Saturday, October 23, 2004

Michael Moore in Rye: You must organize to get out the vote

Michael Moore in Rye: You must organize to get out the voteRYE — Oscar winning filmmaker and best-selling author Michael Moore told Granite Staters Thursday that voting for John Kerry was not enough.

With many potential voters already having decided which candidate to support this November, Moore said organizing to get fellow citizens out to the polls would be more crucial in effort to defeat President Bush.

"I think the rest of us would really hate to wake up Nov. 3 and see this state red — a whole sea of blue in this part of the country and there’s New Hampshire," Moore said.

The approximately 200 people who gathered to see Moore speak at Rye Airfield shot back with a resounding "no," when Moore asked, "We’re not going to let that happen are we?"

Thursday’s stop was number 38 of Moore’s 60-city "Slackers Uprising" tour of 20 battleground states.

"I wish you could be with me on this tour, because you would have a lot of cautious optimism as to how things are going," Moore told the crowd.

Hmmmm. By using the internet more effectively, Michael could have taken us all on the tour with him.

The "Slacker Uprising Tour" Crew Blog is a step in the right direction. Hopefully, it will be updated regualarly with multimedia reports over the last 10 days of the tour. -JOlmsted


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