Thursday, November 04, 2004

shannonkringen: a n g e r ...

shannonkringen: a n g e r ...: "i am trying to not let the heartless bastards get me down! feeling very angry about the election. yelled 'heil bushler' on my way to the bank today and flipped off newspapers with his sickening smile on the covers. i am with ana in being loving despite the fuckers who steal elections, worship war,think they can do no wrong and never apologize for their crimes against the environment and humanity and keep telling us 'we are making progress'. how could anyone fall for their bullshit? bushit. i don't find bush comforting at all. he creeps me out. i don't trust him or any of his 'LITERAL partners in crime'.

on this morning they said many minorities were not allowed to vote and many ballots got tossed out. with no paper trail it's IMPOSSIBLE to tell how many real votes there are.

they are saying bush won not so much cuz of votes he got but because of votes that were not counted. they have lawsuits pending about this election. this time people are going to FIGHT for more truth.

because of this scary situation all the more reason to spread around love and kindness and things that support and not destroy human beings, plants and animals. keep diversity and creativity alive.

i think the whole bush administration lives in a delusional cartoon version of reality. 'cowboys and indians'. either they are evil or totally in denial of their own fucking shadows and how much HARM they are causing domestically, economically, environmentally and internationally.

the bush administrations policies are fueling violence in the world. their actions generate a lot of anger and provoke people into wanting to fight back. our national security is weakened not strengthened by those fuckers. threatening 'terrorists' and bombing only invites more of the same."


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