Sunday, October 03, 2004

Michael Moore's Blog: The Clock to November 2nd Keeps on A-Tickin'

Michael Moore's Blog: The Clock to November 2nd Keeps on A-Tickin�: "Hello, my long lost blog. It’s the first time since Elk Rapids that I’ve had a minute to write. Doing two cities a day is not wise for one in need of just one night of sleep, real sleep. But what else am I to do? What else can any of us do at this point? The clock to November 2nd keeps on a-tickin’.

I have just left Tampa after doing four cities in Florida this weekend. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, were registered to vote. Jacksonville on Friday night was like a party; complete with a DJ who would start up some Black Eyed Peas every time I said something that made the audience start to clap. I was introduced by Congresswoman Corinne Brown, one of the members of Congress in F911 who was not allowed to speak when the Florida vote was being certified. There were nearly 3,000 people outdoors in the park in the oppressive Florida heat. A lone protester kept shouting “Go back to Michigan!” I assumed he was a fellow Michigander who knew all too well that I would never survive the humidity.

Saturday, I did an outdoor rally on the campus of the University of Central Florida in Orlando. About 5,000 stood out in the sun with me as we all had a good laugh over the debate from Thursday night. Poor Bush, he sure loves Poland. And “hard work.” He said so about a dozen times. Howard Fineman put it best when he said that Bush showed up with 35 minutes worth of material for a 90-minute debate. He had three lines he just kept repeating over and over. That might work with a gym full of dittoheads who would slurp up any ol’ gibberish he might shovel to them like a broken record, but that crow don’t fly when you have to talk to the majority of the American people. We are smarter than you. Those weird reaction shots from Bush were priceless – especially the Three Stooges double takes when he was confused by the clear and complete sentences Kerry was reciting. And what was that moment where he blurted out “LET ME FINISH!” when he was in the middle of saying something – and NO ONE had said anything to cut him off?! Bizarre.

Saturday night was spent in a beautiful auditorium a few blocks down the street from Jeb’s house in Tallahassee. Standing room only – with hundreds forced to listen to it outdoors over a loudspeaker. The same stage I spoke on two weeks before the 2000 election. (See Tallahassee Hi-Ho in Stupid White Men) This might have been the most energized crowd of the tour (or at least a tie with Central Michigan University). Here, at the scene of The Crime, the crime victims from November 2000 are angrily seeking restitution.
Someone says the Secretary of State down the street is threatening to toss out all voter registration forms that have been filled out in blue ink! The people around me are ready to march down to his office and burn it down. I tell them that that would mean all the voter rolls would go up in flames, too. Calmer heads prevail. But I promise to push the media to cover this story and find out if it is true and if it is, to raise holy hell.

I feel good about Michigan in this election, just as long as the publicly-stated Republican Party plan to “depress the Detroit vote” (read: stop black people from voting) doesn’t succeed. C’mon, we got a Canadian-born woman for governor and another liberal woman as our junior senator, plus Senator Carl Levin, the world champion Pistons, the White Stripes AND Eminem (photo) – how can we go wrong?


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