Tuesday, November 02, 2004

DNC: Kicking Ass Blog - Election Day Open Thread 11/2

DNC: Kicking Ass - Election Day Open Thread 11/2: "Greetings from Tallahassee. Michael Moore finished up his Slacker Uprising Tour here last night and the news crews have already descended on this quiet southern city. I'm getting ready to spend the day as a poll watcher (I'm bringing my video camera with me, just in case!) and canvassing board member, so I don't have much time for blogging, but I didn't want to leave without giving my 'game day' predictions:

John Kerry will win this election with 300+ Electoral Votes.
John Kerry will carry the Great State of Florida by a margin of at least 5%
Kerry will win and he'll win comfortably, but he can't do it without your help.

Get out there and fight, my friends! Take the day off work or school and volunteer to help get out the vote and ensure a free and fair election.

Have a fine Democratic day!


Posted by Kevin W @ 11/2/04, 05:44 AM "

Today is a bright day for America and the world. Just voted in NY. Line was long but not terrible. As usual the poll workers were ill-prepared and had a lot of confusion, several people were turned away because they couldn't find their names + we changed our voting location for the first time in 10 years. Bring your registration card & double check your voting place!
NY is safe, I'm flying to Detroit this afternoon to work there.
To Victory!
Posted by Kuo-Yu Liang @ 11/2/04, 07:36 AM

NYC Update: My daughter went to her polling place on 78th at 6 am and there were over 200 people already in line! She was scheduled stand outside of NBC (Katie Couric and Matt Lauer) for the DNC with signs, but they wouldn't let her in; wanted to confiscate her buttons and signs. She said this has never happened before, so boycott that show.
Posted by Cyn NY @ 11/2/04, 07:37 AM

I had a happy walk this morning. ALL of the Bush signs in my neighborhood have disappeared! (Kerry and other signs still around). I live in a snooty neighborhood and there were quite a few Bush signs.
I have been hyper aware of the signs for the past month since I started listening to "Songs that inspired Farenheit 9/11" in my walkman—It stirs me up and makes me want to pull a few signs myself. Although I didn't.
It was a wonderful feeling walking through a Bush-free world! It will be even better tomorrow!
To all those poll workers, watchers, etc,—you rock!
Posted by Librarian from Georgia @ 11/2/04, 07:46 AM

Lots of people in line today. Lots of young people, too. Looks good!
Posted by Melissa @ 11/2/04, 08:14 AM

I went to the rally in Cleveland last night to see President Kerry and Bruce Springsteen. I stood for almost 4 hours, but it was worth it. Over 50,000 people showed up. I got little sleep but I'm running on adrenaline.
I voted on my way into work this morning. Usually there are 3 people. Today there were about 60 people. I saw lots of Kerry stickers on the cars in the parking lot.
Kerry/Edwards in a landslide!!
Posted by Blue Jay @ 11/2/04, 08:37 AM


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