Saturday, July 17, 2004

The Joplin Globe: 'Fahrenheit 9/11' to make late arrival in Joplin

The Joplin Globe - Online Edition: "Movie hits Northstar 14 theaters July 23

Almost a month after it was released, Michael Moore's controversial documentary 'Fahrenheit 9/11' will play to Joplin movie-theater audiences.

Beginning Friday, July 23, 'Fahrenheit 9/11' will begin playing at Hollywood Theater's Northstar 14 in Joplin and Carthage resident Jean Blackwood said she's happy to see it finally arrive.

Blackwood sent a petition in early June with the names of over 60 local residents who wanted to see the movie open in Joplin to Northstar 14 and its parent company Wallace Theaters.

'I'm glad they're finally showing it,' Blackwood said. 'It will give many more people an opportunity to go see it, especially the younger people. It will make the people who signed the petition happy. '

Aaron Eidson, an assistant manager for Northstar 14, said he expects that there might be some complaints over the movie coming to Joplin, considering that he dealt with customers angry about the film even before it was scheduled to show at the theater.

'I had a lady call about a week ago who said she and a group of about 40 others wouldn't come to the theater again if we had the movie play,' Eidson said. "

Jeremiah Tucker
Globe Staff Writer

The Hawk Eye Newspaper: 'Fahrenheit 9/11' exercise in 'bare fact'

The Hawk Eye Newspaper: "The first 90 minutes of 'Fahrenheit 9/11' should be required viewing in America.
Michael Moore's documentary - style story of the events leading up to and beyond the U.S. invasion of Iraq is controversial only because George W. Bush and his gang are portrayed as buffoons and liars.
Don't worry - the Democrats don't look any better.
'9/11' is not a documentary, but then again it is. Moore's left�handed comic relief vignettes � Bush and the boys in a spoof the 'Bonanza' intro, clips from 'Dragnet,' Moore reading the Patriot Act over an ice cream truck loudspeaker � deny objectivity. Then again, he isn't trying to be impartial; he feels cheated by the Bush administration.
Moore's message is that the real war on terror is waged upon the American people.
'9/11' isn't a documentary because the editing is sloppy in places for effect of a loose, non-Hollywood cut. Then again, the story wasn't scripted for the camera and there are no paid professional actors ... unless you want to include Moore, who can't act, and Bush, who's Hamlet at times and at others seems so overwhelmed by his role that he blows his lines. "

for The Hawk Eye - AP Washington : 40 in Pa. GOP See 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Free - AP Washington: "LEWISBURG, Pa. -- Maurice Brubaker probably wouldn't have gone to see 'Fahrenheit 9/11' on his own. After all, he's the chairman of the Bush/Cheney campaign team in Union County.

But Brubaker found the offer at the Campus Theatre too good to pass up.

Brubaker was one of 40 Republicans to take advantage of the theater's offer of free admission Saturday. One Republican insisted on buying his own ticket.

'Part of me wishes that we would have sold out the theater,' said Eric Faden, executive director of the nonprofit theater, who paid for the Republicans' tickets. 'But this is what we wanted -- we wanted people from all sides to see the movie so that there would be an informed debate.'

That's why Brubaker came -- and he didn't like what he saw.

Despite Faden's effort, Republicans who've seen 'Fahrenheit 9/11" will probably remain a minority. A CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll conducted July 8-11 found that only 4 percent of Republicans surveyed had seen the movie, compared with 10 percent of Democrats and independents. What's more, almost two-thirds of Republicans said they didn't want to see the movie."

Associated Press Writer - News - Teenager Surprised by Harsh Letter from Madison County Attorney - News - Teenager Surprised by Harsh Letter from Madison County Attorney: "A Madison County teenager trying to raise money to attend the Republican National Convention says he was 'shocked' at the reply he received from the Madison County Attorney.

Greg Baker has an opportunity to attend the GOP convention in New York City next month as a delegate. But he needs to raise $1,800 to pay his way to New York. He's selling cookies this week at the county fair in Winterset. Baker also sent out a fund-raising letter asking for help.
'I was shocked at first,' says Baker about the reply he received from County Attorney Martin Ramsey. Ramsey, a Democrat, responded with a hand-written note that said much more than 'no'. Among other things, his letter said 'Good luck with your fund-raiser. I think my money would be better spent purchasing tickets to Michael Moore's Farenheit 9/11.' The letter went on to say, 'I do not share your enthusiasm for your president and his gang.' And, since Ramsey is a Democrat, he wrote that asking for his financial help 'is very similar to asking me for a book of matches because you are going to a cross burning.'

Baker, the teen-ager, told KCCI, 'I'm not going for the Republican cause, even though I'm a Republican. I'm going for the experience.'"


INDUSTRY BUZZ: 'Fahrenheit 9/11' outgrossed 'Spider-Man 2' in 30 theaters

INDUSTRY BUZZ: "Michael Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11' outgrossed 'Spider-Man 2' in 30 theaters around the country. And 'Fahrenheit's' $21 million opening weekend outdid the entire nine-month run of Moore's 2002 'Bowling for Columbine' to become the top-grossing documentary of all time. It also scored the highest opening ever for a release on fewer than 1,000 screens, surpassing 1982's 'Rocky III.' And it became the first film released on fewer than 1,000 screens to open at No. 1 since 1994's 'Four Weddings and a Funeral.' So far this year, only 'The Passion of the Christ' and 'Shrek 2' have packed houses more densely. 'Fahrenheit's' 868 screens pulled in an average $27,558 per theater.

Co-distributor Lions Gate Films reports that 'Fahrenheit' struck an especially strong chord in San Francisco. The Bay Area is the third largest market for the film, contributing 7 percent of 'Fahrenheit's' nationwide total revenue. "

France Draws The Line According To Aesthetic Criteria

In France, there’s not much controversy going on about the facts. But, unlike in America where Chomsky supports Moore, the divorce is total between mainstream movie magazines columnists and intellectual far left cinema lovers. At Cannes, Godard (without even having seen Fahrenheit 9/11) launched the snobbish hostilities by lashing out at Moore at a press conference, calling him "halfway intelligent", and unfavourably comparing still unseen F911 to the work of American documentarian Frederick Wiseman. "It's like two different worlds," Godard said. He went on emphasizing how Moore's film was an ineffectual piece of work : "He's not even hurting Bush," Godard said. "He's helping him in an underground way. “ When you see the movie is on the brink to make it to the $100 million dollar gross, and so many people telling about their change of heart, the least one can say is that so far, Godard has been proved disastrously wrong !

But this didn’t prevent far left cinema aficionados from sticking to Godard’s viewpoint : they’re annoyed by what they call Moore’s lack of subtlety. ("Moore doesn't distinguish between text and image," Godard argued. "He doesn't know what he's doing." ). While Premiere and Studio Magazine (mainstream) look up to the documentarian’s skills, Les Inrockuptibles and Les Cahiers du Cinema (elite) deny them, while Politis openly expresses contempt. All of them failing to see any difference between “popular” and “populist”.


For lack of reasoning or arguing, Moore calls out on his audience on a merely affective basis, with a peculiar ability to raise laughs or cries.


The machinery, brilliantly perfected during his previous movies, crushes everything standing in its way, leaving no rest to the fickle, unsubstantial lackey media, more than it does to any member of the powers that be.


A misfired lampoon, “Fahrenheit 9/11” looks like a very poor western : the staging of a duel between two cow-boy caricatures.


What are you mainly left with by such an assemblage ? Roughly, a feeling of extreme laziness and approximation.

POLITIS (the most typical)

Michael Moore speeds along his usual loutish American way : he shrinks from no trick, no tear, no corpse, no smooth operating to “kill” his enemy. Of course, “Fahrenheit 9/11” is likely to give spice to the presidential election campaign and to undermine Bush’s position. Two reasons for being pleased. The possibility of the mere shooting of a movie about the President in charge by a witness for prosecution can also be questioned. Not sure at all it could see the light of day.

Only trouble is, this movie claims to be a piece of cinema, and from this point of view, Michael Moore’s stage-craft is exactly the same as TF1’s, or more precisely Fox News, the mightiest pro-Bush TV channel, for an ideologically contrary purpose : a self-indulgent editing, complacent music, cheap effects. Moore’s cinema is to documentary what Yves Boisset’s is to fiction. And I wonder whether I’m not being too harsh on Yves Boisset. Did Moore ever see anything by Pasolini or Wiseman, both more disturbing and subversive filmmakers than him since their outlook is so much more complex than his ?

