Friday, November 05, 2004

War Must End or Humanity Will's Journal: Let's fantasize

War Must End or Humanity Will's Journal: "My proposed reforms for the United States of Canada:

1. Everyone over 18 will be required to vote.

2. National debates, when they occur, will be the only damn thing on TV.

3. The Fairness in the Media Act (scrapped during Reagan) will be reinstated. This means equal time for differing points of views on radio, TV or newspapers. No more claims of liberal bias or right wing Fox News slants. No more hate talk radio!!!

4. There will be no less than 3 major political parties for President.

5. Tax cuts will be given to those who deserve it. This means people who, for example, do the following:

A. Recycle their trash
B. Purchase a hybrid car
C. Start a business that creates jobs for other people
D. Coach a high school soccer team
E. Buy an old house and fix it up
F. Teach someone how to read"


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