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Mike's Latest News: Sorry to Scare You, Tony: Michael Moore Was Just Joking

Michael : Mike's Message : Mike's Latest News: "Some news organizations are reporting that Michael is making a new film on Tony Blair. This is not true. Let us repeat - THIS IS NOT TRUE. Michael made a joke about his next film being about Tony Blair in an interview and, apparently, it was taken seriously"

May 2003 - Conservatives Try To Bowl Over Disney

Movie & TV News @ - Studio Briefing#film1: "Disney has again come under attack from conservatives as a result of the decision by its Miramax unit to back Michael Moore's (Bowling for Columbine) next documentary, Fahrenheit 911. "

Film and Election Politics Cross in 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

Film and Election Politics Cross in 'Fahrenheit 9/11': "
By Michael Finnegan, Times Staff Writer

There are movie campaigns and there are presidential campaigns, and usually you can tell the difference. One features a red carpet, the other a war room.

But 'Fahrenheit 9/11,' Michael Moore's scathing new documentary about President Bush, has both.

Moore also said he planned to use the film to register thousands of voters, and will stage screenings to benefit antiwar groups set up by families of U.S. troops in Iraq and victims of the Sept. 11 attacks.

"Feeling motivated, to the extent you make that extra effort to vote on your way home from work — that matters," said Thomas Hollihan, a communications professor at USC's Annenberg School for Communication.

That potential is not lost on Moore, who plans to offer ticket discounts and prizes to newly registered voters who see the film or visit his Web site. "If it can encourage the people who belong to the largest political party in America, the non-voter party, to leave that party behind and do the very minimum of what every citizen should do on Nov. 2, then I hope that will be seen as a significant contribution to this country," he said.

R Rating for 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Will Be Challenged

R Rating for 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Will Be Challenged: "Distributors of Michael Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11' said Friday that they would appeal the R rating issued to the documentary by the Motion Picture Assn. of America because of its 'violent and disturbing images and for language.'

"It is sadly very possible that many 15- and 16-year-olds will be asked and recruited to serve in Iraq in the next couple of years," Moore said in a statement.

"If they are old enough to be recruited and capable of being in combat and risking their lives, they certainly deserve the right to see what is going on in Iraq," the statement said."

Friday, June 11, 2004

Post Comment: Stoked

Post Comment: "I am so stoked. I work in a shelter for department of social services kids. They were watching the MTV music awards tonight. I wasn't paying too much attention but all of the sudden MM's face was on the screen. I started thinking about how I can't wait to see his movie, and then one of my co-workers turns to me and starts talking about how much he wants to see Fahrenheit 911. He is now my favorite co-worker! Didn't have a chance to get into a conversation about it at the time, but I'll be bringing my MM books to work tomorrow to see if he wants to borrow them!"

- Rachael (birdiefan1) wrote in michaelmoore,
@ 2004-06-11 01:31:00 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Director Has Blair in Sights

Entertainment News Article |
By Bob Tourtellotte

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Michael Moore's anti-Iraq war crusade is not stopping with President Bush as the filmmaker says he now wants to make a movie about British Prime Minister Tony Blair's role in the war.

To counteract efforts challenging "Fahrenheit 9/11," he has hired Chris Lehane and Mark Fabiani, two former political advisers to Bill Clinton and Al Gore, to establish a "war room" that will immediately support any claims made in the movie that come under attack.

The group, he said, will be staffed by six to seven people and will operate 24 hours a day, monitoring newscasts and scanning newspapers, magazines and other publications for statements made discrediting the movie.

"You come at me with anything, we come back with the truth," Moore said.

Moore, who said he is registered as an independent voter, has yet to throw his support behind presumed Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.

He said the movie is not an effort to support Kerry's White House bid, and said that if Kerry were elected, "I'd keep my eye on him, too."

Moore recruits kings of spin to counter critics


"Michael Moore's documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 looks like a film, sounds like a film and, after its triumph at the Cannes festival, certainly wins awards like a film.

