Wednesday, November 03, 2004

November 3: Democracy Not Disenfranchisement!

Michigan IMC: newswire/7573Concerned Citizens in Columbus Join Thousands Across Ohio & US to Demand Justice in Elections and Beyond
Outraged Ohio residents and pro-democracy, peace, and social justice organizations will take to the streets to demand "Real Democracy, Not Disenfranchisement" in demonstrations at the state capital building, as well as 4 cities across Ohio, and in over 35 cities across the US. The Columbus demonstrations will commence at 12 noon at the Columbus Statehouse and will be followed by gatherings at the Columbus Federal Building. A broad coalition of groups have come together to organize these events including the Columbus and Toledo League of Pissed Off Voters, Bowling Green Reach Out, Central Ohio Peace Network and North-West Ohio Peace Coalition. These events have been coordinated to coincide with other Ohio actions planned in Toledo, Cleveland, Oxford, Athens and Cincinnati.

"This is a true grassroots mobilization to take back the democratic process from the pundits and the stronghold of the Republican and Democratic National Parties," declared Alessandra Hernandez. "We have seen thousands of people newly activated by an election process that routinely marginalizes the voices of the people most in need, and we are here to say we have had enough. Democracy begins with each one of us, and it begins today!"


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