New Zealand News - World - Coming of the anti-Bush

New Zealand News - World - Coming of the anti-Bush: "GRAHAM REID unravels the complex political environment of Michael Moore's controversial documentary.
Michael Moore's controversial documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 - being shown in Auckland to a sold-out film festival audience on Tuesday - makes no secret of being an anti-Bush polemic intended to sway voters in the forthcoming American election.
He's not the first film-maker to try to persuade the American electorate. PT109 - the bio-flick of the wartime heroics of a young John F. Kennedy aboard a Navy patrol boat off the Solomon Islands - arrived in cinemas while Kennedy was in the White House in early 1963, giving him a good lead-in for the 1964 election.
Assassination bullets mean we will never know how effective it might have been as political leverage, but it couldn't have harmed his electoral chances for Kennedy to be seen supporting and towing his 10 surviving crew members to safety after their boat was rammed by a Japanese destroyer.

But they were just movies; Moore and his documentaries have become so much more. Lena Cohen, a 22-year-old Democrat, was asked in the Village Voice exit poll whether she had learned anything new from Fahrenheit 9/11. She said she hadn't, and while she didn't think Moore was honest or straight, he was brilliant.

"He knows the power of image and cinema. Even though I hate Bush, I thought doing this on Bush is easy ... I saw 200 people come out of the theatre shocked. People couldn't talk. He's using shocking images.

"A lot of Americans' minds will be changed. Moore is dangerous."

* Fahrenheit 9/11 opens for general release on Thursday, July 29."

Friday, July 16, 2004

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL : 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Has Recruited Unlikely Audience: U.S. Soldiers

Michael : Mike's Message : Mike's Latest News: "FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. -- John Atkins isn't the sort of person one would expect to find crowding into the Cameo Theatre here to see Michael Moore's ' Fahrenheit 9/11.'
The 26-year-old U.S. Army machine gunner from Fort Bragg voted for President Bush. A graduate of the University of Colorado-Boulder, he enlisted last year 'to serve my country' and expects to go to Iraq later in 2004.
'That was pretty thought-provoking,' Spec. Atkins says after a showing of Mr. Moore's documentary. 'I guess I'm a little disillusioned. I've got a lot more questions than answers now.'
Every day since 'Fahrenheit 9/11' opened here more than two weeks ago, military men and women have swarmed to the 125-seat Cameo. 'Everyone thinks the military is so staunchly Republican,' says Staff Sgt. Brandon Leetch, a military-intelligence specialist who spent time in Afghanistan. 'What this shows,' he says, looking around the theater before the movie, 'is that we're not all the same.'
Although a nearby suburban multiplex has started screening 'Fahrenheit 9/11 ,' too, on two screens -- meaning Fayetteville residents have their pick of 10 shows a day -- most of the tens of thousands of troops living in the area probably won't see the film. But soldiers and their families make up well over half of each audience at the Cameo, cinema owner Nasim Keunzel estimates. "


The Winchester Star-�Fahrenheit 9/11� Comes to Town

The Winchester Star-Fahrenheit 9/11 Comes to Town: "Michael Moore took 112 minutes to state his case that President Bush not only stole the 2000 election, but missed warnings about the Sept. 11 terror attacks, bungled the Afghanistan invasion, and duped the American public into the Iraq war.

The two dozen or so viewers who saw “Fahrenheit 9/11” at its opening showing in Winchester Friday were on his side before the trailers even rolled.

Audience members at Carmike Center Cinemas laughed when the president bumbled his syntax and they trembled at the scenes of pain and death, both in New York from 2001 and in Iraq from the past 15

They were with Moore all the way.

“He milks a point very, very well,” Berryville resident Jeff Sabri said outside the theater at 601 E. Jubal
Early Drive. “It was pretty much what I expected.”

Lyndee Nelms of Berryville went to the first showing of Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11” at Winchester’s Carmike Center Cinemas Friday afternoon.
(Photo by Rick Foster)

By Andrew Martel
The Winchester Star

NPR : 'The Corporation' Puts Firms on the Couch (Morning Edition Audio)

NPR : 'The Corporation' Puts Firms on the Couch: "The new documentary The Corporation, which won an audience award at the Sundance Film Festival, takes a humorous approach to questioning the power multinational firms wield across the globe. The film analyzes corporations as if they were persons, and concludes most act like psychopaths. Los Angeles Times film critic Kenneth Turan has a review."

Summer is seen in Web use - 2004-07-16 - Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal

Summer is seen in Web use - 2004-07-16 - Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal: "In total, 1.3 million people visited Web sites about 'Fahrenheit' and sites to buy tickets to its showing. 'Spider-Man 2' also contributed to an overall 12 percent increase in traffic to movie ticket-selling sites. "

Kauai Garden Island News : 'Fahrenheit 9/11' used to lure and register young voters

Kauai Garden Island News: "Kaua'i Democrats are using the docu-drama film 'Fahrenheit 9/11' to lure and register young voters.
Kaua‘i party chair Martin Rice said North Shore Democrats, the Democratic Party of Kaua‘i and Damon Marc, operator of the Kilauea Theatre, are offering a special $1 ticket deal for young adults wishing to view the Michael Moore film that bashes President George Bush.

To qualify for the $1 tickets, movie-goers must be residents of Hawai‘i who will be 18 by election day but who are not over 25.

The balance of the ticket is to be paid for by the North Shore Democrats and the Democratic Party of Kaua‘i. Voter-registration tables are being placed at the theater in cooperation with the Democratic Party.

Leaders of the local party are also holding a reception after the movie. The special, one-time showing is set for 8 p.m. tomorrow, Tuesday, July 13.

Marc said the event is costing about $1,900. Marc held the Kaua‘i premiere of the film on July 2, and worked with KKCR-FM radio to kick off a voter-registration drive tied in to the showing."

Chris Cook
Kauai Garden

Democratic Party of Hawai'i

TNS: Police arrest, move voter registration volunteers at Fahrenheit 9-11

TNS: Police arrest, move voter registration volunteers at Fahrenheit 9-11: "With the release of Michael Moore�s polemic, Fahrenheit 9-11 movie theaters across the country have been faced with an uncommon sight -- volunteers walking the grounds and setting up tables in an effort to register filmgoers to vote. In most places, such efforts have gone off without a hitch, but in a few places civic-minded volunteers have run afoul of cinema managers and the law.

At a theatre in Porterville, California a group of volunteers who were registering people to vote was forced to move off the property of the Galaxy 9 theater, which is housed in a privately owned shopping center. Though a 1980 US Supreme Court Ruling affirmed that free-speech rights must be granted in private shopping centers because they are quasi-public areas, the group was moved across the street from the theater."

by Brendan Coyne
The NewStandard

Review: Inside look at Al-Jazeera remains relatively objective

Arriving on the heels of Fahrenheit 9/11, Jehane Noujaim's Control Room both suffers and gains from the inevitable comparisons. It suffers by being less aggressively entertaining than Michael Moore's anti-Bush current events lesson, but it gains from its relatively objective view of the media machine in the Middle East, even as an ability to remain objective is called into question.
The documentary was begun as a look at the inner workings of Al-Jazeera, the controversial Qatar-based satellite news service with an audience of 40 million. Depending on whom you ask, the network is either the prime news source for the diverse Arab world or, as Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld put it, "Osama Bin Laden's mouthpiece."

Egyptian-born, Harvard-educated Noujaim, who directed and produced, was granted remarkable access to the inner workings of Al-Jazeera and its editorial staff. There she finds that their efforts at factual reporting in such a volatile, partisan situation as the Iraqi war is as successful, and as fallible, as that of Western news networks.

Having had our skepticism honed by some of the excesses of Fahrenheit 9/11, moviegoers at Control Room should be well-attuned to the art of news spin. They will certainly find it in the output of Al-Jazeera, which emphasizes footage of Arab civilian and child war fatalities, as well as the nearby Central Command, the official United States military's media operations, which has its own version of events.  

By Hap Erstein
Palm Beach Post Film Writer :statements challenging the veracity of Fox News’ attacks on "Outfoxed" whistleblowers

Yahoo! Mail - A variety of statements have emerged challenging the veracity of Fox News’ attacks on the whistleblowers in Robert Greenwald’s new documentary “Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism.”

