Friday, October 15, 2004

Tom Morello Project Forum -> Tom On The Slacker Uprising Tour

Tom Morello Project Forum -> Tom On The Slacker Uprising Tour: "okay i just got back from the slackers tour in USC. dam it was funny the place was full it was like this lawn area and when i got there it was fucken packed.
it started off with micheal moore talking about the presidential debates that have been going on. And of course he made fun of bush and how he kept on repeating himself ' being president its hard work' .......mmmm , no shit bush. well that was funny and he also had these like five or six mini-commercials that were 'pro-bush'. i can't remember there names , but i believe that there was fish, hair, duck, ..... i can't remember anymore.

hopefully some else went and could tell you the rest. but yeah they were funny.

like the duck one said - in the vietman war kerry ducked - is that the president that you want to have .. vote bush- okay the commercial was something to that extent.

then after the videos michael can out again and started to talk. and there was a republican in the crowd talking shit. and michael was like hey, "why don't you go enlist in the forces. what are you doing here?" and every one just started to cheer.

after a little more talking he said okay we have a guest on the tour..... ... he is one of his good friends and he was in one of the best groups in the 90's ( and that was when i was like its TOM) and he is also a great gutarist. TOM MORELLo. and people started to cheer and i did to. and tom was like telling those politicians ' fuck you i won't do what you tell me' and the crowed went crazy. okay he played union song , house gone up in flames , and one of my all time favorite songs. no one left.

while he was playing some fucken dumb ass republicans started to be scream " you suck" and just stupid ass remarks at tom. and people started to cheer against them. and yeah tom was like motivating us to cheer loud so that the republicans won't be heard. i'm kinda tired and really sick so i'm going to sleep .sorry i didn't finish hopefully some one else went and will give you more deatils. i got pictures so once i develop them i will post them up. there not all that great because i was one the side of the stage. so yeah."


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