of honoring
the very best talent within our community. It is a celebration of all aspects
of Hollywood filmmaking and the artists who help to create its lasting legacy
on our culture,' festival co-chair Paula Wagner said.

The competition is comprised of three categories: The Hollywood MOVIE OF
THE YEAR Awards(R), the Hollywood WORLD Awards(TM), and the Hollywood EUROPEAN

The 'Hollywood MOVIE OF THE YEAR Awards(R)' presented by and
Yahoo Movies cover the public's favorites for the year. The ten nominees are
'Collateral' by Michael Mann, 'Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind' by
Michel Gondry, 'Fahrenheit 9/11' by Michael Moore, 'Hero' by Zhang Yimou,
'Napoleon Dynamite' by Jared Hess, 'SHREK 2' by Andrew Adamson, Kelly Asbury
and Conrad Vernon, 'Spider-Man 2' by Sam Raimi, 'The Bourne Supremacy' by Paul
Greengrass, 'The Motorcycle Diaries' by Walter Salles and 'The Passion Of The
Christ' by Mel Gibson."

The Sentinel Online - Michael Moore calls off visit

The Sentinel Online: "Film maker Michael Moore has canceled tonight's scheduled lecture at Dickinson College because of illness, a college representative said Tuesday night.
College spokeswoman Christine Dugan said the college is working with Moore's staff to reschedule his appearance before the Nov. 2 election.

Tickets for tonight's appearance are non-refundable but will be honored for the rescheduled date, Dugan said.

As a prelude to Moore's appearance on the college campus, his controversial, anti-Bush movie 'Fahrenheit 9/11' was screened for students Monday and Tuesday."

Letters from Iraq to Michael Moore - Independent Media TV

Letters from Iraq to Michael Moore - Independent Media TV: "From: RH To: Sent: Monday, July 12, 2003 4:57 PM Subject: Iraqi freedom veteran supports you
Dear Mr Moore,
I went to Iraq with thoughts of killing people who I thought were horrible. I was like, 'Fuck Iraq, fuck these people, I hope we kill thousands.' I believed my president. He was taking care of business and wasn't going to let al Qaeda push us around. I was with the 3rd Squadron, 7th Cavalry, 3rd Infantry division out of Fort Stewart, Georgia. My unit was one of the first to Baghdad. I was so scared. Didn't know what to think. Seeing dead bodies for the first time. People blown in half. Little kids with no legs. It was overwhelming, the sights, sounds, fear. I was over there from Jan'03 to Aug'03. I hated every minute. It was a daily battle to keep my spirits up. I hate the army and my job. I am supposed to get out next February but will now be unable to because the asshole in the White House decided that now would be a great time to put a stop-loss in effect for the army. So I get to do a second tour in Iraq and be away from those I love again because some guy has the audacity to put others' lives on the line for his personal war. I thought we were the good guys. From: Michael W Sent: Tuesday July 13 2004 12.28pm Subject: Dude, Iraq sucks
My name is Michael W and I am a 30-year-old National Guard infantryman serving in southeast Baghdad. I have been in Iraq since March of 04 and will continue to serve here until March of 05.
In the few short months my unit has been in Iraq, we have already lost one man and have had many injured (including me) in combat operations. And for what? At the very least, the government could have made sure that each of our vehicles had the proper armament to protect..."

LJ michaelmoore: I just saw our good ole Donald Rumsfield

michaelmoore: I just saw our good ole Donald Rumsfield: "I just watched the special features on the F 9/11 DVD and I got extreme delight in watching ole Leeza Rice's 9/11 Commission testimony. She looked like a rat caught in a trap. And be sure to watch Dubya's comments to the press after his secret testimony to the 9/11 Commission. In case you didn't know, they had to agree to the following conditions: they (he and Cheney) would not be under oath, they would appear together, and the testimony would not be recorded or transcribed and reported to the public.

I went ahead and typed out some funny quotes from that press meeting:

Bush: 'Uh, the VP and I just finished a uh, a good conversation with the 9/11 Commission (no period) it was wide-ranging, it was uh, important uhh it was uhh, it was just a good discussion and I appreciate the members.'