As an example,, an anonymous web site profiled in the New York Times as a place where journalists and others have gone to blow the whistle on journalistic gaffes, posted a statement on Wednesday from a current Fox employee, supporting the whistleblowers’ claims.

Below, please find statements from the anonymous current Fox News employee and two former Fox employees who appeared in Greenwald’s film:

Statement by Anonymous Current Fox Employee

(as found of

There are many talented, hard-working people at FNC. Their politics span the spectrum, just as you might expect at any workplace. Everyone's different.

...Let me say for the record that all the prime time shows are NOT straight news programs. These are all host-driven shows, and no matter the politics espoused, I have absolutely no problem whatsoever with them. Hosts have opinions and are free to express them...

The real problem at FNC is the straight news coverage where politics are concerned. FNC always touts the fact that they have lots of Democrats on the network. That's true. But, and this is a huge BUT, Democrats are consistently challenged by the anchors of the daytime news shows, while Republicans are almost always given a pass in the form of a softball interview. That's fair?

The true journalists here, be them on-air or news gatherers, want EVERYONE challenged, not just Democrats. But that's not the Fox News way.

I can't stress how important that distinction is in news reporting. David Asman does it, Jon Scott does it, Linda Vester does it, and on, and on, and on. Let the GOP off easy, and pound the Democrat du jour. And let me ask, can anyone on this planet say with a straight face that "Fox and Friends" is anything but a Pro-Bush/Anti-Kerry show Seriously!

Maybe all of us who do disagree with how news is presented here at FNC should stand on principle and leave. Some high profile people have. Catherine Crier, a Republican judge, no less, couldn't stand the fact that management wanted her to keep pounding on the Monica Lewinsky story night after night on her show. She couldn't take it anymore, and found another home.

I read with interest the comments made by John Moody about people being free to email and/or call him about things they might disagree with. Let's be clear here. What John Moody says is the gospel here. There's no real dissent. He knows better than to suggest otherwise. FNC isn't run as a democracy, nor should it be. But to suggest that the on-air talent and producers are free to report the news as they see fit is disingenuous at best.

Finally, one of the things the rank and file absolutely cringe at is the way ex-employees or any detractors of FNC are treated by management. Nothing short of scorched-earth will do as far as slamming these individuals. It's really disgusting, and embarrassing for all of us. That can be laid right at Ailes' doorstep. He sets the tone for that kind of nonsense.


Statement by David Korb, Former Fox Employee

(as found of

Ouch! I and the other “ex-Foxies” in Outfoxed" had been wondering how and when Roger Ailes would launch his campaign to 'attack and destroy' those of us who participated in the production. In fact I fully expected that the personal note I emailed to [a FOX senior editor] last February would be 're-surfaced' by Fox management. Fact is, too, I wrote to [him], in some measure with tongue in cheek, to convey "no hard feelings."

(Indeed, while [he] and I don't share the same idea of "Fair and Balanced" journalism, I hold many of my former colleagues at Fox in the highest regard. Overall, they're a great bunch, and yes, I did look forward to working with them every day, and to the opportunity to try to bring some real journalism, fair and balanced, to Fox. Alas, a futile effort.) I never had any expectation of returning to Fox. I surely would not have done so. And I thought Gaffney would get the thinly veiled joke...

Attitude problem? Well, sure. I've been in the news business for more than 30 years, and I'd never seen anything quite like Fox. My commitment to traditional Journalistic principles occasionally did put me at odds with producers, who instructed writers to stay away from mention of dead American soldiers and Iraqi civilians and to keep the war coverage up-beat. Sorry for any headaches I might've caused, but while at Fox, my goal was to play it straight: I wrote, they decided how to rewrite...

Fox's attack is pretty transparent. It proves a central theme of "Outfoxed," that Ailes rules the newsroom by threat, intimidation, and bullying.


Statement by Clara Frenk, former Fox Employee

I'm disappointed but not surprised that Fox News Channel executives have tried to discredit those of us who came forward by referring to us as “former low level Fox employees.” Among the people interviewed were former bookers, producers, writers and on-air personalities for his film - in other words, the very people who got Fox's product on the air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If I were a currently employed by Fox in any of these capacities, I'd be pretty insulted that my job was being diminished by the company I worked for.

As for the allegation that I was only a booker and not a producer, this is just nonsense. My former colleague Geraldine O'Connell and I produced a segment that ran in the morning, Monday through Friday, called "Beltway Buzz". I was asked to log tape, go on stakeouts, and conduct interviews that were used in packages - all the work of a producer, not a booker. Furthermore, I was moved from one workspace to another in the Washington bureau to make way for the new booker they hired to replace me after I became a producer. California paper undertakes ambitious participatory journalism project California paper undertakes ambitious participatory journalism project: " The Bakersfield Californian has embarked on one of the most ambitious participatory journalism efforts to date in the United States, launching a community newspaper and Web site in which nearly all the articles and pictures are contributed for free by people in the community.

Since the first print edition of The Northwest Voice was launched May 13, more than 200 individuals have contributed articles, pictures and events, and revenue has grown 33 percent. In all, about 90 percent of the content on the Web site and in the newspaper is contributed by the community.

"In a world in which a growing number of readers are becoming publishers, we ignore this trend at our own peril," says Mary Lou Fulton, the publisher of The Northwest Voice and the New Product Development Manager for The Bakersfield Californian. "The open source model offers us a new way to connect with readers, to better understand their worries and joys, and to enable them to share some of themselves with the world. It gives readers a personal and emotional stake in our products, and I believe that is critical to the future of our industry."

By Jonathan Dube

ACME Whoopi! : Whoopi Fans Organize International Boycott

ACME Whoopi!: "By withdrawing Whoopi Goldberg's Slim-fast TV commercials, the Unilever consumer products conglomerate has made common cause with the radical right and George W. Bush. Their motives may be a corporate sympathy with the current administration or possibly, a bow to pressure from right-wing elements who took offence at Ms. Goldberg's recent anti-Bush remarks.

Don't Buy Unilever Products.
Progressives, Democrats and all those who value the principle of free speech should counter by refusing to support the Unilever corporation. Bush, Cheney and Ashcroft and their supporters are not alone in their ability to wield economic pressure. Unilever, an Anglo-Dutch company with subsidiaries in virtually every country around the world, is the manufacturer of the following products:

Bertolli Olive Oil
Best Foods Mayonnaise and 'Dijonnaise'
Bird's Eye frozen products
Dove soaps
Elizabeth Arden cosmetics
Hellman's Mayonnaise
Lipton Tea
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
Knorr products
Mentadent toothpaste
Slim-Fast diet products
Wisk detergents and liquid bleach

Tell Unilever we won't tolerate economic pressure against those who speak out against George W. Bush. E-mail Unilever. (You can use their consumer contact link at

Or call Unilever toll-free at 1-800-598-1223. "

Fan Forum - Find out what Whoopi fans are saying about this issue

Michael : Fahrenheit 9/11 Opens Today In Four Countries

Fahrenheit 9/11 Opens in Brazil (poster) July 23

Fahrenheit 9/11 smashes Irish records

Fahrenheit 9/11 smashes Irish records: "Michael Moore's controversial film 'Fahrenheit 9/11' has smashed Irish box office records, grossing at 338,339 in the first week of its release.
The film also claims the widest release for a documentary ever in Ireland, showing on 15 screens around the country. "

EURWEB: Headlines: WHOOPI GOLDBERG FIRED BY SLIM-FAST: They didn't like her lewd riff on Pres. Bush's name.

EURWEB: Headlines: "Slim-Fast has announced that she is history as far as being their spokesperson in light of her scathing send up of George W's last name at a fundraiser for the Democrats at Radio City Music Hall in New York.
'Ads featuring Ms. Goldberg will no longer be on the air,' Slim-Fast General Manager Terry Olson said in a statement, adding that the company regrets that Goldberg's remarks offended some customers.
Naturally, Republicans are too pissed and have expressed outrage over the fund-raiser last weekend for Democratic nominees John F. Kerry and John Edwards in which entertainers lined up to skewer the president.
Here's how the NY Post described what Whoopi did: 'Waving a bottle of wine, she fired off a stream of vulgar sexual wordplays on Bush's name in a riff about female genitalia.' "

"While I can appreciate what the Slim-Fast people need to do in order to protect their business, I must also do what I need to do as an artist, as a writer and as an American -- not to mention as a comic," Goldberg said in a statement Thursday. "It's unfortunate that, in this country, the two cannot mesh."