But its US release this summer is looking more like a political campaign than a Hollywood premiere, and now the production has hired two of Bill Clinton's most fearsome spin doctors to handle the anticipated brouhaha from its stinging election-year critique of President George Bush.

Mr Moore has set up a campaign-style 'war room' to counter his critics, headed by two veterans of the Clinton-Gore years, Mark Fabiani and Chris Lehane. 'We will allow no attack on this film to go without a response immediately,' Mr Moore told yesterday's Los Angeles Times. 'And we will go after anyone who slanders me or my work, and we will do it without mercy. And when you think 'without mercy', you think Chris Lehane.'"

Teen moviemaker wants to educate through film

Bradenton Herald | 06/11/2004 | Teen moviemaker wants to educate through film

Chaille Stovall is a typical 15-year-old. Like other high school students, much of his time is occupied by school, studies, friends and summer camp.

His first feature-length documentary, "Party Animals (or how to get to the White House in five easy steps)" addresses why kids should care about politics, specifically the 2000 presidential campaign. The award-winning "Party Animals" was aired on HBO in November, 2001 and distributed by The Video Project.

During 2000, Chaille spent much of his free time trailing the presidential campaigns of Republican and Democratic candidates until he landed interviews with George W. Bush, Al Gore, Bill Bradley, Ralph Nader and John McCain.

Following "Party Animals," Chaille pitched "Little Monk" to HBO after he heard a news story about a 6-year-old boy in India who was required by tradition to leave his family, friends and his toys to become a Buddhist monk in Tibet.

Chaille's latest project is "Granny Gets It On," a film dealing with AIDS and the elderly, filmed in Miami.

"I made the movie as a valentine to my grandmother," he said. "I wanted her to know that she's not bulletproof. A lot of grandmothers think they are. They didn't get sex education in school. You're still vulnerable, no matter how old you are."

His list of favorite directors includes Stanley Kubrick, Kenneth Branaugh, Steven Spielberg, Alfred Hitchcock, Francis Ford Coppola and Michael Moore.

"Of all the filmmakers, I want to meet Michael Moore," Chaille said of the controversial documentarian whose new film, "Fahrenheit 9/11" will be released June 25.

"His questions hit hard," he said of Moore's style.

Moore’s film may come to Varsity

Since you asked - June 11, 2004: "Now that the Michael Moore documentary 'Fahrenheit 9/11' has found a domestic distributor, when can we expect to see it in Southern Oregon?
Matt C., Medford"

Acclaimed Fahrenheit 9/11 Will Play In Nebraska

Nebraska - Acclaimed Fahrenheit 9/11 Will Play In Nebraska: "The controversial, internationally acclaimed documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 will open June 25at the Mary Riepma Ross film theater at the University of Nebraska, and at the AMC Oak View 24 in Omaha. "

Message Board: Reader Feedback

eBay item 6300861349 (Ends Jun-15-04 04:57:48 PDT) - Fahrenheit 9-11 EXPLODES at Cannes! michael moore

eBay item 6300861349 (Ends Jun-15-04 04:57:48 PDT) - Fahrenheit 9-11 EXPLODES at Cannes! michael moore

This video compiles televised footage of Mike making headlines in Europe with his new film and provides a few clips from it. It also includes interviews with investigative reporters and writers who provided the research behind Moore’s expose. One fascinating interview features the author of HOUSE OF BUSH, HOSUE OF SAUD, who also appears in Faherheit 9-11. The interview on this tape is not the one that is in the actual movie, but the author sums up the Saudi connection and provides a preview of what will be seen in the film.

The video will show the reaction of the media to Fahrenheit 9-11 and several brief clips from the movie.

There are commnetaries from several well known celebrities on Moore’s film, and a very funny take on the situation from comedian Lewis Black. The video comp. ends with Mike winning the coveted Palm D’or award and his humorous acceptance speech.The video will be filled with 2 FULL HOURS of Michael Moore promoting his film, public/media commentary, and other informative and entertaing clips.

