Thursday, November 04, 2004

ana clara voog - Nov. 3

ana clara voog -: "i'm not in shock.
i'm not going to cry.
i am very sad, tho.
and very disappointed.
i can't even write the words about who won.
i can't say his name again.
and i can't say the words 'wins' after his name.
i just can't go there yet.

they may have won the option to control the physical world.
and the physical world is a crappier place for it.
but i will not let them ruin my life.
they may have won control of the physical world, but they cannot control my spiritual world, my emotional world, and my inner world of creativity or my soul.
i still have my boyfriend, my dogs, and my yarn, my music, and my spirituality and my soul.
they will never win or control these things ever.

it gives me that much more resolve to better myself as a human being,
to become more spiritual and altruistic, and to give back as much positive energy into this world that i can, in every small way i can.

serendipity and random acts of kindness can not be taken over.
they have not won over love or joy or the vastness of the universe.

like the who's from whoville....we all join hands in a circle and sing our hearts out even tho all the physical aspects of our celebration of joy and giving has been taken from us. we still have left the most important things to give and share with each other. we still have our hearts, and we can still sing and love each other.

and i doubt the grinch in the white house will have a heart that grows, because i don't think he has a heart.
but that is neither here nor there nor can i control that.

i let go of this.
and i return to my life to create more joy despite him/them."


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