"America's heart and soul is freedom of expression without fear of reprisal," she said in a statement.

"I find all this feigned indignation about 'Bush bashing' quite disingenuous," she said, noting the Bush administration has savagely gone after critics like former Sen. Max Cleland, Iraq whistleblower Joseph Wilson and ex-terrorism chief Richard Clarke.

"For the Republican Party to pretend this is new to them seems a little fake," she said.

"The fact that I am no longer the spokesman for SlimFast makes me sad, but not as sad as someone trying to punish me for exercising my right as an American to speak my mind."

Kerry thought Whoopi's comments were inappropriate and has ditanced himself from the ex-SlimFast pitch person.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Michael : Mike's War Room : Congratulations, Bill O'Reilly!

Michael : Mike's War Room: "CONGRATULATIONS BILL O'REILLY! Bill made his motion-picture debut this week in "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism," filmmaker Robert Greenwald's expose on the distortions of the Fox News Channel ( Greenwald puts O'Reilly's detestable tactics on display, airing his interview with Jeremy Glick, a peace advocate whose father Barry Glick was a Port Authority worker killed in the attacks on New York on September 11 th, 2001. O'Reilly, who'd brought Glick onto the show to take issue with his signing of an anti-war advertisement that appeared in the New York Times, berates his guests for his "marginal views," stating sanctimoniously, "I don't think your father would approve of this." Never mind that O'Reilly had never met Barry Glick, what's worse is his charge that Glick is "exploiting" other victim's families. "

Dems fired up

Primary nears, rhetoric heats up: "With all the talk of the Republican congressional race, local Democrats have some news: Don't count them out this year.
As proof, they point to a meeting last Thursday at the Jackson County headquarters for a session on registering voters. Normally a quiet affair, the meeting drew an enthusiastic packed house, or about 40 people, who met with Mark Brewer, the state party's executive chairman.
Credit the surge in interest to anti-Bush sentiment or Michael Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11,' but it's there, said Janelle Sadler, the party's office manager.
'I had one lady stop in here and say, 'I've been a Republican for years, and I'm going to vote Democrat this year,'' Sadler said, adding that's been common.
The party will put on another get-out-the-vote session after the Aug. 3 primary."

Michael : More Reactions to F9/11 from America and Around the World

Michael : Mike's Message : Mike's Latest News: "Glasgow, Scotland - '...Just got out of one of the first screenings for Fahrenheit 9/11 at our local cinema in Glasgow, Scotland. My brother and I went to an early afternoon show and when we arrived the theatre was pretty full. When we left the next two screenings of the movie were nearly sold out! We were glad to get into the movie while we could... The audience all laughed and cried together and when the screen rolled to the credits, the whole theatre clapped. The last Lord of the Rings movie didn't get the same reception!' -- DD "

Tepid response to Moore - Film -

Tepid response to Moore - Film - "Michael Moore's controversial documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 received a mostly positive response at low key premieres held around the country last night.
Attended by politicians, bureaucrats and members of Australia's arts community, premieres were held in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra.
A Melbourne premiere will be held tonight.
Retiring Labor MP Laurie Brereton said after attending the Sydney premiere he thought it was one of the most powerful anti-war movies he had seen.
'Michael Moore is answering one of the great propaganda campaigns of all time, to justify a war that turned out to have been fought on the basis of a lie about weapons of mass destruction,' Mr Brereton said.
But NSW Upper House MP and One Nation co-founder David Oldfield was not so positive about the film.
'I think that Michael Moore is very good at preying on the prejudices of the bleeding hearts and I don't think there is any skill in making war look terrible,' Mr Oldfield said.
'It is propaganda against America really in many senses and I don't think that it is very helpful towards the troops that are in Iraq, be they Australian or American.' " | Opinion : Just another way to keep this pot on boil "Just another way to keep this pot on boil. Now I can tell you how good Fahrenheit 9/11 is. Having seen it and such.
Longtime readers will remember two weeks ago (which is a long time if your back hurts, right?), I recommended everyone in the world go see that flick, and that they find a way to get everyone else to go see it, too. I suggested that those who already know what a stunted weed George Bush is should coax others to see Michael Moore's movie so that they, too, will finally realize that Bush, if not one of the biggest criminals on Earth, is certainly one of the stupidest.

What I didn't say was that it was a good movie. Couldn't! Not having seen it and such.

But I have and it is. Goo-ud! No Citizen Kane, mind you, but what it lacks in innovative cinematography, nuanced characters and scintillating dialogue, it makes up for in the raw power to enrage. Tongue-biting, vein-popping, sphincter-clenching mad. Trust me, by the time those final credits roll, you will be pissed. It even offers you a choice of who to be pissed at: George Bush or Michael Moore - take your pick. But! If it's Moore you leave the theater wanting to lynch, keep in mind there is very little in Fahrenheit 9/11 you couldn't have known about long before opening night - had you been interested in knowing it. (And more to the point, had the mainstream media been interested in reporting it.) The Bush family's deep business ties with the bin Laden clan, the devil's deal with the Taliban to build a gas pipeline through Afghanistan, the abuse of prisoners, the gruesome deaths of thousands of Iraqi civilians, the winner-takes-all corruption of Dick Cheney's Halliburton, the recruitment of poor folks to fight and die for rich folks’ benefit, the resurrection of Jim Crow in Florida by GOP election thieves, Bush’s astounding vacuity, the pain and desperation a mother feels when her child is lost for false reasons … (it’s truly remarkable how much of the Bush administration’s treachery Moore was able to cram into a two-hour flick) … but, yes, it was all available pre-F 9/11 for those diligent enough to look for it."


Reader Comment:

Mr. Cope,
Your comments concerning the President of the United States of America, George W. Bush, are reckless and libelous--and so are your’s. Michael Moore’s film, Fahrenheit 9/11, is riddled with unsupportable suppositions, many of which were dealt with and discredited by the contentious 9-11 Commission. Michael Moore detests capitalism and most things about our system of government. He would readily support income redistribution and a foreign policy that would capitulate to terrorists. Do you believe the same Mr. Cope? May God help us. Michael Moore is a big, fat, stupid white man.
C. Bosch

NAACP Shows ''Fahrenheit 9/11" For Free - NAACP makes clear it favors Kerry over Bush for president: "On Tuesday, leaders of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People arranged for a surprise showing of the movie ''Fahrenheit 9/11,'' a scathing criticism of the presidency of Republican George W. Bush.

In introducing the movie, NAACP President Kweisi Mfume called it ''factual.'' And Chairman Julian Bond predicted that ''in the near future, a president of the United States is going to turn to Michael Moore and say, 'So you're the guy who stopped this war.''' Speakers then urged their audience to register voters.

''I went to fight a war I didn't believe in,'' a young soldier from California said into a microphone at the Pennsylvania Convention Center's ballroom. ''Get involved.''"

By Jose Cardenas
Of The Morning Call

KATU 2 - Portland, Oregon: Decision not to show 'Fahrenheit 9-11' sparks protest

KATU 2 - Portland, Oregon: "Theater owner Michael Morgan said the decision not to show 'Fahrenheit 911' has nothing to do with politics.
Morgan said the problem is the coastal city's size - Moore's distributors would not sell him the film unless he would guarantee to show it for four weeks.
Morgan says that is too big of a gamble for a market of less than 8,000 residents, Morgan says.
'Even with 'Spiderman,' they didn't ask for four weeks,' Morgan said. 'I only had to guarantee two weeks.' "

The Associated Press

Lewisburg theater owner invites Republicans to anti-Bush movie

Lewisburg theater owner invites Republicans to anti-Bush movie: "Undated-AP -- A theater operator in Pennsylvania has found a way to lure Republicans to see 'Fahrenheit 9/11,' Michael Moore's indictment of President George W- Bush.
Eric Faden is hosting a special screening for conservatives Saturday at his nonprofit Campus Theatre in Lewisburg.
Faden hopes they promise of a friendly environment -- and free tickets for card-carrying Republicans -- will encourage them to see the film."