Please note that some of this video is in French with subtitles, most of it is in English, and there may be a few clips where you will have to listen closely to hear Mike whose voice is heard under a French translator.

Yahoo! Buzz Index - Today's Top 20 Movies Searches

Yahoo! Buzz Index - Today's Top 20 Movies Searches


Rank Prev. Subject (Days on Chart) Move Score Rank Subject 1-Day Move
1 - 1 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (126) -70 238
2 - 2 Shrek 2 (45) 0 52
3 - 3 Shrek (48) 0 31
4 6 Michael Moore (24) +4 29


1 Blade: Trinity 167.26%
2 Sixteen Candles 77.09%
3 Fahrenheit 9-11 71.31%
4 Biker Boyz 69.48%

Wallace Baine: Del Mar lands controversial Moore film June 11, 2004

Wallace Baine: Del Mar lands controversial Moore film June 11, 2004: "There were a lot of high fives this week over at the Del Mar/Nickelodeon offices. Michael Moore�s sure-to-be explosive documentary 'FAHRENHEIT 9/11' was up for grabs, and it was up to the film�s distributors whether to place the film in the independent arthouse or the mainstream multiplex.
The Del Mar got the nod, which likely means healthy box-office numbers all summer long."

Hollywoodreporter: Controversy Hollywood's newest marketing tool

By Martin A. Grove

Controversial comments: Being controversial, which used to be the last thing filmmakers wanted to be known for, is fast becoming one of Hollywood's best new marketing tools.

An indication of how Moore is making the most of the controversy over his film came Thursday afternoon when publicists for the picture sent out what they called a "Fahrenheit 9/11 Pre-Pre Sunday Ad MEDIA ALERT." Media alerts are typically issued to let the press know what stars will be attending a film's premiere or participating in some other event hoping to attract media coverage. In this case, the media alert was issued to let us know there'd be an ad for the film -- described as "one of the most provocative and controversial films of the year" -- in this Sunday's New York Times.

In the end, it's not controversy that matters most at the boxoffice, it's really the media attention that controversy brings about. What that coverage in the media does is help a movie cut through the clutter that movie marketers must contend with these days. Controversy puts a film on the front page rather than on the movie page. If a movie is controversial it winds up leading the newscast rather than being buried 20 minutes later in some entertainment news capsule feature. Controversy gives a movie an opportunity to get its message across without being surrounded by a half dozen other big movies that are opening, too, or just opened.

Guardian Unlimited Film | Moore mania hotting up

Guardian Unlimited Film | News | Moore mania hotting up: "According to reports, the movie's official website registered more than 30 million hits when it went live last week, and has drawn an average of 20 million each day since then."

Thursday, June 10, 2004 Hollywood Applauds Fahrenheit - Daily News:

By Larry Carroll
Beverly Hills, CA

"The film's distributors have even gone so far as to establish a toll-free number (800/240-7073) and website to handle group and advance ticket sales. Unheard of for a film with no major stars, let alone a documentary, the move seems to indicate both the desire for audiences to see the film and the difficulty which they may encounter finding it at a theatre near them opening weekend.

Already, the word has begun to spread among the celebs that this is a film worth seeing. “I think this is one of the most important films ever made,” director Rob Reiner has gone on record as saying. 'It has the potential of actually affecting the election, and if it does, it will change the world. There are very few films or works of art that have a profound effect on world affairs, but this actually has the chance to change the world.'"

Fahrenheit 9/11 Tickets Now On Sale

Lions Gate Entertainment now has tickets on sale for Fahrenheit 9/11 nationwide.

Two New Posters for Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11

Coming Soon! - Latest News: has two posters for Fahrenheit 9/11. The image below is of the controversial teaser poster that will be featured in this Sunday's New York Times.

The second image is the film's official poster that was featured on the F911 Blog yesterday. It first appeared at the Hollywood Special Screening Tuesday night. Both posters are available at the F911 Photo Gallery.

