Sunday, October 31, 2004

MSNBC - Transcript for October 31

MSNBC - Transcript for October 31: "MR. GIULIANI: Yeah, I think that's correct and I think it has to be treated that way. I think Americans have to unite and this should not be a partisan political issue. I think President Bush reacted to it exactly the right way. He said, 'I'm sure Senator Kerry joins me in saying that this man should have no influence in our election,' and then John Kerry turned right around and tried to politicize it, and tried to make the point, well, he hasn't been captured, he hasn't been this, he hasn't been that.

Well, the fact is, and if you want to be clear about the rest of the statement, bin Laden--he certainly didn't say he was in favor of John Kerry and I'm sure he's not but he certainly wants George Bush out of the White House. He went on and repeated Michael Moore's diatribe against President Bush, almost word for word, as if he had watched that movie and been influenced by it in some way, and he makes the point, he talks about George Bush lying and things like that, almost things coming out of a political campaign. So, I mean, I think that bin Laden should be discounted in this election. But there's no question that he very much opposes George Bush, and I think there's a reason for that, because the man's on the run."


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