Press Release: Moveon:11% of Presidential Voters Have Seen Fahrenheit 9/11

According to a new poll released today, viewership of Fahrenheit 9/11 continues to grow with 11% of all voters now reporting they have seen Michael Moore’s film. This is nearly double the number of viewers since the July 4th weekend, when 6% reported having seen the movie.
An additional 33% intend to see Fahrenheit 9/11, which means that 44% of all voters in the 2004 Presidential election could be exposed to the film.
Movie-goers and intended movie-goers represent a broad and diverse slice of the electorate and spread across the country, including the so-called battleground states.  Fully 1/3 of voters who have seen or intend to see the film self-identify as Bush voters. Forty percent of movie viewers and potential movie viewers reside in battleground states, 25% in the “red” states and 33% in the “blue.”
The poll, conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, captured data from 1000 likely voters fielded between July 10 – July 13, with a margin of error of +/- 3 points.
Press Release

Even Republicans and military members applaud "Fahrenheit 9/11"

Even Republicans and military members applaud Fahrenheit 9/11: "I recently saw Michael Moore's film, 'Fahrenheit 9/11,' which even reviewers for conservative media outlets like Fox News have praised. I knew I would like the documentary, based on reviews I read. But still, I can't remember seeing a movie that has affected me as much. I can't remember ever seeing a movie where the audience gave it a standing ovation when it ended, which occurred in many more theaters across the country than just the Maryland one I attended.
'Fahrenheit 9/11' made me laugh, made me sad, made me angry, made me optimistic. But most of all, it made me think and want to do even more than I am doing to help get Bush-Cheney out of the White House.
Before you dismiss Moore's latest film as one that only appeals to people who didn't like Bush-Cheney much in the first place, consider the reaction of some Bush-Cheney supporters, military veterans and family members who saw it."

By Kevin J. Shay

New Statesman - Michael Moore gives much more (Q&A Interview)

New Statesman - Michael Moore gives much more: "Cinema - The American film critic Gavin Smith interviews the man who hopes to change the US with his caustic look at the Bush administration, Fahrenheit 9/11

At what moment did you realise you had to make this film?

Eight weeks after 11 September, I was reading an article in the New Yorker, and buried in the article was a paragraph that essentially said that approximately two dozen members of the Bin Laden family and their associates living in the US were picked up by the FBI and very quickly flown out of the country. I read it and reread it, and I was just amazed - not knowing at the time that there was any kind of relationship between the Bin Ladens, the Saudi royals and the Bushes. It was just the mystery of that."

The Back Half
Gavin Smith

The Washington Dispatch: Fahrenheit 9/11 Continuing to Fill Seats

The Washington Dispatch: "Since its release late last month, Michael Moore's award winning documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11, is continuing to broaden its base of theaters and selling out those seats. The film which has grossed over $60 million is now available in over 1700 theaters across the country. In Fahrenheit 9/11's debut weekend in the United Kingdom, the film packed Brit theaters and shattered the sales records for a documentary.
Moore, who is staying in touch with fans through his new web log, stated that he popped in to a few theaters to watch the reaction of the crowd. Moore was surprised to see movie goers sitting in the isles of the capacity showings."

LiveJournal: Michael Moore: Cuba Screening F911

Post Comment: "Havana (dpa) - Documentary film 'Fahrenheit 9/11' - a scathing attack on U.S. President George W. Bush - will be screened in more than 120 Cuban movie halls, official newspaper Granma said Wednesday.
The film, directed by Michael Moore, questions the motives behind the U.S.-led war on Iraq. It will open on the communist island on July 22."


'Fahrenheit 9/11' is bell tolling for many mainstream journalists

'Fahrenheit 9/11' is bell tolling for many mainstream journalists: "Los Angeles -- This is a story about why it's a good thing Peter Jennings isn't retiring and it's also about Ted Koppel and journalism, with a little bit of Tom Brokaw thrown in and the shiny new moon that is 'Fahrenheit 9/11' illuminating, or perhaps casting a shadow on, the whole thing. And it starts backward, like 'Memento,' so be patient.
In all earnestness, Jennings, sitting on a panel in front of the nation's TV critics on Monday (with Koppel and George Stephanopoulos at his side), said this: 'What we're trying to do every day is really important.'
In equal earnestness, and just moments before, Koppel said this: 'There is still, I think, a desperation for down-the-middle-news.'
Literally moments before that, Stephanopoulos recalled talking with people who had seen Michael Moore's controversial documentary, and he asked them why they went. Their answer: 'Because we wanted to get the facts.' "

Tim Goodman
San Francisco Chronicle Letters to the Editor: Parents should take teens to R-rated 'Fahrenheit 9/11' 07/15/04 Letters to the Editor: Parents should take teens to R-rated 'Fahrenheit 9/11' 07/15/04: "I saw 'Fahrenheit 9/11' at the 20th Century. Many thanks to Eric Forst for taking a risk on a controversial documentary.
The film made me laugh aloud and shed a few quiet tears, but one detail struck a lingering bitter note: a young American soldier points out that a Haliburton contractor gets paid $10,000 a month for doing essentially the same work as he himself does for only two or three thousand. In addition, our soldiers risk their lives defending the Haliburton guy's life.

This is not even an equal pay for equal work issue. There is nothing patriotic about Haliburton business practices. The majority of Americans at home are working longer hours and producing more efficiently for less and less pay and fewer and fewer benefits. If you want an education, health care, a decent retirement, future job opportunities, job security, etc., don't look for it in the average American job or in our jobless recovery. Look for it in a war zone posting overseas where many local people want to kill you for being there. Furthermore, as Michael Moore illustrates through interviews with congressmen, your kids won't find your congressional delegation members' kids or grandkids with them on patrol.

Even more bitter is the R rating of 'Fahrenheit 9/11.' High school kids, the main pool of recruits for sustaining the war in Iraq, are not permitted to see the film without a parent or guardian. Are we protecting them from a small sample of the language they can hear at school or in the street every day? Are we protecting them from seeing the American and Iraqi victims of everyday violence? Far more violence is seen on virtually dozens of TV channels or in the video games that kids have been encouraged to play."

Fahrenheit 9/11 premieres in Australia

Fahrenheit 9/11 premieres in Australia: "Michael Moore's controversial documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 has caused a stir internationally, but its Sydney premiere was a low-key affair.
Attended by politicians, bureaucrats and members of Australia's arts community, the premiere was held at Sydney's Fox Studios on Thursday night.

'It's a film that creates debate and discussion and that's why it's low key,' Fahrenheit 9/11 film distributor Troy Lum said.
'It's not a film that you'd want to go out and celebrate.'
The film doesn't officially open in Australia until July 29, but advance screening tickets went on sale this week and premieres were held around the country, with the exception of Melbourne, which will be held on Friday.
Retiring federal Labor MP Laurie Brereton said he wasn't expecting the premiere to be major production.
'It's not the opening night of Rupert Murdoch's Moulin Rouge, that's for sure."

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: AP - U.S.: 'Doonesbury' artist Trudeau skewers Bush

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: AP - U.S.: 'Doonesbury' artist Trudeau skewers Bush: "NEW YORK -- Cartoonist Garry Trudeau, who has skewered politicians for decades in his comic strip 'Doonesbury,' tells Rolling Stone magazine he remembers Yale classmate George W. Bush as 'just another sarcastic preppy who gave people nicknames and arranged for keg deliveries.'
Trudeau attended Yale University with Bush in the late 1960s and served with him on a dormitory social committee.

Trudeau said he penned his very first cartoon to illustrate an article in the Yale Daily News on Bush and allegations that his fraternity, DKE, had hazed incoming pledges by branding them with an iron.

The article in the campus paper prompted The New York Times to interview Bush, who was a senior that year. Trudeau recalled that Bush told the Times "it was just a coat hanger, and ... it didn't hurt any more than a cigarette burn."

"It does put one in mind of what his views on torture might be today," Trudeau said."

Press Release: Robert Altman and Garry Trudeau Enlist Top Celebrities and Political Figures for Sundance Channel's 'Tanner on Tanner'

Robert Altman and Garry Trudeau: "Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Garry Trudeau and Oscar nominated director Robert Altman's update to their groundbreaking 1988 series, 'Tanner '88,' is set to begin production in New York City on July 12. The three-part series, 'Tanner on Tanner,' which premieres on Sundance Channel, Tuesday, October 5, will also be filming in Boston during the Democratic National Convention.

