Friday, June 25, 2004

Michael : Fahrenheit 9/11 Opens Across America

Michael : Mike's Message : Mike's Latest News: "Over the past few days we have been collecting peoples' stories from around the country with the approach of Fahrenheit 9/11's opening day. The activities and ideas have ranged from street theater to buying up groups of tickets and giving them, for free, to people who are voting age but do not vote. We thought we'd share just a few of the festivities happening around the country, based on the emails you have sent us.
After last night's 12:01 AM first showing in Hollywood, groups gathered and discussed the film until 3:00 AM, pledging among other things to register to vote and then register others.
In Santa Cruz, California Peace Action will spend the day knocking on doors around town, encouraging people to become more involved in our political system and letting them know how to contact their representatives. After that, they're heading to Fahrenheit.
If all your favorite characters from the FOX hit series 'The O.C.' were real people and if they went to the movies tonight, they would encounter groups at several theaters in Orange County registering people to vote.
In San Bernardino, an architecture firm has given its employees the afternoon off and tickets to see the movie.
At least 30 members of Burbank Neighbors for Peace and Justice are gathering to head to the movie and will be getting together afterwards to discuss it.
A coalition of groups will join forces at the Pacific ArcLight Cinema in LA. They are planning to show up in costume--which sounds fun to us, so, if you're in the area, swing by and say hello to Golfin' George W., Scary Saddam, Chilling Dick Cheney, and Rambunctious Rummy.
In Berkeley a simple email query to ten friends ballooned into a group of 80 people gathering for drinks and conversation and then heading to film."


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