'They had a lot of good questions, and uh, just, I'm glad I did it, I'm glad I took the time, this is an important commission.' (remember he opposed it at first, but when the there was a public outcry they went ahead and supported it)"

wrote in the michaelmoore LJ community

Michael Moore to bring Slacker Uprising Tour to the Valley

Michael Moore to bring Slacker Uprising Tour to the Valley: "As if there isn't enough political firepower in town next Wednesday with the presidential debate, Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Michael Moore (Fahrenheit 9/11) will be here on the same day on his Slacker Uprising Tour, his national tour to encourage voters to cast ballots against President Bush on Nov. 2. "

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

It's gettin' hot in here ... an exclusive

It's gettin' hot in here ... an exclusive: "Even for Americans who saw Moore’s Farenheit 9/11 in theaters—which became the highest grossing such film of all time, raking in $115 million so far—the DVD version is worth another look. Being released today, Moore’s powerful documentary is enhanced with added scenes, including national security advisor Condeleeza Rice’s sputtering testimony before the 9/11 Commission on why the president ignored a memo saying that Osama bin Laden was determined to attack inside the U.S. Another scene, outside the infamous Abu Gharid prison where U.S. soldiers violently attacked Iraqi prisoners, shows family members awaiting the release of relatives who’ve been detained by U.S. forces. “Is this freedom? Is this the freedom that they are talking about?” wonders one man who claims he had been held four months for posessing a cell phone. According to Moore, about 43,000 Iraqis have been arrested since the U.S. began occupying Iraq, but only about 600 have been referred to Iraqi authorities for prosecution.

State GOP says Michael Moore illegally offered underwear in exchange for voting

State GOP says Michael Moore illegally offered underwear in exchange for voting: "LANSING, Mich. (AP) -- The Michigan Republican Party is asking four county prosecutors to file charges against filmmaker Michael Moore, charging that he illegally offered underwear, noodles and snacks to college students in exchange for their promise to vote.
'We want everyone to participate in this year's election, but not because they were bribed or coerced by the likes of Michael Moore,' said Greg McNeilly, executive director of the state Republican Party.
The GOP said it asked prosecutors in Wayne, Ingham, Antrim and Isabella counties to charge Moore with violating Michigan's election law. The law prohibits a person from contracting with another for something of value in exchange for agreeing to vote. "

Press Release: Springsteen Will Send GOTV Message To Hundreds of MoveOn House Parties In Battleground States

DC Finale of “Vote For Change” Tour to Be Webcast And Shown Live on Sundance Channel

The Boss,” Other Artists to Help Boost Turnout on Election Day

On Monday Oct. 11, just prior to the DC finale of the 43-city Vote for Change tour, thousands of MoveOn members at house parties across the country will join Bruce Springsteen and other musicians in an online conference call to recruit and mobilize volunteers to increase turnout on November 2nd.

As “The Boss” takes the stage at MCI Center in Washington, MoveOn members in battlegrounds states from Ohio to Nevada will watch the live performance on the Sundance channel or at, where the event will be streamed live through RealNetworks.

The finale will feature performances by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, R.E.M., Pearl Jam, Dave Mathews Band, the Dixie Chicks, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Brown, John Mellencamp, and many other special guests.

The house parties are tied to MoveOnPAC’s “Leave No Voter Behind” program designed to maximize get-out-the-vote activities in battleground states. MoveOn PAC has 500 organizers and 55,000 volunteers on the ground in seventeen states.

You can also watch and listen via your computer to the entire LIVE Grand Finale, Vote for Change in Washington, D.C. for free. Simply go to and download the free RealPlayer (for Windows, Mac or Linux desktops). Once the player is installed or, if you already have a copy of the latest RealPlayer, go to or click on the 'Real Guide' tab in the player, then click on the 'Vote For Change' guitar. To ensure you catch the entire Vote for Change final concert, encourages you to download the free RealPlayer early, in advance of the Grand Finale concert performance.

1) House Parties;
2) Online call with Springsteen; and
3) Sundance Channel Broadcast of "Vote for Change Concert" Finale

WHEN: Monday, October 11th
*Online Call with Springsteen starts at 6:00 pm EST
*Live Sundance Airing at 7:00 pm EST

WHERE: House parties will take place in battleground states including OH, PA and FL, among others

michaelmoore: Fahrenheit 9/11 pricing

michaelmoore: Fahrenheit 9/11 pricing: "In case anyone wanted to know, Fahrenheit 9/11 is $20.27 at Target and $15.99 at Best Buy.