As in the original, the approach of the series blurs the boundary between the factual and the dramatic, featuring the characters interacting with real candidates and public figures. Already committed to make cameo appearances in 'Tanner on Tanner' are:
* Robert Redford - Oscar(R)-winning actor, Sundance Channel
* Mario Cuomo - Former New York state governor
* Martin Scorsese - Legendary filmmaker
* Madeline Albright - Secretary of State under President Bill Clinton
* Harry Belafonte - Actor, singer, political activist
* Rev. Al Sharpton - Candidate in 2004 Democratic Presidential Primary
* Carl Bernstein - Pulitzer prize-winning journalist
* Al Franken - Air America Radio host of 'The O'Franken Factor'
* Ron Reagan - Son of President Ronald Reagan and reporter on MSNBC

'Tanner on Tanner,' written by Trudeau and directed by Altman, centers on Jack Tanner's (Michael Murphy) daughter Alex (Cynthia Nixon), now a documentary filmmaker seeking funding for a film about the rigors of running for president and the toll it takes on those who lose. Other original cast members returning for the encore are Pamela Reed as TJ Cavana"

`Fahrenheit 9/11': Luring TV viewers to the theater for news

`Fahrenheit 9/11': Luring TV viewers to the theater for news: "Time was, you had to go to the movies to see the news. Then came television, which brought newsreels right into your home.
Now, in this election year a half-century later, people in huge numbers have found that getting news about the war in Iraq and the politics behind it makes a trip to the multiplex well worth the bother.
Who could have forecast such a relapse?
Could be, neither fans nor detractors of Michael Moore, whose 'Fahrenheit 9/11' has uprooted couch potatoes by the carload since premiering three weeks ago.

So what does "Fahrenheit 9/11" give its audience that newscasts thus far don't?

For starters: the video footage of recuperating U.S. soldiers, Iraqi casualties, President Bush in that classroom paralyzed for seven minutes after learning of the terrorist attacks. This is video you have likely seen nowhere else, and you emerge from the theater wondering, "Why the heck not?"

"Fahrenheit 9/11," which won the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival in May, tackles grand themes with humor, fury and naked partisanship that insists upon a response from the viewer."

AP Television Writer

A Maoist Point of View (Revolutionary Worker)

(I checked the accurate week in the blog and it doesn't look like it's already been posted)

Fahrenheit 9/11 Turns Up the Heat

Revolutionary Worker #1245, July 4, 2004

The RW received the following correspondence.

I went to Fahrenheit 9/11with a bunch of people who knew each other from work--and there was some real excitement in the air. People had been looking forward to this, talking about it, wondering what they would see, and more: hoping that this film would really help change the direction of things. And when we got to the theater, that feeling was in the long lines waiting to get in. It was a real event.

As I sat down, the guy next to me said, "glad to meet you, glad to see all of us, here, together, on this thing."

"This thing" is exposing the government--and the Bush crew that runs it. Exposing the war in Iraq, the Patriot Act, the stealing of the 2000 election, the worship of the rich, the corruption in high places, and the lies-- above all the LIES, that have now been used to conquer countries, send young men and women to kill and die, and cynically keep millions of people in a manipulated "state of alert."

Fahrenheit 9/11 is hilarious, and savage, and (despite the howls of rightwing attack dogs) overwhelmingly factual. People are sick--to death!--of being muzzled, stifled and gagged. And in this onscreen rush of images and sound, there is a feeling that the cork has been popped. It's like an opening shot to this heated, politicized, dangerous and oh-so-crucial summer. (follow the link for the rest of the article)

Wired News: Documenting Moore's Oscar Chances

Wired News: Documenting Moore's Oscar Chances: "current spotlight on documentaries, particularly those of the political persuasion, means more movie fans than usual are likely to pay attention to the Best Documentary Feature category during the 77th Academy Awards.
But a quirky rule that declares ineligible any documentary distributed on television or the Internet during the nine months after its theatrical release could leave some gaps in the potential nominees.

For instance, surprise hit Fahrenheit 9/11 has been downloaded almost since day one, spurred by an anti-Michael Moore movement and by a much-publicized comment Moore made earlier this year saying he doesn't mind downloads of his work as long as others don't benefit commercially. Could a loophole and a casual anti-copyright comment deprive Moore of the chance to repeat his 2002 Oscar win?"

Staci D. Kramer
Wired News

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Ravalli Republic Online: Stevi school board split on film policy

Ravalli Republic Online: "In other business the administration debuted a film policy. A slew of parental complaints erupted at the last meeting in response to high school teacher Mike Hunter showing his history class the controversial Michael Moore film 'Bowling for Columbine.'

The rough-draft policy would require principal approval before the screening of PG or PG-13 movies and would not allow teachers to show any parts of an R-rated film.

Stevensville does not have a film policy and its film procedure, which calls for administration approval, was not followed in the "Bowling for Columbine" incident.

An impassioned Hunter defended showing "Bowling for Columbine," which he called a "superior documentary" about America's gun culture.

"There's a domestic war in this country," he said. " Eleven-thousand dead within our own borders, and if I have to show a little profanity to get this across, I should be able to.

"We live in an R-rated world, an X-rated world ... At the sophomore level I'm teaching about the Holocaust," Hunter said. "That's XXX-rated. Am I not supposed to teach that?"

Hunter said his teenage students are approached by military recruiters and need to understand the Iraq War is R-rated or worse.

Local parent Katy Majors said her son was among those in the military.

"He was put through intensive training to understand how to execute his job as a marine," she said. "We should leave it at that higher level."

Hunter took the blame for not following procedure. He said a letter was inserted into his file and if he does something similar he will lose his job.

"Is that enough for you?" he said. "... I think it's much ado about nothing.""

Staff Reporter TINA BROWN

TINA BROWN ( "That's why if you're a Brit like me it's hard to get too riled up about Robert Greenwald's new documentary, 'Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism,' currently getting guerrilla distribution on the Web and slated for a bunch of Sunday night screening parties sponsored by The movie, which excited a packed panel discussion Tuesday night hosted by New School University's World Policy Institute, seeks to prove that Fox News's claim to be 'fair and balanced' is, to put it mildly, false advertising.
Like all good agitprop, 'Outfoxed' exists more to confirm dark hunches than to change minds. It's unlikely, after all, that passionate devotees of Bill O'Reilly are trawling West Side cocktail parties and gate-crashing screening events looking to have their minds changed. But this is the year when it's not enough to vote, you have to vote with your veins popping and your eyes bulging. Screeching to the choir is all the rage.
The Greenwald film does come up with some fun new horror stats for the left to sling around about Fox. 'Get this!' you can now holler across the table after seeing 'Outfoxed.' 'Thirty-three percent of Fox viewers believe the U.S. found weapons of mass destruction, compared with 11 percent of PBS/NPR viewers!' It also offers a memorable montage of O'Reilly's lamppost frame bearing down on a parade of squirrelly, second-rate liberal bookees and telling them to 'SHUT UP, I said shut UP' like the nightmare blowhard you can't escape in a beer-soaked bar. "

Slim-Fast Dumps Goldberg Over Bush Jabs

Slim-Fast Dumps Goldberg Over Bush Jabs: "The Slim-Fast diet drink company has dumped Whoopi Goldberg from its advertising because its executives were unhappy with anti-Bush remarks the comedian made at a recent political rally.
'We at Slim-Fast trust the public understands that the way in which Whoopi Goldberg chose to express her own personal beliefs at the recent fund-raiser at Radio City Music Hall does not reflect the views and values of Slim-Fast,' Terry Olson, Slim-Fast general manager, said in a press release Wednesday.

The Goldberg flap is the latest example of a series of stars whose criticism of President Bush lands them in trouble with a big corporation.

The Walt Disney Co. refused to release Michael Moore's hot-button critique "Fahrenheit 9/11" and Clear Channel, the nation's largest radio chain, was accused of banning airplay of the Dixie Chicks on some stations after lead singer Natalie Maines disparaged President Bush at a concert, a charge Clear Channel has denied."

Associated Press

Michael Moore's lawyer asks judge to dismiss suit by Terry Nichol's brother

National Post: "A lawyer for Michael Moore asked a U.S. federal judge Wednesday to dismiss a libel lawsuit against the documentary filmmaker filed by the brother of Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols.
James Nichols said Moore tricked him into appearing in Bowling for Columbine, the Oscar-winning 2002 documentary that studied guns and violence in U.S. culture. Nichols also contends Moore libelled him in the film by linking him to the 1995 bombing that killed 168 people. "

Larry King Backs Out of Michael Moore Interview

1490 WBEX - The Talk of Chillicothe: "Talk show host Larry King has confused controversial director Michael Moore by inexplicably ending talks to book the film-maker for his prime-time talk show.
King's producers were negotiating to have the Fahrenheit 9/11 star on the Larry King Live show - and even told Moore's agents they wanted a White House representative on the show to rebut the film's anti-Bush comments - but King's team have refused to continue with the booking, raising suspicions the president's advisors urged King to reject the outspoken political activist.
CNN spokesman Matt Furman says, 'We don't get into the details of our bookings, but we were considering Moore. His not coming on had nothing to do with the White House. We'd love to have him on someday.'
White House spokesman Trent Duffy says, 'The White House does not do movie reviews.'"

