Tuesday, June 22, 2004

USATODAY.com - Michael Moore is antidote to the Bush administration

USATODAY.com - Michael Moore is antidote to the Bush administration:

"Pegged to the daily headlines and, more precisely, to the very war that had Moore in such a lather during the Oscar broadcast, the documentary takes on the nation's military-industrial complex, the integrity of our leaders and what Moore defines as the ongoing usurpation of U.S. freedoms by corporate interests. This is not, as they say, a feel-good picture.

In a sense, it is almost as though Moore headed straight to his office after being whisked into the wings of the Kodak Theatre in 2003 and began storyboarding Fahrenheit 's opening scenes. In the end, Moore exploited the fallout from his infamous Oscar-night display by putting his money (rather, Miramax's) where his notorious mouth is - and the gamble has paid off.

Not only did Fahrenheit capture the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival, but more importantly, it continues to be meticulously analyzed by the news media (in other words, taken seriously) and not just in the sections of the paper that feature movie showtimes. Call it this summer's anti-blockbuster."

By Bruce Kluger
USA Today


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