Wednesday, November 03, 2004

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Hello friends. I can't tell you how sorry we are. We (Karen & I) are sick. I know how you all feel.
We live in Ohio & feel like the epicenter of let-down here.

I don't understand why Kerry is conceding this soon. There are too many irregularities; too many votes not counted yet; too many QUESTIONS concerning the turnout, the exit polls- the people standing in line for hours after polls closed, the precincts running out of ballots and making paper ones & passing them out in line.

We are so sorry!

Posted by Chuck @ 11/3/04, 12:11 PM

Thats It.
I see no reason to live under this tyrany for 4 more years.
I am leving this country. It is obiously not my country. Not Free. Jack Boots all around.
& Kerry can go to hell to.

Posted by QuarryGirl @ 11/3/04, 12:12 PM

So much for my short-lived life as a Dem. I am switching back to independent. All that time and money I spent for nothing.
My precious sons will be scooped up and sent to an unjust war :-(
I hate this country. I am furious at John Kerry for conceding. I tried to remain positive throughout last night. It was fruitless.
Well, at least Jon Stewart is guaranteed four more years of great material. Maybe he is happy. I doubt it.

Posted by Rose @ 11/3/04, 12:14 PM

I supported John Kerry even when he didn't support my Gay constitutional rights, I will not support him or this party again. They PROMISED to fight until EVERY vote was counted they lied. They and the whole party can go Fuck themselves. 20 years of supporting them and this is how I get repaid. The repugs were right. John Kerry is a flip-flopper, and he flipped us and he flopped.


Posted by Burnsey JK #44 TODAY @ 11/3/04, 12:15 PM

Hello {{{all}}},
Do not give up! After participating in this blog the past week or so, I have read many astute, passionate, thoughtful posts about standing up for what's right!
Don't stop now! I do not want to be ashamed to be a Democrat, and the party does need re-tooling, so let's get to work.
Hell, I don't shop at Wal-Mart, so that's out of the way, now let's get that list of businesses to quit supporting, let's continue the emails, and get folks together to find solutions for the problems that will continue to plague working people.
Let's take back the Democratic party and make it whole again. The repubs did it to theirs (or at least many of the members are brainwashed to believe so!)
Besides, you are all truly inspiring, and don't you just love a GOOD FIGHT?
Hope this blog stays open, I'll be back later, but now have to get back to school & work.
Peace & love to all! :)

Here's a great piece today:…

Posted by T. Lacey @ 11/3/04, 12:19 PM


At 3:55 PM, Blogger Chuck said...

Just testing to see if this thing will work.

At 6:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Democratic Party is beyond repair. I thought it was true in 2000, but campaigned for Kerry even though I didn't 100% believe in him... had only about... 30%. faith in him. I'll never vote Democratic again, it's just the second party of big money. We've got to build something new from the grassroots.


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