Thursday, November 04, 2004

How? - Independent Media TV

How? - Independent Media TV: "How?
November 03, 2004
By: Melissa Carr
Independent Media TV

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Melissa Carr

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Independent Media TV

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Election 2004

Watching the outcomes of the elections, I can only describe a surreal experience. One question kept reverberating in my head: HOW? How could a president who has failed the American people on domestic issues, threatened world relations with his hegemonic posture, and refused to accept basic facts win a second term? All of the major media outlets had a canned response to my question: �The issue most voters thought was most important was moral values.� That claim had me seeing more red than I saw when projected Bush victories were posted on television maps. I can�t help but wonder how my own morals and values have grown so polarized from theirs. "


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