Monday, November 01, 2004

Why I Voted For W (Audio)

Audio Interview

Several days after the interview, I asked Bill about how opposite this two points were from each other.
He had also thought about how supporting war and being a pro-lifer were contradictory. At first he said that he had rushed to pick his voting points, but I reminded him that he had fill up a yellow sticky post-a-note with many points and selected those two from his list.

He pondered this for a moment while I discussed details the war he did not know.
Like the war was going to be short and swift. We were going to be in and out.
Then we strapped a billion dollar debt on the Iraq people for $500-$900 billion dollars. (BushCo wants the oil to flow.)
Then we hired a bunch of outside contractors to do work in Iraq - taking away local employment.
The war will never be finished because the governments objectives continue to shift from day-to-day, week-to-week.

Then he said that Washington State always votes democrat
and his vote really didn't matter
and he felt that if Bush remain in power
he would screw things up so bad
that people would revolt.

His reasoning is that "a revolution" is right around the corner
and Bush would simply get it going sooner than later.

Bill does not read the news or keep up on current events. As a free thinker, he came to these conclusions on his own.


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