Happy shopping!" - Moore and more documentaries - Moore and more documentaries: "Fans and foes of Michael Moore are having a field day. Not only does the filmmaker's Bush-bashing documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11, arrive on DVD today (Columbia TriStar, $29), but two of his previous films, Bowlingfor Columbine and The Big One, are in stores Tuesday repackaged as the Michael Moore Limited Edition DVD Collector's Set (MGM Home Entertainment, $30). Two Moore books arrive in stores today from Simon & Schuster: Will They Ever Trust Us Again? ($22), a collection of letters sent by soldiers in Iraq, and The Official Fahrenheit 9/11 Reader ($14).

But as Election Day looms closer, Moore's point of view has plenty of challengers, both on film and on DVD. They rebut his criticism of the Bush administration's handling of the war in Iraq, as well as the corporation-bashing premises of his other movies."

By Thomas K. Arnold
Special for USA TODAY

Inside Michael Moore's Head(phones) / The anti-Bush provocateur also understands the power of music.

Inside Michael Moore's Head(phones) When all is said and done, Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" may end up best remembered for a profound silence -- the seven minutes President Bush remained, after learning that the country was under attack, in front of a Florida elementary school class, quietly reading a book about a goat.

But Moore brought the noise, too.

The use of music in his blockbuster film made for pithy editorial comment, sardonic humor and memorably jarring scenes: The Go-Go's sing-songy "Vacation" blared as Moore documented Bush's extended postelection stay at his Texas ranch; chords instantly recognizable as belonging to J.J. Cale's "Cocaine" chimed when Moore analyzed Bush's failure to take a military medical exam; a photomontage of Bush family and associates buddying with Saudi royals, set to REM's "Shining Happy People," played like an MTV video; American soldiers in Iraq chillingly shared a song they'd piped into their tank as a battle cry -- a heavy-metal tune with the refrain, "The house is on fire / Burn, motherf--, burn!"

Moore's anti-Bush offensive rolls on, fortified mightily with less than a month to go until the presidential election. Today, more than 3 million copies of the DVD version of "Fahrenheit 9/11" will be dropped on stores and Web sites, along with two new Moore books and two new compilation CDs -- all of which seem aimed at moving both product and swing voters.

by Larry Blumenfeld
Special to SF Gate

The Features of 'Fahrenheit' (

The Features of 'Fahrenheit' ( Moore said months ago that his anti-George W. Bush documentary would come out on DVD prior to the U.S. presidential election. He's kept his word. Exactly four weeks before voters across the country cast their ballots, "Fahrenheit 9/11" -- a single-disc containing several bonus features, including deleted scenes and a few featurettes -- arrives in stores today.

Given the flood of left-leaning documentaries that has been released in "Fahrenheit's" wake, the impact of Moore's movie has diminished somewhat. Those who watch it for the first time may regard much of the footage with a "been there, seen that" sort of attitude. Nevertheless, "Fahrenheit 9/11" -- by virtue of its subject matter and Moore's aggressive promotion -- has transcended moviedom to become a memorable cultural moment. For that reason, and the undeniable power of many of its scenes, it's still worth watching.

By Jen Chaney Staff Writer Quotes & Trivia: Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004) Quotes & Trivia: Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004)George W. Bush: I call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers. Thank you.
George W. Bush brandishes a golf club
George W. Bush: Now, watch this drive.

Narrator: The first time I met him, he had some good advice for me.
Calling out
George W. Bush: Behave yourself, will ya? Go find real work.

last lines
George W. Bush: There's an old saying in Tennessee... well, it's an old saying in Texas, I believe also in Tennessee. "Fool me once..."
George W. Bush: "... shame on you".
George W. Bush: insert right text here
pauses once again
Narrator: For once. We agree.

Quoting George Orwell

Narrator: Who's your daddy?

Narrator: He couldn't get his judges appointed. He had trouble getting his legislation passed, and he lost Republican control of the Senate. His approval ratings in the polls began to sink. He was already beginning to look like a lame duck president. With everything going wrong, he did what any of us would do. He went... on vacation.

two mature women are discussing Bush and the War, one says to the other
Mature woman: We've been duped.