Aldon Hynes' LiveJournal'er Gets Ready to Blog Democratic Convention

Aldon Hynes' Journal: "Yes! I just got my press credentials as a blogger covering the Democratic Convention. I will write most of my entries at Greater Democracy. However, I may add some personal reflections here.

Let me know what you would like to hear from a blogger on the floor of the convention."

Adam Curry's Weblog : Michael Moore Started A Weblog

Adam Curry's Weblog: "michael moore weblog
Michael Moore has started a weblog, no RSS feed, so Dennis scraped one."

Adam Curry's Weblog: dnc rss aggregated feed

Adam Curry's Weblog: "When I read that some of my favourite bloggers will be covering the democratic convention, an idea popped into my head. It would probably benefit lots of people if they can subscribe to a single feed that is an aggregation of the DNC blogger's postings.

This would give readers a single click sub and unsub action and perhaps triangulation as the events on the floor unfold.

But I'm not quite sure how to approach the project. No sense building a new aggregator, plenty of useful bits to work with. I'm considering the manila aggregator API, polling the selected feeds hourly and bulding a new rss feed on the fly of the result.

Then again, a human edited feed, organized and updated on the fly feels like a better solution and adds value to the information flow by grouping postings and information. So I've started the DNC RSS Feed for your aggregating enjoyment! "

Box Office News (France, Overseas, World)

FRANCE : 597 400 tickets sold over the week.

Second only to Shrek 2 (Shrek 2 : 3rd week at #1, 900 theatres
F911 : new, 222 theatres)

Domestic: $83,471,000 92.7%
+ Total Overseas: $6,580,000 7.3%


= Worldwide: $90,051,000

WorkingForChange-Fahrenheit 9/11 revisited

WorkingForChange-Fahrenheit 9/11 revisited: "It's Bush-hating slime; it's 'just the facts.' It's supercilious, derisive and contemptuous; it's entertaining, dark comedy and dead-on. Folks have seen it once, twice, many times; many refuse to see it at all. The audience is made up of the usual subjects; it's doing well in the 'Red States.' Three weeks in and they're loving, or loving to hate, Michael Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11.'
Having failed to get theater owners to ban the film outright, right-wing Moore-bashers, Bush supporters, and surrogates are liberally smacking both Moore and his film:

"Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Man" is the title of the recently published anti-Moore book that came out of the box strong. Here's a tiny sample of the thinking of book's authors, David T. Hardy and Jason Clarke, in an interview conducted by David Horowitz's

FrontPage: When you listen to Moore's language, it is hard to decipher the difference between his ideology and that of Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Castro. What would you say motivates Moore? What is the impulse that lingers behind his vision?

While F9/11 has been an huge success and has attracted enormous media attention, there are a number of other current documentary that are not getting the exposure they deserve: "Control Room" -- al Jazeera covers the Iraq war; "The Corporation" -- a seething indictment of America's corporate culture; Robert Kane Pappas' "Orwell Rolls in his Grave" -- which examines the business, politics and ideology behind the modern mainstream media, are all films that should be seen and supported; and Robert Greenwald's new film, Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism which can be purchased at "

Bill Berkowitz

BBC NEWS | State of the Union: The movie is the message (Kerry Sept. Doc)

BBC NEWS | Programmes | State of the Union: The movie is the message: "In the most fiercely contested US election in decades, former Detroit News columnist Betty DeRamus takes a trip to the cinema in her home town to see how important films are in the race to the White House.
One of the most intriguing entrees on America's political menu this year might be a movie - but it has no name yet and only a few people have actually tasted it.

Michael Moore wants President Bush removed from office
No, I'm not talking about Michael Moore's new Bush-bashing documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11.

That, perhaps, is why George Butler and Max Cleland are, like Michael Moore, making a documentary they hope will influence this year's elections.

Cleland is a veteran who lost both legs and an arm in Vietnam and spent six years in the US Senate.

Butler is the documentary filmmaker who produced Pumping Iron and made Schwarzenegger a star. He's also a long-time friend of Democratic presidential candidate, John Kerry.

The two men are making a biography of Kerry who, in public at least, displays about as much personality as a paper towel and has failed to arouse even voters who dislike Bush.

Butler and Cleland are no doubt hoping that Kerry, who spoke out against the war in Vietnam after fighting in it, will be much more of a tall-striding presence on screen than he is in real life.

Fire and flash

Those who have seen previews say it includes a powerful photograph of Kerry crumpling on the lawn after throwing a Vietnam vet's medals onto the Capitol steps.

This $1.3 million, 90-minute Kerry documentary is supposed to be ready for theatrical release in September. That's assuming the filmmakers can find a bold title and a distributor.

That's also assuming there's a paying audience for a political documentary that's not likely to display much of Fahrenheit 9/11's fire and flash.

Will the Bush team shrug off these cinematic assaults and keep relying on traditional television ads, rallies and barbecues?

The Bush administration has been taking the high ground and keeping mostly silent about Mr Moore's film and the Kerry biography."

Betty DeRamus
Detroit News

Senator Tom Harkin - Iowa: Fahrenheit 9/11 Statement

Senator Tom Harkin - Iowa"It's important for the American people to understand what has gone on before, what led us to this point, and to see it sort of in its unvarnished presentation, which Michael Moore has done." - Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa

The Waco Tribune-Herald: 6/29/04 Young: Send DVD in brown paper : Open Letter

6/29/04 Young: Send DVD in brown paper: "Everybody is talking about your new movie, Fahrenheit 9/11. They're talking about it in cities like Dallas and Austin where it is packing theaters. But in Waco all we can talk about is the talk. Our theaters aren't showing you.
Some might say that's not surprising. Greater Waco is George W. Bush's home away from the White House. Some will say that whatever might disturb local political sensibilities would be better presented elsewhere.
You might think that Waco just doesn't have enough screens or interest to show your movie. The fact is, with a metro population of over 200,000, we have lots of both. Movie screens? We have two 16-screen goliaths for first-run films. That's thirty-two screens.

This week both theaters, not quite two miles apart on the same highway (named George W. Bush Parkway a few years back) are playing White Chicks, Stepford Wives, Harry Potter, Shrek II, The Notebook, The Day After Tomorrow, Around the World in 80 Days, Dodgeball, Two Brothers and Chronicles of Riddick.

It's like what Federal Communications Chairman Michael Powell says about media monolopy. It's about giving consumers choices.

So for whatever reason, we don't have your movie here. The corporate reason appears to be: too few screens, too many choices."

Opinion page editor
The Waco Tribune-Herald

Brownwood Bulletin: Before condemning a film, see it first

Brownwood Bulletin: "A Waco friend told me the Michael Moore documentary film 'Fahrenheit 9/11' was not being shown within a 100-mile radius of Waco and the Prairie Chapel Ranch outside Crawford. (Waco's two 16-screen theaters that show only first-run films are not showing 'Fahrenheit 9/11' as of this week. Which is their choice, but unusual for a film making so much money.)
After seeing the film last week in a San Angelo multiplex, I can easily understand why Republicans are afraid of this film.

When I asked an acquaintance if he was going to see the film, his only reply was that he would not help Michael Moore get rich. That was evidently a no. Mr. Moore was rich before he made this film. I have no problem with film makers making a lot of money, especially when they inform and enlighten the public.

It has always been difficult for me to see how people could criticize or condemn a film when they have not seen it. These same people call it propaganda -- a word with a bad image. Propaganda is material disseminated by people reflecting their views and interests. So, before you e-mail me on your thoughts about this opinion or the film, see the film first."

Britt Towery
Brownwood Bulletin

At the Movies: Woes of a president and a fishing village

At the Movies: Woes of a president and a fishing village: "Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 is his best documentary to date, as funny as it is angry, a well-aimed shot at the dishonesty behind the invasion of Iraq and the Bush hijacking of post-9/11 patriotism. Moore doesn't pretend to be nonpartisan and doesn't aim at philosophical depth but he and his associates have dug up footage that mocks the pieties of the current administration and have edited it for maximum effect.

