Friday, June 25, 2004

CBS News | Moore Takes Aim At Bush, Networks (Video)

CBS News | Moore Takes Aim At Bush, Networks: "The movie condemns President Bush for the war in Iraq, and it was made, Moore says in a heated interview with The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm, to express his concern about the direction this country has been led to in the past few years.

Asked if that is fair, Moore says, “Well, sure. First of all, it’s satire. The thoughts I’m voicing in his head are my humor. Actually, I think it’s very generous that I’m even assuming he had thoughts in his head.”

As for his film being propaganda, he says, “No. I consider the CBS Evening News propaganda. Why don’t we talk about the news on this and the other networks that didn’t do the job they should have done at the beginning of this war, demanded the evidence, asked the hard questions.

“We may not have even gone into this war, had these networks done their job. I mean, it was a great disservice to the American people because we depend on people who work here and the other networks to go after those in power and say, ‘Hey, wait a minute. You want to send our kids off to war? We want to know where the weapons of mass destruction are. Let’s see the proof. Let’s see the proof Saddam Hussein had something to do with Sept. 11.' There was no proof and everybody got embedded and everybody rolled over and everybody knows that now,” he says.

Moore points out at the beginning of the war there was a lot of “cheerleading going on. A lot of cheerleading that didn’t do the public any good to have journalists standing in front of the camera going whoopty-do, let’s all go to war. It’s not their kids going to war. It’s not the children of the news executives going to war.”


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