Britney Spears: I think we should just trust our president in every decision that he makes and we should just support that. DVD: Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004): Consumer Review DVD: Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004)When Michael Moore delivered his controversial acceptance speech after winning the Best Documentary prize for Bowling for Columbine at the 2003 Academy Awards, he lashed out at President George W. Bush and the fictious war in Iraq. Little did anyone know but Moore was also offering a teaser of his next film, Fahrenheit 9/11, a scathing attack on Bush, his link to the rich Saudi oil families, the "War on Terror" and the war currently raging in Iraq.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Moore's documentary is that he puts a human face on the citizens of Iraq-something that the mainstream U.S. media has failed to do. He shows graphic footage of dead and maimed civilians killed by U.S. bombs and soldiers. He lets them speak and it becomes readily evident why many Iraqis hate America so much and why the mission to liberate them has so far failed. Moore also gives the U.S. soldiers a voice, interviewing several serving in Iraq and how some are clearly tired of fighting for people who don't want them there. Some soldiers who have come back home are also featured and they talk about their experiences and how their view of the war has changed. Moore also shows how the deaths of American soldiers have devastated their families with one woman in particular, Lila Lipscomb, whose story is quite compelling and resonates on a deeply emotional level.

"Release of Fahrenheit 9/11" is an 11-minute featurette on the film's reception at the Cannes Film Festival. There is also footage of long line-ups and sold out screenings as the film made its way through the country.

"Eyewitness Account from Samarra, Iraq" is an eyewitness account by Swedish journalist Urban Hamid on a U.S.-led raid in Samarra. There is incredible footage of U.S. soldiers arresting a man accused of funding insurgents that is narrated by Hamid himself.

"Lila Lipscomb at Washington, D.C. Premiere" features comments from the woman that Moore talked with in the documentary and whose son died in Iraq. She delivers an impassioned speech at the film's premiere.

Finally, there are seven additional scenes of footage, including interviews with more average Iraqis on the streets of Baghdad on the eve of the 2003 U.S. invasion. Also included is more with Corporal Abdul Henderson and his experiences in Iraq and a very funny segment with Arab-American comedians doing routines about the "War on Terror" and how they are persecuted on a daily basis.

Fahrenheit 9/11 is an incendiary zeitgeist movie that taps right into what is currently happening on our political landscape. It is an angry blast, a howling protest movie against a Presidency clearly out of touch with what is really going on. It is a brilliant film for these troubled times and is what every American, be they Democrat, Republican or undecided, should see before they vote in November.

A movie every American should see before they vote!,
October 5, 2004
Reviewer: Snark Out Boy (United States)

Based on customer purchases, this is the #1 Early Adopter Product in DVD. - "Free 'Fahrenheit 9/11' showing in Prineville" "October 3 - There will be a free showing of Fahrenheit 9/11 on Sunday, October 10th, at 7 PM in the Broughton Room of the Crook County Library. The movie considers the presidency of George W. Bush and where it has led us. It looks at how and why Bush and his inner circle avoided pursuing the Saudi connection to 9/11, despite the fact that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis and Saudi money had funded Al Qaeda."

'Fahrenheit 9/11' stuck with censors

'Fahrenheit 9/11' stuck with censors: "'Fahrenheit 9/11', a documentary film on US President George W Bush in the wake of the tragic events of September 11, is still awaiting clearance by the Censor Board in India.
The film by Oscar-winning film maker Michael Moore looks into the reasons why Bush and his inner circle avoided pursuing the Saudi connection to the September 11 tragedy that rocked the United States.
'We were planning to release the film on October 15 in India and had sent the movie to the Censor Board, however, we were orally informed that the film has been referred to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, ' a Paramount Films spokesman, which is handling the release of the film in India, said.
'They have not so far stated the exact reasons or objections to the film, hence, we are still waiting for communication from the ministry', he said. However, according to the regional officer of the Censor Board, Y N Engineer, 'The film has not been sent for referral to the ministry but has been kept aside for review again by a revising committee.'
'The film is controversial in nature and hence we want it to be reviewed again. We are just being very cautious about it', he said."

The Oracle - Moore says stand up to Bush

The Oracle - Moore says stand up to Bush: "Using his humor and sarcasm to convey messages on a subject that is everything but humorous, Michael Moore said his goal is to get American people to vote President George W. Bush out of office.
Moore's visit to the USF Sun Dome on Sunday was part of his 60-city swing-state tour. Calling it his 'Slacker Uprising Tour,' Moore was making an effort to get millions of traditional non-voters to vote on Nov. 2. Moore's goal is to see that over 56 percent of eligible voters participate in this election, which has not happened since 1968.
'We should all be in church today. That's where we'll need to be if we get four more years of Bush,' Moore said.
Even though he does not think Kerry is the best candidate for office, he urges people to vote for Kerry just to get Bush out of office. "

