Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Tallahassee Democrat | All's quiet (aside from Michael Moore and that cow)

Tallahassee Democrat | All's quiet (aside from Michael Moore and that cow): "Michael Moore drew thousands of mostly young voters to an evening rally ending his 62-city 'Slacker Uprising' tour. The director of 'Farenheit 9/11' traversed the country for months to urge a large turnout for Kerry. Moore said he chose Tallahassee 'because this is where it all began.... This is the scene of the crime.'
Moore assembled a phalanx of 16 young people with video cameras, who he said would be on call to record any problems at the polls today.
'We're not going away,' he said. 'When John Kerry is elected president, we'll turn our cameras on him and be sure he does his job.'
As they have through two weeks of early voting, young people seemed to dominate the turnout. That included Brett Kushner, who came to the courthouse dressed as a cow - his Halloween costume.
'I was up all night and didn't have time to change,' Kushner said. 'So I just came on down.'
With 27 electoral votes, polls rating the state a tossup and a heated U.S. Senate race, Florida was bound to get a lot of attention. But given that the state was the focal point of 36 days of court fights and street demonstrations after the 2000 presidential race, Tallahassee braced for an even greater onslaught this time."


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