Wednesday, October 20, 2004

ABC News: Michael Moore Brings Bush-Bashing to Utah

ABC News: Michael Moore Brings Bush-Bashing to Utah: "OREM, Utah Oct 20, 2004 - Filmmaker Michael Moore brought his Bush-bashing to conservative Utah Wednesday, saying he felt perfectly safe and was proud of student organizers who held firm against attempts to bar him from the Republican bastion.
'I feel bad for students who had to suffer through this simply because they believe in freedom of expression,' Moore said before his sold-out speech to more than 7,000 at Utah Valley State College.
The stop was part of Moore's Slacker Uprising tour aimed at mobilizing youth voters. Asked if he feared for his safety in an area so opposed to his point of view, Moore scoffed.
'The whole country loves the Mormons. Why would I feel unsafe here? I haven't seen a lot of Utah gangs, Mormons with chains and knives and Uzis.'"


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