Saturday, October 02, 2004

The Malta Independent Daily Website: So, finally it’s here

The Malta Independent Daily Website: "Fahrenheit 9/11 is astounding. Not as much as a film – although it is cunning and moving – but as an event. What makes it an event is the fact that it is an effective and independent intervention into immediate world politics. It is also a historical landmark. It is a work inspired by hope.

The film is an attack on US President George W. Bush and, sadly, it is really and truly accurate. It is a patriotic work. All the statements formulated in the film have been factually backed up.

Granted this film has a political agenda but, as Moors himself said, “I don’t like that this film be reduced to Bush vs. Kerry. The issues in it are larger than that… When Clinton was President, I went after him and, if Kerry is President, on day two, I’ll be on him.”

It is Leftist propaganda! Well, you would think so if you are a pawn in the Right’s hand.

However, to denigrate it as propaganda is either naïve or perverse, forgetting (deliberately?) what the last century should have taught us.

But Moore’s barbs aren’t aimed just at President Bush. “The unstated villain in the film is the national American media,” he states."
The Malta Independent Daily


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