Thursday, July 29, 2004

CBC News: Altman uses Democratic convention as film set

CBC News: Altman uses Democratic convention as film set: "BOSTON - Filmmaker Robert Altman, known for movies like The Player and M*A*S*H, is using this week's Democratic National Convention as the backdrop for his latest directorial effort.
As the real-life delegates gather to anoint Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, Altman is shooting Tanner on Tanner, a mockumentary about a fictional candidate who ran for president in 1988.

Celebrities including film legend Robert Redford and radio host Al Franken are taking part in the project, which - in keeping with such Altman films as Prêt-à-Porter - has actors in character interacting with everyday people.
Tanner on Tanner stars Michael Murphy as former White House hopeful Jack Tanner. Alex, his onscreen daughter, is played by Cynthia Nixon of Sex and the City fame. "


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