Thursday, October 21, 2004

Townsend Times - Democratic Town Committee airs Moore film, voters on the rise

Townsend Times - Today's Headlines: "TOWNSEND -- Members of the Townsend Democratic Town Committee met in Memorial Hall last Thursday to view the Michael Moore film, Fahrenheit 911.
Committee Chairman Amy Collins appointed Theresa Morse, Gene Rauhala, Amy Sharp, Derek Sharp and Mary West to the committee.
Other new members include John Barrett, Leslie Rauhala, Samuel Rauhala, Scott MacPhee, Joan MacPhee and Linda Forest.
'What we are trying to do is to get the students at North Middlesex Regional High School involved in the democratic process with the Presidential Election next month,' Collins said.
Collins said having young people involved gives the overview of what politics is all about. 'Whether they make phone calls that day, or hold signs, they get an education,' she said.
The movie was attended by approximately 20 residents. 'The movie was so moving at times you could hear a pin drop,' Morse said. "


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