'Fahrenheit' fever pitch (Variety)

'Fahrenheit' fever pitch (Variety)
Yahoo! News - Entertainment - Movies: "Variety - HOLLYWOOD -- After their Cannes triumph, Michael Moore and "Fahrenheit 9/11" made their Stateside bow in a high-energy event chockablock with Hollywood heavyweights."

This story was published using the RSS news feeder

Official F911 Poster that was revealed at the Hollywood event Tuesday night.

The Cincinnati Post: 'Fahrenheit 9/11' debuts locally June 25

The Cincinnati Post: "'We haven't opened any of Michael Moore's films before,' said an employee at Theatre Management, which runs the Esquire and Mariemont Theatres.
Jeff Lynch, 18, of Sycamore Township, owns a DVD of 'Bowling for Columbine' and plans to see 'Fahrenheit 9/11' if it comes to Cincinnati.
'I want to see what all the fuss is about,' said the 18-year-old, who plans to vote in his first presidential election this fall. 'It's an extremely influential movie that could have a lot of impact on the upcoming election.'
Known as a swing state, Ohio has 20 electoral votes coveted by campaigners.
'I think people are smart enough to know that this is someone who for a long time has had a clearly partisan agenda and is very angry,' said Heather Layman, spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee.
'I think people know what to expect when they go to see a movie like this,' Layman said.

NOTE: The Fellowship Adventure Group Web site is linked to the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count site listing the numbers of American casualties in Iraq.

Democrats, Interrupted: Kerry Campaign Rocks On

Democrats, Interrupted: Kerry Campaign Rocks On -- 06/10/2004:
By Susan Jones Morning Editor
June 10, 2004

The Kerry campaign and the Democratic National Committee have rescheduled two fund-raising concerts that were supposed to happen this week -- but were postponed because of President Ronald Reagan's death.

The Los Angeles concert, starring Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, Willie Nelson and Billy Crystal, will now take place on June 24. And the roster of performers for the July 8 concert in New York will be announced next week.

"Thanks to the cooperation and can-do spirit of the artists originally scheduled to perform this week, our producers, our technicians and production staff and the teams at Walt Disney Concert Hall and Radio City Music Hall, we are delighted to be able to announce that the Kerry Victory 2004 shows will go on in Los Angeles and New York," said Mary Beth Cahill, Kerry's campaign manager.

One of the producers of the Los Angeles concert is Harvey Weinstein, co-chair of Miramax. Weinstein also is helping the Kerry campaign by making sure that Michael Moore's Bush-bashing film, Farenheit 9/11, is distributed in the U.S.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Alexa Web Search - Movers and Shakers: Now #1 Mover, MM #10

Alexa Web Search - Movers and Shakers

Now that he has a distributor, Michael Moore's trailer for Fahrenheit 911 has the anticipated eyeballs, and has boosted the traffic to his own site.

Moving Up

#1 Mover

130,000% ~ Weekly Traffic Rank: 2,309 (was 1,345,721)

10. Mover
180% ~ Weekly Traffic Rank: 3,084 (was 9,536) - Michael Moore's '9/11' ignites Hollywood night - Michael Moore's '9/11' ignites Hollywood night:
"Actress and young voter Leelee Sobieski, who turns 22 today, was brought to tears by the film. She suggested it 'should be required for everyone in America to see as part of their education in high schools.'

Moore said the celeb turnout left him 'stunned' and 'honored.' Aiming to influence the presidential election, he vowed to keep his documentary in theaters through November.

Moore also said he intended to phone Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451, to express his regrets over Bradbury's negative reaction to Moore's film title, which Moore explained was 'an homage' to Bradbury."

Oscarwatch Forums - Variety: Beating the Bushes in H'w'd

Oscarwatch Forums - Fahrenheit 9/11 premiere photos: "Variety Magazine

Photo: Melissa George (Extra F911 Photo Gallery)
Mercury rises as Moore doc bows


After the Acad screening, Moore got a 70-second standing ovation that began during the closing credits.

