Thursday, November 04, 2004

DNC: Kicked InThe Ass Blog - Statement from John Kerry

DNC: Kicking Ass - Statement from John Kerry: "I was a kerry Blogger but that site has shut down…I'll be hanging my hat here now…:)

I disliked one aspect of the Kerry Blog…to wit they were koolaid drinkers…i.e. disparaging any constructive criticism online and suggesting any such comments be sent to

This poorly run campaign made my blood boil…I sent emails, faxes and phone calls and my advice was not headed….if it was John Kerry would be our President Elect. This campaign was winnable if properly managed.

Posted by Eliezer BenEfraim @ 11/3/04, 09:49 PM

About 2 months prior to the Democratic National Convention. Yours truly didn't stay on the sidelines either…besides contributing I canvassed with our committed and dedicated volunteers in Allentown.

Jack, I have a 7 page word document I could email to you…but in broad strokes we lost this campaign when we changed campaign managers to bring on Lockhart and the Clinton group after the primaries. They did not understand the Senators history and continued to make multiple mistakes when appearing as talking heads on network talk shows.

We did not take the battle to the President on major issues and had a love feast at our Convention rather than attack this failed President unmercifully. Who was the artitech of that decision?

We still had time to recover but Kerry's rapid response team did not get the Candidates attention and their often was a disconnect between their defense of the candidate and what John Kerry was saying. Here are some examples:

1. Terrorism: Bush gets a complete pass from KERRY who expected Michael Moore to do his dirty work. Sorry, America didn't see Farhenheit 911. You John Kerry had to tell them about it. 2. Supporting the Troops. 3. 87B Supplemental 4. Global Test 5. Nuisance Remark

We were constantly being told that Kerry was a closer but he never closed on big issues and shifted the advantage to Bush.

Posted by Eliezer BenEfraim @ 11/3/04, 10:10 PM


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