Friday, June 25, 2004

F911 Exclusive: David Rovics Singer/Songwriter Interview (Part 1)

Please listen to David's music while you read the interview and F911 articles.

Reichstag Fire - Hi/Lo/MP3
The Dying Firefighter - Hi/Lo/MP3

An exclusive F911 Interview with David Rovics, our featured soulful singer/songwriter.

David: I don't know how pressed for time you are, and I completely understand if you're very busy, but I definitely am, and most of your questions could be answered if you spent a couple hours on my website. I could answer them all, of course, and i don't mean to be rude, but it'd be better for both of us I think if you had more questions like the ones about Moore's new movie, that aren't easily answered by looking at my website and downloading some music, reading some lyrics, looking at my tour itinerary, etc., it's all there.

F911: I see from your LiveJournal that you are currently in England. Where will you be when Michael Moore's film Fahrenheit 911 is released on June 25?

David: I’ll be playing at the Glastonbury festival from June 25-27 (one of the world's biggest music festivals). Maybe the film will be shown there....? could be -- stranger things have happened. But if not, I plan to see it during the first week of July, assuming it'll be playing somewhere in Houston, TX, where I’ll be most of that week (don't ask).

F911: What are your thoughts, ideas about Michael Moore? Have you seen his movies?
Read his books?

David: I think Michael Moore is absolutely brilliant. I really can't say enough good things about him. I don't agree with him about every one of his political perspectives, but I have no interest in dwelling on our few political differences, because the main thing is that he's brilliant, he tells the truth in a way that is accessible to people, he's a breath of fresh air. I think the progressive movement needs more culture, more humor and more of lots of things, and Michael contributes too much of that.

And yes, I've seen all his movies; probably most of his TV stuff, and read much of his writing, including at least one or two books. I think his most brilliant work to date, out of all of that, is "Roger and Me." (But I can't wait to see "Fahrenheit 9/11"!)

If you can't wait for Part 2, the complete interview was published yesterday at the Michael Moore LiveJournal Community

Call to Action: Phone/email your local radio station and ask them to play David's F911 featured songs.


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