While that applause was not as dramatic as the 20-minute ovation he received at Cannes, Tuesday's filmgoers offered a different (but equally impressive) tribute. After the screening, no one raced up the aisles to get to their car, no one pushed to be first at the reception, and people were talking about the film long after it ended -- three things that are surprisingly rare at Hollywood events.

Plenty of info

Guests quietly and slowly filed down the stairs to the reception in the Acad's lobby. "There's a lot to digest," said one about the film, which drew big laughs and tears from the capacity crowd.

Unspoolings marked the first public showing of a print bearing the credit "Lions Gate and IFC and Fellowship Adventure Group present ..." It was also the first showing of the final locked print, with a new sound mix and approximately 10 minutes of footage that was slightly tweaked after Cannes screenings (e.g., the Iraq body count) to make it as current as possible." : 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Sure to Heat Up Controversy : 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Sure to Heat Up Controversy:

"It was a Hollywood 'who's who' on the red carpet for the movie that many thought was too hot to handle. A-list celebrities including Drew Barrymore, Sharon Stone, Leonardo DiCaprio and Billy Crystal heated up the arrival line for the year's most controversial film, 'Fahrenheit 9/11.'

'I never come to premieres,' Barrymore told us. 'But I'm here at this one.' "

(Click the above link to see the Extra red carpet video interviews and photo gallery of the star studded premiere.) Movies: Stars React to 'Fahrenheit' Movies: Stars React to 'Fahrenheit':

"Tonight on ET, our own JANN CARL is with stars like LEONARDO DiCAPRIO, MATTHEW PERRY, SHARON STONE, JACK BLACK, CHRIS ROCK, DREW BARRYMORE and more at the film's first Hollywood screening to find out their opinions of the controversial documentary.

Watch ET for more on this controversial film! (Click the above link to see a video clip as Michael and Hollywood personalities respond to the F911 event last night.)"

AccessHollywood - Movies - 'Fahrenheit' Heats Up Hollywood

AccessHollywood - Movies - 'Fahrenheit' Heats Up Hollywood:

"The temperatures were rising in Hollywood on Tuesday night, as some serious celebs came out for the premiere of one of this summer's hottest films – Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11.

And while most of the stars in attendance declined to comment, those who did, made their feelings crystal clear.

'I think people are wising up and are going to start voting the right way,' said Danny DeVito, who was at the event with wife Rhea Perlman.

"Do you think seriously though, that this could impact the November elections?" Shaun asked.

"I hope it gets people to get out and vote," Moore concluded. - Chris Rock, Jack Black, Demi Moore At 'Fahrenheit' Premiere

by Corey Moss - Movies - News - Articles - 1488275 - 06092004: "BEVERLY HILLS, California - Michael Moore is convinced 'Fahrenheit 9/11' is the perfect summer movie for the MTV audience to check out.

"The film is full of Butt-heads," the director boasted Tuesday outside the premiere of the controversial documentary. "It's like invasion of the Butt-heads. They all go to D.C. and then another Butt-head, me, comes to try and save the day. And there's a tender love story somewhere in the midst of that."

That tender love story turned out to be a farce, but the film community, which turned out in droves for back-to-back screenings, was more than satisfied with the Butt-heads — Moore received standing ovations for the film, which is intensely critical of President Bush and his administration.

Part of the entertainment of "Fahrenheit 9/11," of course, is in the ridiculing of Bush. "This film displaces all authority," Moore said, laughing. "So if you're one of those people with a healthy disrespect for authority, this is your movie."

Moore would be more than happy, though, if the documentary did change the minds of Bush supporters or those on the fence. "I read one review where a critic said any swing voter who enters the theater swinging will leave the theater having swung," he said. "I kind of like that."

