Friday, June 25, 2004

Calgary Sun :: Movie Guide

Calgary Sun :: Movie Guide: "It makes for riveting viewing, whether or not you buy into Moore�s politics, because it is such an unrelenting assault on the intellect as well as the senses.
In one of his many mission statements, Moore said he was compelled to create Fahrenheit 9/11 to justify his Oscar-acceptance rant at the 2003 Academy Awards when his Bowling for Columbine was named best documentary.
Moore did not get the unanimous approval for his carefully-calculated condemnation of President George W. Bush and the war on Iraq that he had anticipated.
Fearing he might not have made his point clearly enough, Moore poured his resources and vehemence into Fahrenheit 9/11."

by Louis B. Hobson
Calgary Sun

4 Stars
out of 5


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