By Lateefa Morehouse
Staff Writer : Books + Films : Will They Ever Trust Us Again? "Hello MR Moore my name is SPC Christopher Britt and i can care less who knows my name so use this if u would like i was in iraq for 15 months because of a oil wanting president sorry MR Moore but i have to tell u something a friend of mine got a copy of your movie off the internet and showed it to me and now im really pissed about being in iraq everyone where i am at in Germany has seen your movie now that disk has gone from room to room and im sorry i kinda made sure it did so if u want 20 bucks for it ill send it to ya but the thing is we cant see it here are post wont show it and it is in german i think at the movies in germany so what can we do but i can tell u bush might have a problem cause we are a bunch of pissed off Joes and i think most of the army is we feel used we are tired of seeing friends die and... "

More Soldier Letters...
Too many to fit in one book...
(an online companion)

Michael : Gainesville, Florida

Michael : Mike's Message : Messages: "P.P.S. Last night, we set a tour record with 12,000 in attendance in Gainesville, Florida -- and 2,000 more who couldn't get inside! You can see some pix here and check in on my occasional blog. Sixteen cities so far, mostly in Michigan and Florida, and only 44 stops to go! See ya tomorrow in Pennsylvania! (And tomorrow I will write you about a new hardcover book I am releasing this week, a book I also hope will help swing this election.)" - Mike's Latest News

Michael : "Fahrenheit 9/11" Out On Home Video/DVD Today! Pass it Around...

Michael : Mike's Message : Messages: "Dear Friends,
Today's the day! You can now own your own copy of 'Fahrenheit 9/11.' Or, you can rent it. It is now available in thousands of stores across the country for you to take into your possession and use as your own personal weapon of George Bush's mass defeat. You can also just have a nice movie night at home with the kids.

Nothing would make me happier than to have you share it with everyone you know. All surveys have shown that, the more people who see it -- especially those still sitting on the fence -- the more likely we will have regime change come November 2nd. As the critic from the New York Times wrote, 'Mr. Bush is under no obligation to answer Mr. Moore's charges, but he will have to answer to Mrs. Lipscomb.' In other words, it is impossible for any good American with a heart and a conscience to survive a viewing of 'Fahrenheit 9/11' and not be profoundly moved by the grief of the mother from Flint who lost her son, Michael, in Iraq. What do we say to her when she asks us what exactly was it that her son died for? Mr. Bush can't tell her the real reason because the truth is so appalling that, if we were to stop and consider the true level of his deceit, it might cause more than just his defeat in November. They used to hold trials for crimes like his and Cheney's and Rumsfeld's and Wolfowitz's."

BBC NEWS | DVD review: Fahrenheit 9/11

BBC NEWS | DVD review: Fahrenheit 9/11: "In cinemas, Fahrenheit 9/11 broke records and arguably became more of a force in US politics than any previous documentary film.

Now, it comes to a wider audience on DVD, during the last weeks before the 2004 US Presidential election.
While the release date comes as no surprise, what is unexpected is just how irritating the film can be.

Fahrenheit 9/11 undoubtedly makes good points and highlights interesting facts, but film-maker Michael Moore is the one reason why it may never have quite the impact it perhaps should have.

Moore delivers a sing-song narration full of simplistic language such as 'I guess you know where this is heading...', 'I don't know about you, but...' and 'Who's your daddy?'

Click here to send your views on the DVD

With Michael Moore narrating almost every moment of the film, an audio commentary was never going to be very likely.

It has been done before, though, so as confusing as a director talking over his own narration can be, it's a shame Moore didn't try it here: it would be interesting to hear him explain why he chose the footage or the effects or the interviewees that he did.

Instead, the overall effect of the extras is that they are back-slapping: some directly praise Moore and others show more people agreeing with him.

By William Gallagher
BBC News Online Michael Moore causes stir at UF "The Stephen C. O'Connell center recently played host to one of the most controversial speakers in the world.

Film maker Michael Moore gave a speech last night to a packed O'Connell center with much applause. Moore was in Gainesville to help promote his slacker uprising tour on college campuses across the nation.

Moore says he has been well recieved at most of the schools he has visited thus far.

The U-F speaking group, Accent brought Moore to the O'Connell center for 50-thousand dollars."

Monday, October 04, 2004

Vote for Change concerts lure everyone from Granholm to a few Republicans

When rocker Jackson Browne first heard about the Vote for Change concerts, he said, "Well, this is a great opportunity to find out how many political songs people can take in a row."
Apparently a lot.

Enthusiastic crowds packed six major concert venues Sunday, cheering big-name musicians who descended on Michigan to raise money for America Coming Together, a political-action committee mobilizing voters against President Bush.

