Wednesday, June 23, 2004 The movie world's trouble-makers

The movie world's trouble-makers - Film - "A handful of documentary filmmakers and one producer interviewed for this story believe that, given the national divisions about both the war in Iraq and the Bush Administration, the film is coming at a unique time.

'You have a particularly volatile political situation at this moment,' says David Fanning, the senior executive producer for Frontline, PBS's long-running investigative documentary series.
'Go back to Vietnam in '68, go back to Watergate in '73, and we're back at a time when the country is deeply divided. The presidency is, in this case, very much the point of that contention, and stepping into that with a work of nonfiction about that contention is going to be galvanising.' "

The New York Times

Fahrenheit 9/11 opens in Australia on July 29.


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