Wednesday, July 28, 2004 - 'Fahrenheit' soldier in hot water? - 'Fahrenheit' soldier in hot water?: "WASHINGTON - Fahrenheit 9/11 transformed Marine Lance Cpl. Abdul Henderson into an internationally known war protester. Now it could get him in legal trouble.

The Marine Corps is investigating Lance Cpl. Abdul Henderson's appearance in Michael Moore's film Fahrenheit 9/11.
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When asked on screen by director Michael Moore whether he planned to return to fight in Iraq, Henderson said no.
'The question kind of surprised me, because I wasn't expecting it,' says Henderson, a reservist who saw combat for about two months after the Iraq war began. 'But my answer came from the heart.'
The scene, along with others in which Henderson accompanies Moore to Capitol Hill as Moore tries to enlist members of Congress to send their kids off to fight, was filmed last March.
With his unit facing a possible autumn return to Iraq, Henderson says he isn't changing his mind. 'I'm conflicted because as a soldier, you're compelled to the call of duty - that's what I signed up for,' Henderson says. 'But I'm standing up for what I believe in.'
The Marine Corps is conducting a preliminary inquiry into Henderson's appearance in Fahrenheit 9/11. Marine spokesman Capt. Patrick Kerr says authorities need to decide whether any action is warranted. 'He made it very clear that he would not follow orders,' Kerr says. 'We're trying to determine what, if anything, he said or did was wrong' and what the punishment might be."


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