The unprecedented bonding of performers and politics is estimated to have grossed more than $2 million in Michigan alone. Costs for staging the concerts will be taken out, but musicians ranging from everyman rocker Bruce Springsteen to blueswoman Bonnie Raitt donated their time.

The 37-show concert tour will appear in 11 battleground states between Sept. 26 and Oct. 11. Tickets, mostly in the $50 range, count as federal political contributions.

The evening held some celebrity surprises. Rocker Neil Young, sporting a T-shirt emblazoned with "Canadians for Kerry," made unexpected appearances at the Dave Matthews Band concert at the Palace at Auburn Hills and at the Dixie Chicks/James Taylor concert at the Fox Theatre in Detroit. Actor-musician Tim Robbins ("Mystic River," "Shawshank Redemption") helped register voters and opened the Pearl Jam/Death Cab for Cutie show with his band, Gob Roberts in Grand Rapids. And the Dixie Chicks scurried from their Fox Theatre gig to Cobo Hall to join Springsteen and REM for the evening's final song, "People Have the Power."
Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm was at Cobo Arena to see the show.

By Meegan Holland
Booth Newspapers

Michael : Photo Blog

Michael : Mike's Message : Mike's Latest News: "Conway, Arkansas...
University of Central Arkansas, Reynolds Performance Center"

Mike offers clean underwear to a college student
who registered to vote at the event.

Tampa, Florida...
University of South Florida, The Sun Dome


Unfortunately, Mike’s photo blog is NOT in blog format. It is simply one long and growing by the hour page.

Hopefully, a MM web team member will stop publishing this daily digital bit stream and create a searchable, RSS compatible multimedia blog.

Using Blogger, it would take about 15 minutes.

A blogger photo blog could be updated with photos, audio and video from cell phones, digital cameras and Pocket/Laptop PCs.

N.H. News briefs: Political Film Fest

N.H. News briefs: "HOPKINTON, N.H. (AP) — In this town, the presidential ballot could be won or lost at the movies.

A Democrat’s plan to air movies including Michael Moore’s "Fahrenheit 9/11" on Friday nights led to a GOP plan to air pro-Republican movies on Saturdays.

It started when Dr. Elizabeth Sanders asked selectmen if she could use the Town Hall for six pro-Democratic films, leading up to Election Day. She got their approval earlier this week.

The town Republican Committee responded by asking to use the Town Hall on Saturday nights. Their film fest plans include "Celsius 41:11: The Temperature at Which the Brain Begins to Die," a conservative answer to Moore’s film.

But Sanders lost permission to show the pro-Democrat films when selectmen realized she wasn’t representing the town’s Democratic Committee. Only groups — not individuals — can use the Town Hall, and the Hopkinton Democrats were afraid the film fest would alienate undecided voters.

Sanders is still looking for a group to sponsor the movies at Town Hall. Meanwhile, the first movie aired Friday at a barn in Contoocook.

Today is last day to register to vote in Indiana

Today is the deadline in Indiana to register to vote in the Nov. 2 election.

To register, you must be a U.S. citizen, not currently in prison and at least 18 years old by Election Day.

Registration forms are available from your county clerk, county Board of Voter Registration, Bureau of Motor Vehicles offices, public libraries and township trustees' offices. You also can go online at for Marion County.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Michael Moore's Blog: The Clock to November 2nd Keeps on A-Tickin'

Michael Moore's Blog: The Clock to November 2nd Keeps on A-Tickin�: "Hello, my long lost blog. It’s the first time since Elk Rapids that I’ve had a minute to write. Doing two cities a day is not wise for one in need of just one night of sleep, real sleep. But what else am I to do? What else can any of us do at this point? The clock to November 2nd keeps on a-tickin’.

I have just left Tampa after doing four cities in Florida this weekend. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, were registered to vote. Jacksonville on Friday night was like a party; complete with a DJ who would start up some Black Eyed Peas every time I said something that made the audience start to clap. I was introduced by Congresswoman Corinne Brown, one of the members of Congress in F911 who was not allowed to speak when the Florida vote was being certified. There were nearly 3,000 people outdoors in the park in the oppressive Florida heat. A lone protester kept shouting “Go back to Michigan!” I assumed he was a fellow Michigander who knew all too well that I would never survive the humidity.

