Tuesday, November 02, 2004

ana clara voog - one last plea to the nonvoters

ana clara voog - one last plea to the nonvoters: "'What you do is of little significance, but it is very important that you do it.' - ghandi

i understand why some people are not voting today.
i could easily be one of them!
but it makes me sad.
i know the choices aren't great.
i know the electoral system sucks.
i know maybe the entire thing is even rigged.
and i'm NOT sure if kerry will be better about the war in iraq.

but i VOTED because:
1) i could be wrong! so why not vote? it can't HURT!
2) i know bush is crazy a fuck! you know ANYONE would be better!
3) kerry will at LEAST let women have the right to control their own bodies and he will not try to pass an amendment that forbids certain people the basic human right of marriage. this is VERY important!
if for any other reason, don't vote for YOU, for for the other people whose freedoms and lives are being trampled!
4) maybe your vote won't count, buy MAYBE it WILL! just on the chance that it will count, DO IT! it can't HURT! but letting out freedom's and the freedom's of others slip through our fingers just because we are apathetic is not at all cool! it is selfish! people are DYING, human rights are being trampled! people and the earth are SUFFERING, can you really sit back and do nothing when you have a CHANCE to help, perhaps?
PLEASE, how much time out of your day will it take to know that MAYBE you helped end SOME suffering? COME ON!"


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