Tuesday, November 02, 2004

"Slacker Uprising Tour" Crew Blog: Election 2004 Blog

"Slacker Uprising Tour" Crew BlogSomething to Watch:

As many readers are already aware, Republican-appointed judges in the Ohio State Supreme Court came to a troubling 2-1 decision late yesterday to allow partisan poll-watchers into polling sites across the state, giving rise to concerns that many minority voters in predominately Democratic precincts will have their votes challenged at the polls. Republicans, who have been behind the effort to allow partisan challenges on a voter-by-voter basis, claim to be concerned about voter fraud, but in truth they’re concerned that a heavy African-American and Hispanic turnout could swing Ohio into the Kerry category. Based on reports from members of Mike’s Video Army who are operating on the ground in cities like Cleveland and Columbus, the challenges have begun. These challenges could potentially cause unmanageable delays which could result in a very late night for the people of Cuyahoga County and indeed the whole of our country. The good people at Election Protection, as well as others, will be working to ensure that everyone gets to cast their vote today – we just have be patient.

More updates to come…


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