“Fahrenheit’s” Bush is not seen as sinister; he’s just a wind-up doll.

Even the best documentary has a point of view; the director doesn’t simply turn on the camera and allow reality to unfold. “Fahrenheit 9/11” is an old-fashioned broadside in a venerable American tradition. It’s certainly “slanted” to show images of a bucolic pre-war Baghdad followed by graphic footage of women and children victims of American “precision bombing.” Fortunately, Moore knows how to make his “bias” amusing by connecting his targets with stilted images, cleverly chosen clips from old movies. He doesn’t offer a sustained logical argument for his position, but is hugely successful in making the Bush administration look ridiculous. Everyone should see “Fahrenheit 9/11” and confront the disturbing questions the film raises about this administration’s four years in office."

National Catholic Reporter

Counterbias: Michael Moore - Treacherous Traitor

Counterbias: Michael Moore - Treacherous Traitor: "Much to the chagrin of right-wingers, Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 has been a huge box office success. So far it's taken in over $80 million, earning back over 13 times what it cost to produce.
Conservative groups have tried to stop the movie from being screened. Move America Forward was one of the first organizations to try and stop Moore. In the weeks prior to film�s release, they engaged in a letter-writing campaign to get movie theater chains not to screen the film. Their efforts failed; the movie is now playing in over 2000 theaters. "

Scott C. Smith
Counterbias / Film takes on right angle of Fox News Channel / A&E / Movies / Film takes on right angle of Fox News Channel: "Among media watchers, a debate has long raged about whether Rupert Murdoch's Fox News Channel is the 'fair and balanced' antidote to pervasive liberal media bias that it claims to be in its promotion or a megaphone for spreading conservative dogma.

In the film 'Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism,' which premiered last night in New York, liberal filmmaker Robert Greenwald launches an all-out attack on the cable news channel's editorial integrity.

Greenwald said he decided to make "Outfoxed" after hearing from journalists about what he called "the Foxification Effect," which he described as "pseudo-patriotism and the dumbing-down and cheapening of news." The film lacks traditional journalistic balance, sometimes making no distinction between Fox staffers and outside pundits and sources. And it uses the cable channel as a poster child for the ills of corporate conglomeration when much of the same could be said about a number of mega media companies. Greenwald also did not contact Fox for comment, explaining that he was afraid the network might sue and adding, "They're on the air 24/7. Everyone knows what they think, feel, and say."

"Outfoxed" was a collaborative effort, funded in part by two liberal groups, MoveOn and the Center for American Progress. MoveOn and Common Cause also plan to help promote Greenwald's work by hosting a series of house parties at which the film will be shown. And the liberal media watchdog group FAIR -- which Greenwald commissioned to do a study of people interviewed on Fox News Channel's signature news show "Special Report With Brit Hume" -- concluded that conservative guests outnumbered liberals by more than five to one.

In the spirit of Greenwald's film, the headline on that study -- "Still Failing the `Fair & Balanced' Test," -- took dead aim at Fox News Channel's famous slogan and its claim of journalistic objectivity. "

By Mark Jurkowitz
Globe Staff

Moore success ahead - Film -

Moore success ahead - Film - "Michael Moore's controversial film Fahrenheit 9/11, which has its first screenings in capital cities around the country tonight, looks set to become Australia's highest-grossing documentary, breaking the record held by Moore's previous film, Bowling for Columbine.
Although not released until July 29, almost 10,000 seats have been sold.

Managing director Troy Lum is tight-lipped about which politicians and celebrities will be attending this evening's premiere at Fox Studios.

"The film's very political, especially for people who haven't seen it, and the idea of someone seeing the film seems to create some sort of stir."

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

'Fahrenheit' will convince voters

'Fahrenheit' will convince voters: "I don't need to be convinced further, because I've watched my faith in my government dwindle over the past few years, and I've tabulated the growing evidence that our President is not a capable commander-in-chief. For any students out there that may still be debating between re-electing President Bush or bringing in a new President with a hopefully clearer and more truthful mission for our country, I urge you to go see 'Fahrenheit 9/11,' because it is a realistic depiction of what is wrong with our current administration. And the film provides a visualization of the greed and corruption taking hold in our executive branch.
Who would have guessed that a documentary could, according to, make over $80 million in three weeks? The fact that Michael Moore's film is so successful is a testament to the fact that there are millions of people in this country who are, if anything, curious about what he has to say about our current administration. "

By Michele DeCamp

hollywoodreporter: Fahrenheit's impact goes way beyond boxoffice

'Fahrenheit' impact goes way beyond boxoffice: "'Fahrenheit' focus: As Michael Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11' heads towards $100 million domestically, there's no question that it's impacting on Hollywood way beyond the boxoffice.

Clearly, 'Fahrenheit's' success is reshaping the independent film distribution business. To begin with, Disney's battle with Miramax over releasing the documentary may well culminate in Miramax co-chairman Harvey Weinstein leaving to start or take over another company. Should that happen it would change the entire landscape of specialized distribution by adding to the mix a new well funded independent distributor headed by the most aggressive studio executive Hollywood has seen since the days of the original movie moguls.

On top of all this, Hollywood can also thank "Fahrenheit" for turning controversial documentaries into the industry's hottest new genre. Suddenly, documentaries have overcome decades of being the town's dull stepchildren and have emerged as an exciting and very profitable genre. It's already evident in this week's headlines about "Outfoxed," Robert Greenwald's politically controversial documentary bashing the Fox News Channel, and "Inside Deep Throat," Brian Grazer's sexually candid documentary focusing on the 1972 porn classic starring Linda Lovelace.

Before long, every studio is going to be developing them. That could lead to some interesting situations. Imagine, for instance, what "Fahrenheit" would be like if it had been developed by a committee?"

By Martin A. Grove

CBS News | Liberals Take Aim At Fox News

CBS News | Liberals Take Aim At Fox News : "A new documentary backed by liberal political groups aims to document that the Fox News Channel is anything but 'fair and balanced,' despite the cable-news network's motto.

The film, 'Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism,' draws on clips compiled during weeks of round-the-clock taping of the network to demonstrate what the filmmakers believe is a pattern of right-wing bias and support for the Republican agenda.

'What we found is not that Fox is a conservative network, but that it's a network that follows the party line of the Bush administration,' said 'Outfoxed' filmmaker Robert Greenwald, a Hollywood producer-director whose credits include the 2003 documentary 'Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War' and such TV films as 'The Crooked E: The Unshredded Truth about Enron' and 'Blonde,' a biopic of Marilyn Monroe. "

Associated Press

CBSNews Interactive: Fahrenheit 911 Special Report

CBS News has an extensive special interactive report on Michael Moore and Fahrenheit 911 on the side bar of their Associated Press story about "Outfoxed".

The : Swinging over Swing Voters (Listen To Radio Show 6/30/04)

The : Swinging over Swing Voters: "Michael Moore's new film is raising temperatures across the nation. Fahrenheit 9/11 pokes at the Bush White House using the same sort of sandbox tactics, as conservative talk radio. These days even Rush Limbaugh is focused on Michael Moore; something that's likely to send even more movie-goers to the theatre.

From dinner tables to bars and barbershops, there's a new battle on for the hearts and minds of voters, with everyone wondering what effect, if any, Michael Moore's cannonball film will have as it lands in a pool normally reserved for of the likes of Bill O'Reilly. With many Americans still trying to decide how they feel about the war and who should lead, the country partisan politics goes from the squawk box to the silver screen."


Richard Just, Editor of The New Republic Online

Siva Vaidhyanathan, Cultural Historian and Media Scholar, New York University

Hosted by: Dick Gordon

The : Crazy Like FOX (Listen to radio show)

The : Crazy Like FOX: "If the 'off' button is the best defense in a 24/7 cable world, then the 'record' button may be the best offense. That's what filmmaker Robert Greenwald hopes viewers of his film, 'Outfoxed,' will think.

His so-called 'guerilla' documentary was made with material from several months' worth of FOX News broadcasts, leaked internal memos and testimony from former FOX News employees. Greenwald seeks to indict the cable channel for unabashedly toeing the Republican Party line. It's not news that FOX sends some liberals into fits of apoplexy. "

Hosted by: Dick Gordon