WireImage: Special Hollywood Fahrenheit 9/11 Screening Photo Gallery

WireImage: Listings

"Fahrenheit 9/11" Special Screening's at AMPAS and Music Hall Theatre - Photo Gallery (467 images) of Hollywood audience
June 8, 2004 - Academy Theatre and Music Hall Theatre
Beverly Hills, California USA

Alliance Atlantis to distribute Moore film

The Globe and Mail: "Toronto � Michael Moore's acclaimed and controversial film Fahrenheit 9/11 will open in Canada on June 25, Alliance Atlantis announced Wednesday after acquiring distribution rights in this country.

Jim Sherry, president of Canadian theatrical distribution for the company, negotiated the deal with Fellowship Adventure Group, which is controlled by Miramax founders Bob and Harvey Weinstein.

Alliance Atlantis's Salter Street Films was a producer of Moore's Academy Award-winning Bowling for Columbine along with Vif 2 and Dog Eat Dog Films. The film grossed $5.8-million in Canada, the highest box office recorded for a documentary film in this country.

"That film resonated with Canadian audiences so well that Canada's box office sales accounted for fully 23 per cent of the total North American box office, a significant achievement," said Victor Loewy, CEO of Alliance Atlantis Motion Picture Distribution LP.

'We're thrilled that Bob and Harvey are giving us the opportunity to do it all over again with Fahrenheit 9/11.'"

Rotten Tomatoes Fahrenheit 9/11 Poster, Media Reviews

Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004): Michael Moore

Rotten Tomatoes Dot Com is displaying the above F911 poster on their Critic Review page.

Informational Snapshot of RT Critic Review Page

Reviews counted: 16
Fresh: 13 Rotten: 3
Average Rating: 6.6/10

RT F911 Fresh Rating = 81%

"Not all of this information in the film is new. But it is packaged in an entertaining and provocative way that forces nagging thoughts to the forefront."
-- Jami Bernard, NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Dialogue with Michael Moore

May 17, 2004
By Gregg Kilday
Hollywood Reporter

THR: But since you knew Eisner had raised objections to the film a year ago, critics have charged the latest controversy has been a publicity stunt.

Moore: (The mainstream media has said): "Oh, this is a Michael Moore/Harvey Weinstein publicity stunt. They're real good at generating publicity." Really? Yeah, like when this happened with "Kids" and "Dogma," all that publicity, all the controversy, really made the boxoffice soar for those two films, didn't it? They both died. This is not going to help sell tickets. No filmmaker wants to be told two months before the film is going to be released that you've lost your main distributor. I'm curious why it's reported that way instead of: What the hell is Disney doing here? These media companies are given a public trust, and part of the arrangement with this society is that, OK, we'll accept the fact you can have private control over information, but in giving you that private control and allowing you to make profits, you are to allow all voices to be heard. Nobody has pointed out the extreme irony of Disney saying they don't want to get involved in a partisan film in a political year when they syndicate the Sean Hannity radio show, they carry Rush Limbaugh on their ABC-owned stations, the ABC Family channel carries Pat Robertson every night. When's somebody going to call them on it?

Film Industry Gives Controversial Iraq Film Ovation

By Arthur Spiegelman

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (Reuters) - Director Michael Moore's controversial anti-Iraq war film "Fahrenheit 9/11" won a standing ovation on Tuesday night from an audience of film industry professionals attending its West Coast debut at Academy Award headquarters.

After an audience of more than 600 people in the theater of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences cheered, whistled and laughed their way through the two-hour film, they jumped to their feet to give Moore a standing ovation as he took the stage.

Clearly buoyed by the reception, Moore, whose film is scathingly critical and mocking of President Bush, declared: "There has been a shift in this country. ... The average American is finally beginning to figure it out. We were duped (into invading Iraq)."

