Thursday, October 21, 2004

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American Voices | Foolproof Performing ArtsJulie Furlong here.... I understand you were trying to reach me - and
do I read correctly that you were doing so the day before the Michael Moore appearance???

I have read the exchange of emails below and I feel that we should probably clarify -

This is, by far, the largest venue in which we have held a performance.

Just to give you an idea of the magnitude of this, you were one of about 75 - 100 "media representatives" with whom we were in contact related to information and the media passes we were allotted - however, the day before the show, when you contacted the office, those media passes were long gone.... We typically start working with the media six weeks in advance (in this case, the day the show was announced).

I, unfortunately, was out of town the day before and the day of the Michael Moore event and left the Foolproof office with a completed media pass list that had been meticulously compiled during the previous week.

What you need to know is that until 10 am on Tuesday 10/19 - the day of the show - there was to be NO NEWS CONFERENCE - PER Michael Moore. He changed his mind that morning and our office was informed of this change. In my absence - the staff did an incredible job trying to reach all they could to advise of this change, given the many other tasks they
had at hand.

It is clear that you are not an event producer - otherwise you would understand that the day before and the day of an event (not to mention, one of this size) the staff are barely able to breathe - much less handle very last minute inquiries, ticket sales etc. and, in particular, with such a change as adding a news conference, to handle my job in addition to theirs.

I have read what you put on your "website", and find it unfortunate that this type of derision seems appropriate given the circumstances. I suppose that snippets of this email will be added to your blog - and only ask that you provide your readers with the entire story rather than an edited version.



Julie Furlong
Furlong Communications


Dear Julie,

Actually, your entire email is posted to the F911 Blog. Thanks for the behind the scenes story. It is a way better report than attending the boil plate press conference hours before Michael's presentation.


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