Saturday, I did an outdoor rally on the campus of the University of Central Florida in Orlando. About 5,000 stood out in the sun with me as we all had a good laugh over the debate from Thursday night. Poor Bush, he sure loves Poland. And “hard work.” He said so about a dozen times. Howard Fineman put it best when he said that Bush showed up with 35 minutes worth of material for a 90-minute debate. He had three lines he just kept repeating over and over. That might work with a gym full of dittoheads who would slurp up any ol’ gibberish he might shovel to them like a broken record, but that crow don’t fly when you have to talk to the majority of the American people. We are smarter than you. Those weird reaction shots from Bush were priceless – especially the Three Stooges double takes when he was confused by the clear and complete sentences Kerry was reciting. And what was that moment where he blurted out “LET ME FINISH!” when he was in the middle of saying something – and NO ONE had said anything to cut him off?! Bizarre.

Saturday night was spent in a beautiful auditorium a few blocks down the street from Jeb’s house in Tallahassee. Standing room only – with hundreds forced to listen to it outdoors over a loudspeaker. The same stage I spoke on two weeks before the 2000 election. (See Tallahassee Hi-Ho in Stupid White Men) This might have been the most energized crowd of the tour (or at least a tie with Central Michigan University). Here, at the scene of The Crime, the crime victims from November 2000 are angrily seeking restitution.
Someone says the Secretary of State down the street is threatening to toss out all voter registration forms that have been filled out in blue ink! The people around me are ready to march down to his office and burn it down. I tell them that that would mean all the voter rolls would go up in flames, too. Calmer heads prevail. But I promise to push the media to cover this story and find out if it is true and if it is, to raise holy hell.

I feel good about Michigan in this election, just as long as the publicly-stated Republican Party plan to “depress the Detroit vote” (read: stop black people from voting) doesn’t succeed. C’mon, we got a Canadian-born woman for governor and another liberal woman as our junior senator, plus Senator Carl Levin, the world champion Pistons, the White Stripes AND Eminem (photo) – how can we go wrong?

t r u t h o u t - Frank Rich | Now on DVD: The Passion of the Bush

t r u t h o u t - Frank Rich | Now on DVD: The Passion of the Bush: "You can run but you can't hide: Oct. 5 will bring the perfect storm in this year's culture wars. It's on that strategically chosen date, four Tuesdays before the election, that the DVD of "Fahrenheit 9/11" will be released along with not one but two new Michael Moore books. It's also the release date of the equally self-effacing Ann Coulter's latest rant, of a new DVD documentary, "Horns and Halos," that revisits the Bush mystery year of 1972, and of an R.E.M. album, "Around the Sun," that gets in its own political licks at the state of the nation.

When Dick Cheney and John Edwards debate in Cleveland that night, Bruce Springsteen will be barnstorming in another swing state, as the Vote for Change tour hits St. Paul. All that's needed to make the day complete is a smackdown between Kinky Friedman and Teresa Heinz Kerry on "Imus in the Morning."

Of the many cultural grenades being tossed that day, though, the one must-see is "George W. Bush: Faith in the White House," a DVD that is being specifically marketed in "head to head" partisan opposition to "Fahrenheit 9/11." This documentary first surfaced at the Republican convention in New York, where it was previewed in tandem with an invitation-only, no-press-allowed "Family, Faith and Freedom Rally," a Ralph Reed-Sam Brownback jamboree thrown by the Bush campaign for Christian conservatives. Though you can buy the DVD for $14.95, its makers told the right-wing news service that they plan to distribute 300,000 copies to America's churches. And no wonder. This movie aspires to be "The Passion of the Bush," and it succeeds.

By Frank Rich
The New York Times

CBS, NBC and ABC all refused Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD Ads - Independent Media TV

CBS, NBC and ABC all refused Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD Ads - Independent Media TV: "ON ANY GIVEN DAY, the major TV networks rarely demonstrate good judgment, much less morality, when it comes to accepting a litany of nauseating advertisements. Hemorrhoid creams. Vaginal ointments. Erectile dysfunction. Army recruiting ads that portray war as a gee-whiz video game. KFC’s claim that fried chicken is the new health food. And, lest we forget, Bud Light’s farting horse during the Super Bowl.
But ads for the October 5 release of the new Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD?

Now that makes Big Media gag.

L.A. Weekly has learned that CBS, NBC and ABC all refused Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD advertising during any of the networks’ news programming. Executives at Sony Pictures, the distributor of the movie for the home-entertainment market, were stunned. And even more shocked when the three networks explained why.

“They said explicitly they were reluctant because of the closeness of the release to the election. All three networks said no,” one Sony insider explains. “It was certainly a judgment that Sony disagrees with and is in the process of protesting.”

