Wednesday, October 20, 2004

komo 4 news | Fans, Protesters Turn Out For Michael Moore (Video)

komo 4 news | Fans, Protesters Turn Out For Michael Moore: "'This attitude of can't we all just get along... and what... all think the same way?' he said at a press conference before the event. 'That's not what's called a democracy. So I don't think this is so bad.'
At the Seatte stop on his tour Moore got some added starpower from Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder. He sang three songs at the start of the evening and then, after poking his own fun at President Bush, introduced the man who is making a career out of it.

'He showed up to a 90-minute debate with 5-minutes worth of material,' Moore chided the president in a standup-comic like presentation that covered the debates, the war in Iraq, and health care.
Moore admits at that these events he knows he's preaching to his own choir. He says his nation-wide tour will continue through election day because in his view that choir hasn't been singing loud enough.
'So instead of waiting for the Democrats to get it together this time I think we all decided we've got to do something ourselves. We can't just sit back and think the Democrats are gonna get rid of George Bush.' "

Interesting Note: The Seattle Times estimated the size of the anti-Moore group to be about 10. 10 people. KOMO News spent a large part of their broadcast on this group but didn't state the size in their video report.


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