Thursday, October 14, 2004

ASU Web Devil - Michael Moore rallies slackers prior to debate

ASU Web Devil - Michael Moore rallies slackers prior to debate: "Amidst the political carnival surrounding the debate, Michael Moore visited Phoenix Wednesday as stop No. 25 of his 60-city tour of the hotly contested election battleground states.

Moore spoke to a capacity crowd of 2,000 people at the Phoenix Celebrity Theatre at 440 N. 32nd St. before the presidential debate at ASU.

Moore said he thought Sen. John Kerry should get tough with President Bush in the final debate.

'Clearly Kerry has won both debates,' Moore said. 'But Democrats have got to get it through their heads that you don't win being a nice guy.'

He said it was OK for Kerry to 'run up the score' on Bush when he had the opportunity.

Moore received standing ovations from the crowd most notably when he placed some of the blame for the Iraq war on the media.

"Our founding fathers knew that without a free press asking the hard questions that the democracy would be weak," Moore said. "They knew the public would make bad decisions if they were not informed."

He said if the media had demanded proof they might have prevented the deaths of 1,200 Americans.

"The government handed a sucker out to the press saying 'come on let's go for ride on a tank, free helmets!' " Moore added.

Moore said his next film project will be focused on the health care system and HMOs, but he is considering addressing his problems with the media as well."


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