Thursday, July 15, 2004

Press Release: Robert Altman and Garry Trudeau Enlist Top Celebrities and Political Figures for Sundance Channel's 'Tanner on Tanner'

Robert Altman and Garry Trudeau: "Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Garry Trudeau and Oscar nominated director Robert Altman's update to their groundbreaking 1988 series, 'Tanner '88,' is set to begin production in New York City on July 12. The three-part series, 'Tanner on Tanner,' which premieres on Sundance Channel, Tuesday, October 5, will also be filming in Boston during the Democratic National Convention.

As in the original, the approach of the series blurs the boundary between the factual and the dramatic, featuring the characters interacting with real candidates and public figures. Already committed to make cameo appearances in 'Tanner on Tanner' are:
* Robert Redford - Oscar(R)-winning actor, Sundance Channel
* Mario Cuomo - Former New York state governor
* Martin Scorsese - Legendary filmmaker
* Madeline Albright - Secretary of State under President Bill Clinton
* Harry Belafonte - Actor, singer, political activist
* Rev. Al Sharpton - Candidate in 2004 Democratic Presidential Primary
* Carl Bernstein - Pulitzer prize-winning journalist
* Al Franken - Air America Radio host of 'The O'Franken Factor'
* Ron Reagan - Son of President Ronald Reagan and reporter on MSNBC

'Tanner on Tanner,' written by Trudeau and directed by Altman, centers on Jack Tanner's (Michael Murphy) daughter Alex (Cynthia Nixon), now a documentary filmmaker seeking funding for a film about the rigors of running for president and the toll it takes on those who lose. Other original cast members returning for the encore are Pamela Reed as TJ Cavana"


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