In his remarks on Tuesday, Moore predicted "Fahrenheit 9/11" will do three times as well as his Columbine movie, which earned a record amount for a documentary film, $21.5 million.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

NPR : Miramax's Future Leadership in Doubt

NPR : Miramax's Future Leadership in Doubt: "Disputes over budgets, autonomy and compensation have raised tensions between Miramix founders Harvey and Bob Weinstein and parent company Walt Disney. The brothers' contract with Disney is due to expire next year, leading many to speculate whether Disney will oust them from the leadership of Miramax, the former indie film company they founded and turned into a powerhouse. NPR's Kim Masters reports. (Audio Interview)"

Not to be confused with the Oscars - MTV Music Awards

U-San Bernardino County Sun - FILM

"While the accent was on laughs, Saturday's taping wasn't entirely devoid of politics. Jack Black, given the nod for best comedic performance for his turn in 'The School of Rock,' accepted his golden bucket of popcorn in a John Kerry T-shirt.

In a previously taped segment, director Michael Moore presented an award -- but not before plugging his controversial new documentary 'Fahrenheit 9/11,' which, among other things, criticizes President Bush for his response to the terrorist attacks and for the Iraq War. The film opens June 25.

'It's got car chases, big explosions, love scenes,' a deadpan Moore said. 'It's the perfect summer movie. I don't know why that guy in the White House is so worried about it.'"

The MTV Music awards premiere Thursday on MTV.

Photo: Uma Thurman reacts after winning the Best Female Performance award for her role in 'Kill Bill Vol. 1' during the 2004 MTV Movie Awards on Saturday, June 5, 2004 in Culver City, California. Celebrating with Thurman is Quentin Tarantino, who directed the film. REUTERS/Jim Ruymen

Quentin Tarantino was the president of the Jury at the 57th Cannes Film Festival that awarded 'Fahrenheit 9/11' the Palme d'Or award last month.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Hollywood revs up in effort to beat Bush

Philadelphia Inquirer | 06/06/2004 | Hollywood revs up in effort to beat Bush: "Movies with political ambition will be playing on the big screen, too:

Michael Moore's Cannes-conquering Fahrenheit 9/11; John Sayles' Silver City, in which Chris Cooper plays an inarticulate president from a right-wing dynasty; at least two Kerry-celebrating documentaries; and an environmental horror flick already playing the red states, The Day After Tomorrow.

Does any of these have a chance of changing minds? There's little precedent, says Kathleen Hall Jamieson, communications professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Many predicted The Right Stuff would guarantee the presidency for former astronaut John Glenn in 1984, she notes.

But in a tight election, anything might tip the balance, says Rob Richie, executive director of the Center for Voting and Democracy.

New York Times columnist Frank Rich says watch out for Fahrenheit 9/11, which charges that Bush has bungled the terror war and sent U.S. troops to Iraq for specious reasons.

The film feasted on free publicity when Disney blocked its subsidiary Miramax from distributing it. Miramax's co-chiefs, the Weinstein brothers, since have bought the film on their own and are teaming with Lions Gate and IFC Films for a June 25 release.

'The more fighting there is about the film before its release, the more publicity, the more it becomes that kind of show-business phenomenon where people just feel they have to see it to have an opinion, even if it's to hate it . . .,' Rich says.

The Day After Tomorrow may make people think about global warming, but if it doesn't have a tipping effect, it won't be for lack of trying by MoveOn. The group held a rally last month at the New York premiere, where 500 members heard speakers including former Vice President Al Gore, who lit into the Bush record on the environment.

Last weekend, MoveOn dispatched 8,000 volunteers to leaflet moviegoers leaving theaters across the country.

Richie predicts that the film will preach to the converted: "What it will tend to do is harden beliefs of those who think it is important to do more - like MoveOn"

Note: Last week, I contacted the public relations firm for MoveOn to find out if the national organization would launch a national campaign for F911 that was simliar their "The Day After Tomorrow" effort. Below is their unedited reply:

No plans yet but we'll let you know if something changes.
Michael Khoo
Senior Account Executive
FENTON | communications

WorldNetDaily: Ray Bradbury rips Michael Moore

WorldNetDaily: Ray Bradbury rips Michael Moore: "Author Ray Bradbury has ripped into filmmaker Michael Moore for using the title 'Fahrenheit 9/11' for his new Bush-bashing movie, an obvious takeoff on the 84-year-old's science-fiction classic 'Fahrenheit 451.'

