Monday, November 01, 2004

John Kerry Says He Likes Eminem's "Mosh"

John Kerry Says He Likes Eminem's "Mosh": "In what looks like a clean cut case of pandering, John Kerry said, in a recent MTV interview, that he liked Eminem's new Bush-Bashing song called 'Mosh'.

With the election just one day away, Senator Kerry may be trying to appeal to the MTV crowd, but his latest ploy, if recognized by media outlets, may backfire.

During the MTV interview, Kerry was asked this question:

MTV-'Last time we talked, in March, you said that it's important to listen to hip-hop because it gives you a sense of what's going on in the street. Have you heard the new Eminem song that's been out?'

Kerry responded saying: 'You know, I heard Eminem on 'Saturday Night Live' last night. I heard the song that he did. I don't know if that's part of his new [album] or not. I liked it. But that's the only thing that I've heard in the last weeks. I'm on the trail. I'm campaigning every day.'

Ok, so the potential future leader of the free world listens to rap music?"

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