Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Political Pollsters Await Public Impact "Fahrenheit 9/11" On the Masses

Political Pollsters Await Public Impact "Fahrenheit 9/11" On the Masses: "Abingdon, Va. --- Over 850 theaters are expected to start showing the film Friday as political pundits and analysts will seek to determine the political impact on the Nov. 2 presidential race between George W. Bush and John F. Kerry as hundreds-of-thousands of moviegoers begin to exit the silver screens across America.
Amid a new Washington Post-ABC News poll showing Democratic presidential contender John F. Kerry having eliminated 'the once-formidable advantage' President George W. Bush enjoyed as to who is best able to deal with terrorist threats, 'Fahrenheit 9/11' may embolden passions among those of all political stripes over the next several weeks.

The poll indicated that 47% say the war in Iraq was worth fighting, while 52% say it was not prior to widespread distribution of the film. In tandem, the Iraqi government will be declared sovereign June 30 and the September-Nine Commission Final Report will be released July 26 with each of these events having an impact on public opinion.

Pollsters will begin to weigh-in on what political impact the movie has had soon after the movie released. Talk show hosts, editorial writers, and entertainment writers will look at the movie's box office receipts from its first weekend opening to determine public interest in the movie's content.

"Fahrenheit 9/11"has become the most-searched documentary on Web site Yahoo!, and its promotional clip is among the five top-screened film trailers on Yahoo! Movies. The Moore film has taken Discussion Forms and web chat rooms by strong the past two-weeks. "

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