Judging by an interview with the author conducted by the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter, Bradbury is steamed.

'Michael Moore is a screwed a--hole, that is what I think about that case,' Bradbury said according to an English translation of the story. 'He stole my title and changed the numbers without ever asking me for permission.'

When asked if he agrees with Moore's political positions, Bradbury replied, "That has nothing to do with it. He copied my title; that is what happened. That has nothing to do with my political opinions."

Note: This article appeared in the Worldnetdaily and Washington Post on June 3rd.

Today, Internet Broadcasting Systems sent the Bradbury story to all their member TV stations. There is an interesting line in the IBS article that reads:

As of this printing, there was no response to Bradbury's interview on Moore's Web site.

We will watch the developments of this story as it unfolds.

Internet Broadcasting Systems

All "Top 10" US Nielsen markets
22 of the Top 25 markets, covering 93% of in-market Households

41 of the Top 50 markets, covering 89% of in-market Households

60 markets in total, covering 64% of all US Households

(Source: Nielsen)

Ebert & Roeper, The Big Movies of the Spring

Ebert & Roeper, The Big Movies of the Spring:

Over the weekend, Ebert & Roeper reviewed "FAHRENHEIT 9/11".

According to a Rotten Tomatoes forum post , in a thread discussion regarding the F911 poster:

"Regardless (of the poster), did anyone see Ebert & Roeper? They raved endlessly about this movie. i think that's the longest they've ever spent on talking about a movie."

Click the title link to find out if the TV show will be broadcast in your region this week.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

First Look at the Fahrenheit 9/11 Poster

Coming Soon! - Latest News

Fahrenheit 911 Poster Posted by Hello

FAIR ACTIVISM UPDATE: Eisner's Fantasyland Excuse for Censorship

FAIR ACTIVISM UPDATE: Eisner's Fantasyland Excuse for Censorship: "On the television network that his company owns, Disney CEO Michael Eisner dismissed the idea that forbidding Disney subsidiary Miramax to distribute a controversial new documentary by Michael Moore was a form of censorship. 'We informed both the agency that represented the film and all of our companies that we just didn't want to be in the middle of a politically-oriented film during an election year,' he told ABC World News Tonight (5/5/04), referring to Moore's Fahrenheit 911, which examines the connections between the Bush family and the House of Saud that rules Saudi Arabia.

On its face, Eisner's statement will have a chilling effect. A major movie studio with an announced policy of only releasing apolitical films, in an election year or any other year, will discourage filmmakers from tackling important themes and impoverish the American political debate. (That Moore and Miramax were given advance warning of this policy hardly mitigates its censorious impact.)

But Eisner's statement cannot be taken at face value, because Disney, through its various subsidiaries, is one of the largest distributors of political, often highly partisan media content in the country-- virtually all of it right-wing.

So what is the real reason it won't distribute Moore's movie? The explanation that Moore's agent said he was offered by Eisner-- that Disney was afraid of losing tax breaks from Florida Gov. Jeb Bush-- is more persuasive than Eisner's obviously false public rationale. But more relevant may be Disney's financial involvement with a member of the same Saudi family whose connections to the Bush dynasty are investigated by Moore. Prince Al-Walid bin Talal, a billionaire investor who is a grandson of Saudi Arabia's King Fahd, became a major investor in Disney's Eurodisney theme park when it was in financial trouble, and may be asked to bail out the troubled project again.

Whatever the true motive of Disney's decision to reject Moore's film, it's not the one that Eisner and other company spokespersons are advancing in public. Journalists covering the issue should go beyond Disney's transparent PR stance and explore the real motivations involved.