And protest Sony did. (Michael Lynton, the onetime Pearson publishing executive who is now chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment, has privately told people he hasn’t seen anything like this since his Penguin Group published Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses.) What especially galled the Sony suits was this: The networks had no problem having the DVD ads appear on their entertainment shows so long as the guidelines for R-rated content like Fahrenheit 9/11 were followed. However, Sony executives told L.A. Weekly they wanted only to market the movie’s DVD on CBS’s, NBC’s and ABC’s news shows. “But all three networks said no to straight news,” one Sony exec explained. “Then, suddenly, the networks were extending the definition of news programming to include the news magazines and the morning news shows and restricting access to those as well. That becomes very problematic to any advertiser trying to reach an adult audience.”

By: Nikki Finke
LA Weekly

New York Daily News - DVD Digest: Bush's bogey

New York Daily News - DVD Digest: Bush's bogey: "Fahrenheit 9/11,' Michael Moore's anti-Bush, anti-war op-ed movie, is Tuesday's big DVD release (Columbia TriStar, 122 mins., R, $28.95) and the John Kerry camp is probably pleased about that.
The documentary - poignant, funny and disturbing - follows the President's progress from his disputed 2000 election victory through his handling of the Sept. 11 attacks and launching of the war in Iraq. It was timely when it had its debut at May's Cannes Film Festival (where it won the top prize) and is even more so now.
The DVD extras are few but worthwhile: a montage on the movie's reception (with praise from Cannes jury president Quentin Tarantino, among others); a deleted sequence of G.I.s raiding an Iraqi home; war mom Lila Lipscomb's appearance at a 'Fahrenheit' premiere; a segment about Arab-American comedians; National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice's testimony before the 9/11 Commission; President Bush emerging from an unrecorded, untranscribed three-hour 'meeting' with the commission."

Michael : Mike's Photo Blog

Michael Moore.comUnder the heading of, "Mike's Latest News", there is now an up-to-date photo blog.

Syracuse, New York...
Syracuse University, Carrier Dome
Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004

Detroit, Michigan...
Wayne State University, Gullen Mall
Wednesday, September 29th, 2004

Moore tickets going fast

Moore tickets going fast: "Growing controversy over liberal filmmaker Michael Moore's national pre-election campus tour hasn't dampened interest at the University of Arizona, where he is slated to appear Oct. 11.

Although two universities recently canceled Moore appearances and alumni have threatened to withhold donations at a third, Associated Students of the University of Arizona reports that tickets to Moore's McKale Center speech are selling briskly. Student body President Alistair Chapman, 22, of Gilbert, said it is part of a series of activities planned earlier this year to engage students in civic life.

'It has been controversial to a degree, but that was expected,' Chapman said. 'We're doing it as part of a political speakers' series, and all ideologies are represented.' "

Pat Flannery
The Arizona Republic

Stars sing Democrat's praises in Ohio concerts, appearances

Stars sing Democrat's praises in Ohio concerts, appearances: "Rekindling the spirit of the 1960s anti-war movement and the 'No Nukes' benefits a decade later, Bruce Springsteen, R.E.M., the Dixie Chicks and James Taylor headlined two simultaneous concerts in Cleveland Saturday night, calling on their fans to support Democrat John Kerry and oust President Bush in November.
'We want to thank you for coming out to show your support and raise your voice for a change in the direction of the country,' Springsteen said to open the show before a capacity crowd at Gund Arena.
The concerts were the highlight of a day that blended politics and celebrity all over the state with Hollywood stars flipping pancakes for union workers, and with the real president nearly crossing paths with an actor who plays one on TV.

The Cleveland concerts coincided with four other "Vote for Change" concerts around Ohio Saturday to raise money for America Coming Together, an independent but Democrat-friendly political organization. The concerts, which head to Michigan today, feature musicians who have been critical of Bush and the war in Iraq, including Pearl Jam, the Dave Matthews Band, John Mellencamp, Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt.

Security at Gund Arena was tight, with long lines for ticketholders. Jann Wenner, the longtime editor and publisher of Rolling Stone magazine, was detained for five minutes before he was allowed backstage.

Though the concerts were not officially affiliated with the Kerry campaign, Kerry supporters handed out pamphlets at the Gund and the State Theatre at Playhouse Square, where the Dixie Chicks and James Taylor played before about 3,000 fans."

Scott Hiaasen
Plain Dealer Reporter