Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Democracy Now! | Uninvited Guest: Michael Moore Takes Boston By Storm (Video/Transcript)

Democracy Now! | Uninvited Guest: Michael Moore Takes Boston By Storm: "Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore blasts the corporate media, President Bush, Ralph Nader's candidacy, and the invasion of Iraq. We hear the full speech he gave at the Take Back America meeting in Cambridge across the river from the Democratic National Convention. [includes rush transcript]

On the opening night of the Democratic National Convention, just before Bill and Hillary Clinton took the stage, a massive crowd of cameras and papparazzi burst into the FleetCenter. In the middle of the crowd was filmmaker Michael Moore. He was not an official guest of the Democrats--in fact he was directly not invited to the convention. Some observers say that's because his blunt and spontaneous style would be too risky for a convention that is more scripted than most Shakespeare plays. Furthermore, Moore has said in recent days that he has not endorsed John Kerry, but rather the movement to remove George Bush from power. Moore made it into a skybox at the FleetCenter after an invitation from the family of former president Jimmy Carter. During Carter's convention speech, Michael sat two seats down from Rosalyn Carter inside the skybox.

More than 2,000 people lined up in Cambridge to hear Michael Moore speak at a forum with Howard Dean. Only 500 or so were able to get in. Democracy Now! was there. (Watch Video/Read Trancript - Click Title)"


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