Thursday, October 14, 2004

Activist's visit draws thousands to events center

Activist's visit draws thousands to events center: "When Michael Moore took center stage Wednesday night at Lawlor Events Center he was greeted with loud cheers, screams and a standing ovation.

“Thank you, Reno!” boomed Moore into the microphone, eliciting more hurrahs and applause.

Although he appeared an hour later than scheduled, the audience didn’t seem to mind. As they waited for the filmmaker to appear, the crowd did the “wave” and chanted “Michael Moore” repeatedly.

“This is electrifying,” exclaimed J.R. Tillett, a University of Nevada, Reno graduate. “This is the first time we’ve had someone of this caliber on the political scene in Reno.”

Photo: Mike and some of the students from the University of Nevada.

Tillett, who sat close to the stage, joined 9,799 other people for the 2004 Michael Moore “Slacker Uprising Tour.” Jeff Champagne, a student and vice president of the programming committee for the Associated Students of the University of Nevada, said it was the largest event the group has staged.

“He has injected life into politics,” said Brian Hutchinson, chairman of Democracy for Nevada that proposed the visit to the ASUN programming board."

"The Nightwatchman" Tom Morello of Audioslave and Rage Against The Machine.


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