Friday, November 05, 2004 - IT'S BUSHNESS AS USUAL - IT'S BUSHNESS AS USUAL: "GEORGE Bush yesterday vowed to press forward with his controversial war on terror 'until the enemy is defeated'.

And he warned the rest of the civilised world it was their duty to join him in smashing rebels who threaten world peace.

With words that will sink the hearts of those who hoped the war- mongering US president might have mellowed, he brushed aside his global unpopularity and insisted protecting Americans was his number one duty.

He was unrepentant on the invasion of Iraq, despite no weapons of mass destruction being found and the loss of hundreds of American troops since hostilities ended.

The president said at the White House: 'I made some very hard decisions to protect ourselves and spread peace and freedom.
'I understand that in certain capitals and certain countries those decisions were not popular."


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