Friday, July 16, 2004

ACME Whoopi! : Whoopi Fans Organize International Boycott

ACME Whoopi!: "By withdrawing Whoopi Goldberg's Slim-fast TV commercials, the Unilever consumer products conglomerate has made common cause with the radical right and George W. Bush. Their motives may be a corporate sympathy with the current administration or possibly, a bow to pressure from right-wing elements who took offence at Ms. Goldberg's recent anti-Bush remarks.

Don't Buy Unilever Products.
Progressives, Democrats and all those who value the principle of free speech should counter by refusing to support the Unilever corporation. Bush, Cheney and Ashcroft and their supporters are not alone in their ability to wield economic pressure. Unilever, an Anglo-Dutch company with subsidiaries in virtually every country around the world, is the manufacturer of the following products:

Bertolli Olive Oil
Best Foods Mayonnaise and 'Dijonnaise'
Bird's Eye frozen products
Dove soaps
Elizabeth Arden cosmetics
Hellman's Mayonnaise
Lipton Tea
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
Knorr products
Mentadent toothpaste
Slim-Fast diet products
Wisk detergents and liquid bleach

Tell Unilever we won't tolerate economic pressure against those who speak out against George W. Bush. E-mail Unilever. (You can use their consumer contact link at

Or call Unilever toll-free at 1-800-598-1223. "

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